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Conversion Masters Review & Bonus

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Conversion Masters Review Today. I hope you will have more usefull information and happy with my free bonus on the Conversion Masters Review. Wish you success with Conversion Masters Course Training.

Conversion Masters Review – Overview

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ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 03 – 27 at 11:00 EDT.

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Conversion Masters Review – What is Conversion Masters?

Conversion Masters is step-by-step training course that created by Dimitris Skiadas who has been consulting e-com businesses since 2010. He
consulted more than 45+ Shopify store owners ranging from $100k to $30MM in size and has run more than $5MM in ad budget for the clients he was working with in Google Adwords, Youtube and FB ads. This course training will help you understand the value of not only having Google Analytics installed but also the importance of deep diving into their numbers.

Conversion Masters Review

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Conversion Masters Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, do you agree with me that “Every Shopify Store Owner Needs Is Quality Traffic and Maximized Conversions”

These two things elude business owners like a slippery bar of soap in wet hands. I mean that:

  • Traffic sources quickly dry up as they become saturated with competitors almost instantly…
  • Conversions seem to go up at first, but then they plateau, then they start to drop…
  • This process repeats, over and over, each time you seem to discover a new traffic source.

This never-ending cycle of chasing the next sale, day after day, week after week, becomes very annoying!

But, there is fact that 14 out of 15 Shopify store owners have no clue how to analyze their Analytics to make more money

If you’re not looking for the right signs… then your site analytics are not going to tell you the full story about how your site visitors behave. It means:

  • Which pages are forcing your visitors to leave your site, without you even knowing it?
  • In what ways do buyers differ from lurkers, and how many visitors actually convert?
  • What specific steps can you do to persuade passive “window shoppers” to buy your stuff?
  • Is your site not displaying correctly on certain operating systems or web browsers?
  • Which particular age group buys the most?
  • How should you target your PPC campaigns in a way that won’t waste the precious budget?
  • Where should you sell more to (geographically), and where should you not sell at all?
  • And much more.

If you don’t know how your site visitors behave, then you really don’t have a grasp on your business.

That’s reason Conversion Masters was born to help your business.

Secondly, this is designed for you to see that 20% increase in just 7 steps

Turn your Google Analytics into your sales opportunity hunter

“Where will the next truckload of buyers will come from?” If you don’t know, that’s OK. Dimitris will show you how to configure Analytics in such a way that you’ll always be able to get the answer. Copying your Analytics info inside your Shopify store is only half the challenge. Then, you also have to set it up. Do you know how?

Get as much high-converting traffic as you can handle instantly

Hundreds of thousands of purchases take place online every day. But when you compare that amount of transactions relative to all web traffic… A dramatic picture reveals itself. As it turns out, only 1% of all web traffic is “buyer” traffic. Everyone else is “just looking.” How do you get more of that 1% “buyer” traffic and avoid the 99% “window shoppers?

Let Analytics walk you directly to the “Gold” mine

Did you know that you can make Analytics work for you, instead of you having to dive deep into spreadsheets to do the same work manually? Like an X on a treasure map, the “Goals” feature inside your store’s Analytics lets you see exactly where the treasures (i.e., sales opportunities) are buried.

Tap into extra profits “on demand” whenever you want

You will finally master the ‘finesse elements’ of professional eCommerce that many millionaires have had to learn the hard way. He’ll walk you through everything you need to know about traffic. Geotargeting, Mobile conversions, Device targeting, Interest categories… Heck, he’ll even drill it down DAY BY DAY and show you WHICH DAYS + WHAT TIME OF DAY is best for running your ad campaigns.

This module will turn your basic Analytics skill set into a data ninja (without ever having you open 1 spreadsheet).

Turn missed opportunities into value-add cart checkouts

How do you get your cart abandon rate & bounce rate as close to 0% as possible? How can you maximize your conversions into email subscribers or buyers? He’ll show you major conversion killers, give you a high-converting page copy for the second most visited page on your Shopify store, and explain ways to boost your perceived trustworthiness and authority online.

This module will demonstrate the perfect way to do proper consumer demand research before you commit to a store idea.

A “Dark” Untapped Traffic Source

Did you know you can leverage Google Shopping portal for free buyer traffic? He’ll show you how! Plus: he’ll dive deep into Google AdWords, do’s and don’ts of paid traffic, and proper keyword analysis for minimizing ad spend per-visitor.

This One Display Network Is Under-Utilized Like Crazy

If you haven’t tapped into the power of remarketing yet, you’re going to love this module. Also known as ‘retargeting,’ this is a super powerful strategy that lets you bring people back to your Shopify store long after they have closed their browser and turned off their computer for the night. It’s very profitable once you scale it.

Let’s Watch Some Results of Conversion Masters Course

Conversion Masters Course Proofs

Conversion Masters Proofs

Conversion Masters Review – Conclusion

If your store is losing traffic, not generating any profits, and not making you any happier. It’s time to finally fix the root cause of your situation once and for all.

With a single one-time risk-free commitment today, you can finally live the laptop lifestyle you’ve always dreamed of, except this time, there’s actually going to be money in your bank account.

  • Stop profit leaks from ruining your sales funnels!
  • Fix your ugly ‘About Us’ page using a proven template that boosts conversions!
  • Build a multi-stream traffic system that caters to your niche (you can turn your laser targeted buyer traffic and-off any time you want, on demand)!
  • Offer this special kind of analysis as a service, charge $500+ per client, and keep 100% of your profits – this skill is in HIGH DEMAND right now!

Right now, Dimitris Skiadas is slashing the regular price by $200 off. To claim your instant discount, you must register now. This offer is open for 4 days only. Then, the price will increase permanently.

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