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100K Factory Review & Bonus & Discount

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You don’t need any previous experience.

You can easily do this part-time if you currently have a day job.

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100K Factory Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: 100k Factory

ButtonSCreator: Aidan Booth et al.

ButtonSOfficial Website: 100k Factory Homes Page

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2015 – 06 – 02 at 12:00 AM EDT

ButtonSBonus Page: Get Huge Bonus

ButtonSRecommend: Yes

100k Factory Review – What Is 100k Factory?

100k factory review

100k Factory is a complete system that teaches people how to build a $100k/year income stream from just FOUR simple websites. We will show customers how to perform market research, then use our custom-software and content repository to quickly launch highly optimized and high-quality viral websites. Once a website has been built, we teach people how to drive a monstrous amount of targeted traffic to it literally overnight. Because the targeted traffic is very cheap (or can be 100% free), and because it’s coming in large quantities, earnings are fast and absolutely inevitable.

Additional Information :

100k Factory is a training program and all-in-one tool suite that reveals the intricate details of a system that has been used to generate hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The training is built around a ‘blueprint’ designed to get each customer to a $100,000/year earning rate. The system is simple, and a run-rate of $100k/year can be achieved with just 4 simple websites.

The 100k Factory system builds lucrative websites that tap into highly targeted traffic from:

  • Paid Facebook ads.
  • Viral sharing of content.
  • Our in-house traffic generation software.
  • Google and other search engines.

Due to the way we get visitors to our websites, it’s possible to see income literally in the space of a few hours. Furthermore, since so much of the traffic comes from viral sources, competition is completely irrelevant (in fact, big competitive niches are preferable!).

The websites can be monetized in a number of ways including:

  • Affiliate marketing.
  • Adsense.
  • Selling your own products.
  • Selling email leads which you generate from the traffic.
  • Etc.

Normally we recommend people start their monetization strategy using affiliate links, however as shown above, with targeted traffic the options are very broad.

Customers will be able to achieve everything detailed above in a very short time frame due to a custom-built tool suite.

Our custom built tool suite has two main purposes:

  1. Provide a push-button way for customers to quickly and easily build the types of websites that earn thousands each month.
  2. Provide the content needed for these websites.

The tool suite and content repository was built from the ground up for our own purposes and has never been released to anyone (development costs exceed $70,000).

In addition to getting lifetime access to this tool suite, customers will also be given step-by-step training by us (we, Steve and Aidan, deliver all the training ourselves) and unrestricted access to our specialized support system.

The Software :

One of the most important things about this product and the big hook is that our ‘100k Launchpad’ software will help people make money quickly and easily.

We’ve systematized the entire method into an automated factory-like process.

The ‘Launchpad’ consists of several key tools :

The Content Repository: A monstrous library of content that users can identify, choose, and then automatically ‘plug in’ to their websites.

The Conversion Optimization Engine: A ‘point-and-click’ tool suite that incorporates things such as Exit Intent popups, Advanced Optin Form integration, Split Test control and MUCH more, all of which can be customized and modified with the push of a button.

The Website Factory: An all-in-one website builder that leverages a custom-built WordPress theme and allows users to add new content with the push of a button from ONE controlling dashboard.

Never before has building customized websites that are optimized for conversions been so ‘push-button’ simple.

The value of this revolutionary software is huge. It’s cost us over $70,000 to develop and will ONLY be made available to customers of 100k Factory.


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