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100K Factory Revolution Review & Bonus

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article 100K Factory Revolution Review. I hope you will have more useful information, a special free bonus on the 100K Factory Revolution review. I wish you success with 100K Factory Revolution.

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100K Factory Revolution Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: 100K Factory Revolution.

ButtonSCreator: Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton.

ButtonSOffice Page: 100K Factory Revolution Review Office.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – Feb – 28 at 11:00 AM EST.

ButtonSBonus : Get Huge Bonus Below.

ButtonSRecommend: Yes

100K Factory Revolution Review – What is it?

100K Factory Revolution is a complete new version of 100K Factory that created by Aidan Booth & Steve Clayton. This version is all about selling Physical products on your own eCommerce Stores but in a complete different and unique way than you’re probably familiar with.

100K Factory Revolution Review

100K Factory Revolution Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, 100K Factory Revolution will teach you

How to earn $100,000 per year with only 4 simple products on ONE Website you’ll be promoting

You’ll be learning to get a TON of traffic via:

  • Paid Facebook Ads
  • Viral Sharing of content
  • Their 100% custom and NEVER seen before software

You also will be learning to monetize your website with just 7 steps

  • Step#1 – Choose a product
  • Step#2 – Test profitability using 100K ROI software suite.
  • Step#3 – Engage your Demographic, Establish an Audience Foothold using the 100K Command Center
  • Step#4 – Activate your shopping cart: process orders turning visitors into buyers. You’ll be using their software that literally makes this “Push Button” easy.
  • Step#5 – Initiate Traffic Machine: inject Laser Focused visitors into your system
  • Step#6 – Optimize conversions: Test, Tweak and Grow your ROI
  • Step#7 – Rinse & Repeat

Secondly, 100K Factory Revolution training includes 7 components

Component 1 – The 100K Blueprint divided in 3 phases

  • Phase 1: You’ll be leveraging the power of physical product sales(in other words, high converting eCommerce stores usually with a 5% conversion rate or higher) WITHOUT the need to place huge inventory orders or have tons of stock on hand. You’ll be doing it via dropshipping the products DIRECTLY from China to your buyers with NO money down.
  • Phase 2: Traffic and income automation. Muck like the first and 2nd edition of 100K Factory, Aidan & Steve have solved the traffic problem and are able to teach you how to get low cost ads that result in instant and very high conversions.
  • Phase 3: Strategic Expansion – turning your income into an EMPIRE. This phase is how students have scaled their business from $100,000 per year to muti-million dollar business.

Component 2 – The 100K Command Center

  • The Best part is that their “100K Command Center” will help you make money quickly and easily
  • The Command Center is the engine that powers the system. It is your one-stop control panel that’ll allow you to identify high profit product opportunities, active your push button websites and track and optimize your business as it grows

Component 3 – The 100K Ignitions Packs

These are quite bad ass and I must say. I’ll be using them myself. These “ignition Packs” shorten your success path by essentially giving you data and research on over 500 different niches and 1,000 different products.

Each of these ignition packs include:

  • An audience Matrix info sheet showing you interests, categories and specific targets to run your Facebook ads to
  • Screenshots showing “already done” Facebook targeting so you can simply copy over the setup into your own ad account
  • Demographic info that break down the age, gender, etc of the product and niche user bases.
  • A “Social Influencer” report that shows you the TOP Facebook Pages adn YouTube channels in that niche, so you can use those as part of your campaigns.

Component 4 – The 100K Accelerators

I’m not going to go into too much detail on this now but you get a whole set of software acceleators built into the 100K factory system which are designed to make your job much easier and speed things up nicely.

  • The 100K store builder, install your fully optimized store with the push of a button
  • Facebook audience exploration tool, sets up several highly targeted groups of people you can sell to.
  • The Ad-Wizard, guides you though creating winning ads easily
  • 100K fulfillment Robot allows you to fulfill orders automcatically so you don’t have to manually enter them.
  • The New & Improved product picker, this allows you to sort through millions of products, filter them based on a variety of your requirements the add them automatically to your store.

Component 5 – The Secret FB Software

  • One of the biggest hurdles Aidan and Steve have found(from over five thousand 100K Factory students) is related to running marketing campaigns and specifically, running ads on Facebook. In 100K Factory Revolution they’ve taken all of their processes and turned them into an algorithm that runs a marketing “super computer” that you’ll get full access to.
  • This software eliminates confusion and tactical errors that students have faced in the past and will allow users to scale their campaigns faster and more profitably.
  • This software, in its own right, is a GAME-CHANGING product set to shake up the world of Facebook marketing

Component 6 – The 100K Operations Hub

  • The Alliance gives people access to the knowledge of other 100K Factory Revolution mambers and get live support directly from Aiden & Steve and other super sellers whenever you need it.
  • The Alliance is their private members-only Facebook community where they’ll be hanging out every day to answer strategic questions you and other members may have.

Component 7 – The 100K Alliance

  • The coaching center is where you will get personal support and techical help
  • The coaching takes a 2-step approach, where you can ask the helpdesk for the “front line” of support and tier 2 is the coach consultation team where you can ask Aidan and Steve, and their small team of expert coaches just about anything you want.

100K Factory Revolution Proof

100K Factory Revolution Review – Conclusion

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