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KamboXpress Review

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Welcome to my article KamboXpress Review today!

Nowadays, many people use Instagram to do business because of its popularity in the social network. We just need an Instagram account, add information about our products on the bio as well as the contact address, and start promoting our products and attract customer by adding popular hashtags, increase the number of followers so everyone can see your items. Thereby, a new tool has been created for us to generate viral traffic by using the power of Instagram. It is called Kambo-Xpress.

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KamboXpress Review  – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: KamboXpress

ButtonSCreator: Han Fan & Radu

ButtonSOffice Page: KamboXpress Review Office

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 03 – 10 at 11:00 AM EST.

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What is KamboXpress?

KamboXpress is a cloud-based app that created by Han Fan and Radu. It helps you automatically lead the users to viral traffic and convert it into the sale by using the power of Instagram. All you need is just one click and Kambo will do the rest for you.

KamboXpress Review

KampoXpress Review –  What are the great features of KamboXpress?

Fully Cloud Base Software:

With this feature, you can search for any images that you like on the dashboard, you can also choose the images from your media library. Moreover, all the copyright images are free, so you do not have to worry about paying a fee for it. There is a searching tool for you to type in the trending keywords and popular hashtags which will lead you to the viral leads.

Stunning one-click image editor:

you can upload your photo and edit it, there are many kinds of texts for you to choose, and filters from Instagram, shape and beautiful stickers. Moreover, they have the layer tool for you to add more than one photo in a picture, so you do not have to download ‘Layers” app.

 Automatically Post To Instagram In Any Niche:

For this campaign settings, you will see an auto-posting where you can find content on from another people account by adding username, you can set campaign from start to end, set maximum post/day. Moreover, there is a searching tool for you to post captions and hashtags to search for popular descriptions and hashtags.

Auto Post, Auto Follow, Auto Like:

You can set your hashtags, follow users who have many followers, follow users who have many followings, follow private accounts.

Stunning Drag&Drop Video editor:

when you upload your video, you can add your logo and put it on the video so everyone can see it, you can resize the logo images, choose any text based on your design.

Spy Competitors and Grab All Their Traffic:

Like its name, you will have a spy competitor tool, and get detailed information about your competitor just a searching their name on the searching tool.

Curate Viral Pinterest Image:

you will see a dashboard where you can search any keywords images on Instagram and Pinterest, for example, you want to search for quotes about happiness, you can find for ‘happiness quote,” and it will show all the images of other people which related to your keyword search.

Tap to Instagram Stories:

You can add your images directly to Instagram Stories. Moreover, you can schedule to wherever you want it to appear in your story.

Fully-Fledge Analytics:

when you search for an username on Instagram, you can see their number of posts, how many likes they got, how many people gave comments to this user’s post, followers they got and who they are following.

These features are amazing, right? I believe that you will be very impressed by these functions.

KamboXpress Review – How does it work?

KamboXpress is a simple tool for everyone, just follow three steps below so you can get the viral traffic you want and grow your products in the market, let’s see how it works:

  • Step#1: Log into KamboXpress cloud platform
  • Step#2: Start to build your audience, publish viral photos and video with your links website.
  • Step#3: Now you can start your website get traffic in the right way.

KamboXpress Review – Why Should You Get It?

After using this software, I found it very useful and essential for marketing online. It is very beautiful and simple to use which help me saving my time from learning how to use,  and it also has a ton of great features that you can not find in any other application. It works very fast and from there I can find the most popular hashtag that I like, it gives me all the best results. This software is the best solution for lazy people because you do not have to do much, just a click of a mouse you can get viral and publishing. This is a perfect choice for affiliate marketers like me for looking for sales. Using KamboXpress help me to save time and money, and get all the best solution to solve my problems.

Look! Is this worth the weight in gold? Is it worth your money? If you want to be successful in online marketing, I recommend KamboXpress is the best choice for you. I’m sure that after reading my KamboXpress Review you all know the answer about the reason why it is worth its weight in gold.

KamboXpress Review – Conclusion

Is KamboXpress affordable? Is it so good? You all know the answer. Buy KamboXpress and try all these useful features it brings to you and experience yourself!

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Thank for reading my KamboXpress Review

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