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Keyword Supremacy Review & Bonus

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Keyword Supremacy Review today. I hope you have more useful information about Keyword Supremacy  before buy this keyword tool for your business.

Keyword Supremacy Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Keyword Supremacy.

ButtonSCreator: Herc Magnus and Todd Spears.

ButtonSOffice Page: Keyword Supremacy Review Home Page.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 10 – 13 at 11:00 AM EST.

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Keyword Supremacy Review – What Is It?

Keyword Supremacy is a new KILLER keyword tool that created by Herc Magnus and Todd Spears the same guys who brought Project Supremacy SEO plugin to the market which absolutely smashed the SEO industry with the amount of people who are now getting higher rankings, Google star reviews and rich card listings in Google.

Keyword Supremacy has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End includes 3 package – Keck Package : 50 credits – Hubble Package : 125 credits – Spitzer Package – 350 credits >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – Keyword Supremacy PRO Ecom Search Engines >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Keyword Supremacy 8 Week Ranking Training >>> See Detail <<<

OTO3 – Keyword Supremacy Galaxy and Universe Credit Offers

Keyword Supremacy Review

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Keyword Supremacy Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, I know that there are tons of keyword tools available on the market now. Before Herc and Todd developed this software product they were actually doing SEO themselves and used almost every keyword tool on the block at one point or another, like these ones just to name a few: Long Tail Pro, Keyword Shitter, Market Sumarai, Semrush, Keyword Finder,…

So they know what makes a solid keyword tool because they actually do SEO and that means they have done their fair share of keyword research.

Secondly, Keyword Supremacy has awesome feature that make it special with other keyword tools.

Local Keyword Research

I have a question “What other keyword tool does this?”

From the list of keyword research tools I listed above, can you think of just one of them that cates to local keyword research?

I’m talking about the “pool resufacing phoenix” and “spray foam insulation edmonton” type of searches that are literal gold mines to local SEO’s? None of them do it like Keyword Supremacy do it. Sure you can pop in a list of cities and keywords, then use some sort of script to combine them then run them through a metrics checker. I guess that works ok but it’s kind of pain in the ass and slow

But what about suggesting new keywords in local market? Reality, the side by side comparisons of your research metrics to the populations of the 1000’s of cities and towns across your area, they don’t do that.

Keyword Supremacy built a database of every town and city across the US and Canada (using 2015 census data) and combined that with the suggest feature to give you the ability to uncover hidden local keywords that no one else is even thinking of that you can target on your sites pages and posts resulting in a 10x of traffic to your sites.

It honestly amazes me that no one has though to do this yet. Or maybe it’s just a case of they have though of it, and haven’t had the ability or time to get it done. Keyword Supremacy did it.


Keyword Supremacy has more function like:

Fast Filters: easily get all metrics for keyword list and filter through them later to find the real hidden gems.

Compettion Analysis: look at the top 10 for any keyword and easily see what sites are ranking and why with Title, Desc, URL as well as trust, power and backlink data at your fingertips.

MObility & Flexibility: save, edit and even export entire lists of keywords that you love to use any way you see fit.

Reliability: with 3 different sources to collect metrics so that when one of them goes down for whatever reason we have 2 continuously get the metrics you deserve.

Keyword Supremacy Review – Conclusion

Most keyword tools set a monthly price for use and it doesn’t matter if you only use it a handful of times. You still get charged the full amount.

It’s like being locked into a cell contract and your 400 minutes of talk time expire, evaporate, disappear at the end of month. Well new compaines started selling the feature of roll overs, meaning that any unused portion of your minutes would automatically “roll over” into your next month so you could still use them.

And that’s great, but they still got you on your monthly “refill” quota don’t they? They make their money either way. That’s really the same as most recurring priced keyword tools. They are out to make more money from you, not sell what’s fair.

With Keyword Supremacy, you buy a package of search credit and they NEVER EXPIRE until you use them up. Then when you exhaust your credits, you simply buy another NON-EXPIRING package.

It means, you will only ever pay for what you use and nothing else.

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