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Connect Retarget Review – Double Your ROI With FB Ads

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Connect Retarget Review. I hope you will find out useful information, special free bonus and coupon discount on the Connect Retarget Review. I wish you success with ConnectRetarget.

Connect Retarget Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: ConnectRetarget

ButtonSCreator: Wilco de Kreij

ButtonSOfficial Website: Connect Retarget Review Home Page

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ButtonSRecommend: Yes

Connect Retarget Review – What Is It?

ConnectRetarget is the first-ever platform that created by Wilco de Kreij. It allows you to run behavioral retargeting campaigns on Facebook to REDUCE ads cost and INCREASE conversion.

Connect Retarget Review

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Connect Retarget Review – Why Should You Get It?

First, you know that FB ads in general are good. Retargeting ads are even better.

But they’re both costing you more than they should.

Because standard FB retargeting has a fatal flaw. It treats EVERY website visitors you target in exactly the same way.

All traditional FB retargeting lets you do is serve ads to people that hit your site and leave without converting. Doesn’t matter if they spent 3 minutes on your site and scrolled multiple pages or they clicked off right away, obviously uninterested.

But both groups get the same ad. Why spend money advertising to people that aren’t interested? Wouldn’t it make more sense to cater to visitors that are clearly engaged in your offers and content?

That’s the reason ConnectRetarget was born to help you:

  • Drastically reduces your ad costs, because now you’re only paying for ads to reach engaged users – a much more targeted group.
  • Cranks your conversions and profits through the roof.

Second, with ConnectRetarget you can

  • Send the right message to the right person at the right time for more leads, sales and profits
  • Connect with your HOTTEST prospects to maximize your ROI with behavior-based retargeting: The Connect Retarget platform INCLUDES multiple pre-made audience templates. Just select any template and your target audience is automatically created for you
  • Create your very own custom audiences with our intuitive Drop-Down Interface
  • Create an unlimited number of custom audiences so you can run laser Targeted Campaigns that convert like never before.

The Final, you can do math with these:

The normal retargeting audience (7 days) got 31 (= $9,207 in revenue) sales for a total of €219.27 ad cost.The ConnectRetarget audience got 85 sales (= $25,245 in revenue) for a total of €124.22 in ad cost.
That’s €7.07 per conversion.That’s €1.46 per conversion.

That’s a 384% immediate improvement without changing any of the ads or landing pages.

Don’t waste more time getting your result like this.

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Thank for reading my Connect Retarget Review

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