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Konversio Review – Bonus – Discount

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Konversio Review. I hope you will happy with my information and special bonus. Wish You Success!!!

Konversio Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct NameKonversio

ButtonSAuthors: Andy Black and Max Vershinin.

ButtonSOfficial Website: Konversio Review Homes Page.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2015 – 09 – 09 at 10:00 EDT.

ButtonSBonus Page: Get Huge Bonus (Bonus Package + Special Bonuses).

ButtonSRecommend : Yes

Konversio Review – What Is Konversio?

Konversio is created by Andy Black and Max Vershinin with over 15 years combined experience in digital marketing and online product launches. They have put everything they have learned into it.

Konversio is built to create urgency and scarcity on any page where people buy something online. It is built around timers but there is so much more to it than just timers.

Konversio is fully customisable and there are a whole host of features which will be revealed as we get closer to launch. Features that have NEVER been seen before and take the word SCARCITY to a whole new level.

Konversio Review


Konversio Review – Why Should You Buy Konversio?

Firstly, this is the brand new technology for 2015 takling proven strategies to the next level.

Whatever you sell online Konversio will increase your revenue without needing to increase your traffic…

Easy to use web based software, no special skill or tools required. Just hit a few buttons and increase profits…

Secondly, these are the main features that make Konversio the best scarcity and urgency tool on the market :

  • Evergreen : Create evergreen campaigns using Konversio’s built in cookie and IP address technology so that every new visitor to a page sees a different timer depending on when they landed.
  • Easy To Use : Konversio is so easy to use. It has been designed with speed, simplicity and customization in mind. You can literally create a fully functional, highly effective campaign in minutes OR you can customize your timers to your hearts content.
  • HTML and WordPress : After you have created a Konversio campaign, you will get a line of code which is easy to insert into any HTML web page. We have also decided to include a WordPress plugin. Simply install the plugin, go to any post or page, insert the shortcode we provide in the Konversio dashboard and your away.
  • Responsive : Your Konversio timers will respond to the users device so they will look just as good on a desktop, mobile or a tablet.
  • Date Based : You can create date based campaigns so that a timer will be set to expire at a given time and date…
  • Cloud Hosted : Konversio is web based so you never need to worry about updates, we have a team of developers that will keep your timers and campaigns running fast and smooth.
  • Overlay or In-page : You can insert timers right inside your web pages so that they are at specific points. Or you can overlay the timer so that it is always in view and scrolls down the visitor. Or you could use both!
  • Seriously Good Support : We have a team of developer and customer service agents that are ready to deal with any issues that may arise. But, because we are cloud hosted, we only have to worry about one installation so issues are ALWAYS dealt with quickly and professionally. We have a proven track record for delivering the goods to our customers so you can buy in confidence.

Watch more feature of Konversio

You can watch 2 casestudy below :

case-study-01 using Konversio

case-study-02 using Konversio

Some people test and said about Konversio :

Kevin Byrne said that :

I heard about Konversio on the grapevine and I was so blown away by the features that I was desperate to try it out for myself. I contacted Andy and arranged a private promotion, we decided to run a split test so we could see just how good Konversio is at generating sales and conversions. The results were outstanding. I actually sent less traffic to the Konversio page than to the non-Konversio page BUT I made 4x as many sales using Konversio! That’s pretty amazing proof that Konversio does work even better than I imagined it could. Great job guys, I highly recommend this software to everyone that sells or promotes anything online!

Cindy Battye said that :

Konversio is an insanely powerful must have tool that I’ll be using on EVERY sales page from now on!!! We had such a huge spike in conversions in the last 5 minutes that my phone’s paypal notifications were coming in so fast they were buzzing over the top of each other! It was easy to set up, has amazing functionality for whatever push you want and the results, well… they speak for themselves. Thanks guys!

You can watch more people say about Konversio here

Finally, there is policy pay back money if you don’t satisfied about Konversio or not change conversions or sales.

My honest recomend : If you are selling or prmoting anything online then you should be using Konversio

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