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eCompare Review & Bonus

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Before getting any closer to this eCompare Review, let’s look at a fact. Online shopping has long been a trend considering its superior advantages of convenience, fast, and diversity. It has now become so easy for the buyers to buy what they need on the Internet.

However, in the era of the vigorous competition of diverse brands, it’s not easy for sellers to acquire the customers. eCompare thus comes as a simple solution for more visitors, more sales, and less bounce rate. Let’s now look at what this software can do to prove what in claimed.

eCompare Review – Overview.

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ButtonSCreator: Mark Bishop

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ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 06 – 17 at 10:00 EST

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What is eCompare?

eCompare is a comparison engine that provides the best deals with the best price and most high-value products. In other words, it creates a live platform on which people can search for the best deals on any product in any niche.

By integrating with 7 eCommerce and affiliate platforms (Amazon, eBay, AliExpress, Walmart, BestBuy, Shop.Com, and CDiscount), it allows for easy and quick search of the products with the best price on the market. Thus, it helps its users to build more trust, engagement, and loyalty from their customers.

eCompare has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

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eCompare Review

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About author

Prady, Mark, and Venkata have long been a famous team of experts in eCommerce and affiliate expert. Frustrated with the low-quality eCommerce platforms on today’s market, the team has developed a comprehensive platform on which both sellers and buyers can equally benefit from.

The three have claimed that eCompare will be a game changer in the industry. As it is simple to deploy and beneficial for both sides eCompare hopes to redefine the standard of eCommerce business. Now let my eCompare Review elaborate on whether or not the authors can actually do what they claimed.

eCompare Review – What are the great features of eCompare?

Unique comparison engine affiliate store

eCompare allows for easy and quick establishment of an affiliate store that works with any niche. Also, it enables the users to fully edit and customize the store to fit their business concept. For example, they can add in blog content. search engine visibility to extend the staying power of their website.

Auto-populate from 7 top online shopping platform

Inside the platform that eCompare created, the number of products will automatically increase according to the updates from the 7 biggest online stores. Also, it helps to increase the sales by showing the related products in users’ blogs and product page.

Provide social proof for all products

eCompare offers the customer review feature, which includes review videos, product description and review, live search option, and 1-click sharing on social networks. Additionally, this platform ensures the legality of the store with all the products it’s offering.

Generate tracking stats

With the tracking feature, eCompare enables its users to pinpoint the best sellers and focus more on them. And what my eCompare Review appreciate the most from this software is that it updates the price automatically from the shopping sites.

eCompare Review – How does it work?

As my eCompare Review already stated, this software acts as a platform that provides live comparisons among all online products. It allows for increasing popularity of the eCommerce store by offering the best price of any product available for sales. Basically, eCompare works in 3 simple steps.

Targeted store – Deploy an eCompare store full of products, reviews, and images

Price comparison – Live search for the best deals across 7 leading platforms

Profit growth – Generate more sales and commission from the best deals

Watch eCompare in action in this demo video.

eCompare Review – Why should you buy it?

Zero stock or investment

eCompare focuses on selling, not building. It builds itself from the existing popular affiliate stores. Thus, users don’t even need to have any physical products. All they need to do is to offer their customers the best deal they could ever find on the Internet.

Evergreen sales platform

There wouldn’t be any chance for the products to run out of stock, or the sales decreases. eCompare opens up a lucrative chance to everyone, despite their experience, time, and money. The traffic flow and the increase in sales are 100% organic and evergreen.

Ethical approach to online selling

eCompare is unique in the sense that it works for the sake of both sellers and buyers. It offers the users the capability to offer what their customers truly needs. And with the best deals it offers, the customers have no choice but to crave for them.

eCompare Review – Conclusion

Comparison shopping is a great concept that benefits both buyers and sellers. eCompare is thus a helpful sales tool to create a live comparison eCommerce platform.

For those who are trying to figure out a proper path to acquire more visitors by providing them high-value and best price offers, eCompare is definitely the choice.

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