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FAB System 2.0 Review – How James Dhillon Make 10K Per Day

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article FAB System 2.0 Review. I will share all the information about this system and offer a special bonus when you support me on this page. I wish you success with FAB System 2.0.

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FAB System Review – Introduction

I’ve been planning on holding a training stream with my longtime friend James. He recently came out with this program that in a nutshell generates his students 2.5k every 72 hours without any long-term work. Sometimes it’s more, sometimes it’s less. 2.5k is about the bare minimum they’re seeing though

They don’t even run any paid ads. Blew my mind when he first introduced it to me.

This stream is one-of-a-kind. James initially got started with less than 500 and since then he’s grown his company to over 300k per month in revenue within 2 years.

I know what you’re thinking.

Why are you putting a shady stream in front of me?

I’m not though. This is genuinely different from all of the junk you see online these days.

I told him I wouldn’t send this to my group unless he showed me a bank statement. And let me tell you something. He’s way underselling himself with this thing.

James told me he’s clearing roughly 100k per month. The statements showed 300k.

His unique take on agencies allows you to grow a business from 0 to 15k without any existing parts of the business. It’s all done from scratch and his team consistently hits 2.5k deals without batting an eyelid.

I’d definitely say this is the most “beginner friendly” business model I’ve seen in a while.

I’ve asked James to reveal his biggest secret on how to make money with a business of this kind. And how to AVOID making the mistakes that most people do when they get started.

On top of it all… he doesn’t flash Lamborghini’s and Las Vegas mansions in your face. He’s super down to earth and loves interacting with everybody.

(Tips, he’s giving $1,194 worth of free gifts for a limited time to all attendees. Register, watch, stick around until the end. That’s it.)

FAB System 2.0 Review – What is FAB System?

FAB System is the abbreviation of the Funnels & Bots system that is created by James Dhillon. FAB System 2.0 is an 8-week Online Training Course that is specifically designed for you to become an expert in Digital Agency and create a 7 Figure in this field. This course gives you access to amazing tools that you can use to grow your business.

FAB System 2.0 is a tried and proven system that guarantees to change many person’s lives for the better.

It also includes Weekly Live Q&A Coaching Calls, access to an Online community of successful Entrepreneurs and a lot more great resources!

FAB System 2.0 Review

Who Is The FAB System 2.0 For?

FAB System 2.0 is for people at all different stages of life. Whether you have a striving marketing agency or if you’ve never even thought about starting an online business, this is a predictable system that will allow you to scale to the 6 and 7 figure marks.

How Does FAB SYstem 2.0 Work?

You watch the videos, make the necessary moves to advance your business using the provided tools. Attend coaching calls (or listen to recorded ones if you are not available), reach out to us with questions and let us help to build your business.

Why is FAB System 2.0 different?

  • Expert Designed System
  • Hold your hand, full support system
  • Transform your belief
  • Transform your mindset
  • Confidential training.
  • Complete library of Funnels + Chatbots

FAB System 2.0 Review – Detail of The System

I have a chance to access FAB System so I will walkthrough detail all the systems to more detail about this course.

As you can see, when I login the system, I meet the dashboard welcome like this

FAB System 2.0 Tony

You can see at the corner top right, my face display at here :)

Scroll down, I see the section welcome with the information about this course:

  • Welcome to FAB System 2.0
  • How This Program Works
  • How To Get Help (Support Section)
  • Tools You’ll Need
  • James’ Social Media 

FAB System 2.0 Welcome

Continue, you will get your asset in Media section with your funnel and chatbot

FAB System 2.0 Media

And Power of the Wealth with Scripts, Case Studies and Master Swipe File.

FAB System 2.0 Power of Wealth

Continue, you will see all your course that schedule in 8 weeks

FAB System 2.0 Course

FAB System 2.0 Course Week Eight

In this course, he’s sharing the following:

  • How James makes 10k per day
  • How his beginner level students earn 2.5k every 72 hours
  • How to get paying customers every 72 hours like clockwork
  • Why digital agencies aren’t dead IF you stop focusing on SMMA and paid ads
  • Why this isn’t for everyone
  • Why this is possible no matter where you are in the world
  • What it takes to get started
  • What you can do to get involved
  • What niches are the most effective

After finish the course, you will graduation and become the expert Digital Agency. With this level, you can earn 7 Figure not so far.

Week One – The Foundation of a Successful Digital Agency

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 1

Week Two – Gold Mining Unicorn Clients

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 2

Week Three – Establishing Yourself As The Go-To Expert of Drowning People In Money

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 3

Week Four – Become The Elite Master of Funnel Creation That People Throw Money At

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 4

Week Five – Become A Chatbot Machine That Skyrockets Lead Generation

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 5

Week Six – Building A 7 Figure Agency On Retainer Contracts

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 6

Week Seven – Niche Alchemist

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 7

Week Eight – Hyperreality Automation

FAB System 2.0 Course Week 8

FAB System 2.0 Review – Conclusion

Thank you for your reading my FAB System 2.0 review until now. If you are on the fence, it is important to note that this course has over 250 plus reviews from satisfied students. The course has created several Millionaires in the process, several 6 Figure earners and many have been able to quit there 9 to 5 jobs.

Furthermore, these students have made millions in earnings for there clients. This is proof that the course is legit and does work and will help you to make a lot of money from providing Digital Marketing Services for your clients.

It is important to note that success can never be guaranteed for any training program. However, the FAB System 2.0 will point you in the right direction and you will succeed if you are willing to put in the hard work and follow the training.

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Thank for reading my FAB System 2.0 Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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