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1st Page Ranker Review – Gets 1st Page of Google/YouTube in Minutes

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In the event that you haven’t seen it already, Google is defined to roll out a fresh update called Google Core. And with however, the whining and complaining from a ton of website owners. It’s tragic. Terrible. Because people’s entire livelihoods are affected by a unitary algorithm.

Only if they knew about 1st Page Ranker. 1st Page Ranker helps business owners like yourself to make the most of a properly legal whitehat SEO tactic with ease. That’s right. By simply accessing the Live Stream option that Google and YouTube provides, you could get all of the 1st page rankings and traffic you could possibly ever want.

Best of all? You may literally see page one rankings within 24 hours. No joke.

One of the things you’ll love about 1st Page Ranker is that there’s nothing to install. It’s 100% cloud based so you should use it anywhere at any time. And all it will take is just a few clicks to begin generating profitable 1st page rankings asap. Sometimes within 24 hours or less!

Don’t hesitate to browse the next parts of this 1st Page Ranker Review as I’ll show you how powerful it is!

1st Page Ranker Review – What is it?

1st Page Ranker is really a revolutionary tool that enables anyone to generate LIVE STREAMING Videos in under 3 minutes, then generating huge traffic flows to rank these videos on Google and YouTube quickly even if they have no experience or technical skills needed. 1st Page Ranker is easy enough for newbies, yet powerful enough for established marketers to cut down on their workload.

Ther are 1 Front End and 5 OTOs

Front End – 1st Page Ranker >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – 1st Page Ranker Pro >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – 1 Click Rebrander >>> See Detail <<<

OTO3 – AIO Video & SEO Suite >>> See Detail <<<

OTO4 – Expert Training  >>> See Detail <<<

OTO5 – 1st Page Ranker Reseller >>> See Detail <<<

1st Page Ranker Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch 1st Page Ranker Demo

1st Page Ranker Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, 1st Page Ranker focus into 3 main part


Unlimited use with the newest in loophole live streaming technology

Get 30 video uploads monthly guaranteed

Create MULTIPLE live events with one click

Advanced scheduling made easy

Create live video streams in 3 minutes or less without the requirement for major technical skills

Works together with every language

Go reside in minutes…not days or weeks

That you do not need to look on camera if you never want to. Simply use 2 following methods

Use slides and record yourself talking through the presentation. Then save the video, using 1st Page Ranker specialized technology to bunch numerous pre-recorded videos and ensure it is appear like it is a live video!

Tap into the energy of creative commons videos on sites like Youtube, Vimeo, SpinXpressand more. You only use pre-existing videos, add an call to action, load it in 1st Page Ranker and you’re off to the races

Spin videos with no limitations for maximum use and profits

Make your affiliate videos stand out by utilizing prefixes and suffixes like best, honest, latest, newest, and others. With 1st Page Ranker, you can get your affiliate video reviews done fast

Pre-configured tokens for fast work: If you have items that you create over and over, you’ll love this option. Just configure your token with your preset (links, signs, etc.) and now you should use it in your descriptions and complete your campaigns incredibly fast!

One click bulk description editing: Easily replace text and add links at the bottom or top of one’s descriptions to make a change to multiple listings without carrying it out manually 1 by 1.


Create optimized SEO titles on the fly with just a few clicks: pertaining to prefixes and suffixes in your titles, simply drop your title in to the ‘Title Formatter’and out comes your SEO optimized traffic sucking title

Have more link juice with our automated interlinking technology: your entire videos will undoubtedly be given inter linking inside 1st Page Ranker. In this way you obtain much more boost with your page one rankings as well!

Explode your blogs by ranking for a great deal of long tail keywords in the search engines

Contend with all of the big boys in extremely competitive niches.


30 channels for all your video management needs: finding a distinct segment to obtain traffic for might be difficult for some people. This is exactly why you are given this option to your 1st Page Ranker account to dominate across multiple niches without the hassle

Bypass the YouTube duplicate video police and have more traffic over and over from the same video on YouTube without setting up with any penalty

Handsfree search engine notification for all your links: once a brand new campaign is set up, the application will automatically ping your links to alert Google and other search engines too. In this manner you can begin experiencing traffic in 24 hours or less

You are able to build huge email lists by directing traffic to your squeeze pages

Redirect extremely targeted traffic to high paying CPA offers.

Let’s Check 1st Page Ranker Proof

1st Page Ranker Proof

1st Page Ranker Proofs

Secondly, the real treasure is the potential six figure income you could make

When you get access to 1st Page Ranker today, you’ll see for yourself how simple and easy it is to get on the 1st page of Google and YouTube for multiple keywords.

But why stop there? Especially when there’s 10’s of thousands of dollars up for grabs every single month.

You could literally use one or multiple of the following to generate a healthy six figure income with 1st Page Ranker.

Rent Out The Rankings to Local Businesses

Local business owners are desperate for new customers, but have no clue how any of this ‘internet’ stuff works. They don’t know the difference between a social media post and a meme sometimes!

But they do understand that the internet can bring them new revenue and if you can help them do that, they’ll pay handsomely for it.

Just 10 local businesses paying you $1,000 a month gives you $10,000 month in and month out.

And 1st Page Ranker makes it super easy to manage it all!

Make A Killing As An Affiliate Marketer

People are searching for items to purchase every single day on the internet. And with a decent amount of keyword research, you could position yourself in front of all that buyer traffic with 1st Page Ranker.

You could literally have 20 products all earning you $50 a day or more. Or you could generate tons of leads for other businesses and sell them a $25 a pop or more!

Plenty of people are doing this now and making a cool five figures a month.

Launch Jacking

There’s always a launch happening and not just on networks like JVzoo or W+. Clickbank and other networks have launches too.

Well why not load up 1st Page Ranker and get page one rankings for all of those products coming to market and make some commissions in the process?

Just a few clicks of your mouse is all it takes.

Sell More of Your Digital Products

People also use Google and YouTube to search for solutions to their problems day in and day out.

So why not share your digital product that helps solve those problems and get paid well for it?

With 1st Page Ranker, you could dominate for a ton of terms in your market and funnel that traffic right to your sales funnel.

This would allow you to build a list, generate leads, and close sales all on handsfree mode in the present and the future!

Boost Ecommerce Sales

If you own an ecommerce store, then you can funnel tons of buyer traffic to your products right from within Google.

Just think about it. Having 1st Page Ranker is like having an army of sales people who go out and bring you more buyers for your products – no matter the niche.

Boost Your Blog Earnings

If you’re looking to run a successful blog then you’ll definitely want to incorporate 1st Page Ranker into your traffic arsenal.

Because with 1st Page Ranker, you can scoop up a ton of traffic from long tail keywords and build a plethora of Google friendly backlinks in the process.

And if you want, you can flip that site later for a tidy sum.

Boost Your YouTube Channel Revenue

Now this may be a little out the box, but you could also use 1st Page Ranker to actually generate more views to your YouTube videos.

Yep. Just take those keywords and point them to your favorite videos that you use to profit and you can get more juice and boost to your YouTube rankings while getting more subscribers to your channel.

And the more subscribers you have, the more revenue you’ll make!

1st Page Ranker Review – How Does It Work?

As you see in my 1st Page Ranker review, I am going to give you a quick walkthrough of this software and now the process follow in 5 steps.

Step 1: Add & Configure your YouTube Accounts

Step 2: Target the Niche your want to Dominate

Enter a keyword related to the niche, e-commerce, online marketing, and so on. Then you can find lots of video, click on “Use This” for your future plan. The system will automatically download or save the video

Step 3: Get Unique Videos with 1 Click

Rebrand any video from YouTube with single click! No need to download anything! Everything is fully automatic within 3 actions Add Details, Add intro and outro and Public

Step 4: Generate SEO Optimized Titles, Tags with 1 Click

When you make any event, remember to take advantage of our Inbuilt Title Generator which mashes and generates tons of SEO Optimized and Highly Searched Titles and Tags

And the results come out. Simply select the phrases you like

Step 5: Create Events with Single Click!

After generating SEO optimized titles and tags as above, with Advanced Random Scheduling, never worry about getting your account banned.

If you want to add more events, click “Add New Row” and fill in the details.

Let’s Watch 1st Page Ranker Demo

1st Page Ranker Review – Conclusion

In all honesty, 1st Page Ranker isn’t the only livestreaming tool on the market.

But it is the only live streaming tool with all of the features listed on this article review.

Most others are clunky, super complicated, incredibly overpriced, and fail to deliver incredible results.

And where all of the other live streaming tools fail, 1st Page Ranker absolutely shines.

Imagine being able to generate hundreds or even thousands of page one rankings within the next 24 hours with just a few clicks of your mouse. 1st Page Ranker can deliver that a more!

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Thank for reading my 1st Page Ranker Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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