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Local Business Bundle Vol. 2 Review & Bonus

Many marketers, especially newbies, are having troubles with creating websites in their niche? They have to invest a huge amount of time and effort to choose the right themes and money to put it in the right shape. The question is, is there any software or tool that could help them do better?

The answer is yes. Local Business Bundle offers users lots of tools to set up a new website within just a couple of minutes. How can it be possible?

Local Business Bundle provides many themes in many different niches. It is a ten-minute solution for many affiliate marketers, web developers, local business runners and much more.

Let’s look at the next part of the Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review to find out more about it.

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review – Overview

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What is Local Business Bundle Vol. 2?

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 is basically a product that contains up to ten WordPress themes in many different niches. They are specifically designed to suit the niche whether it is large or small. The best thing I like about the product is that it’s suitable for marketers of all levels.

Local Business Bundle Vol. 2 is a great way to start making websites without any specific need of technical knowledge and special skills. You can easily build many incredible websites without investing so much time and money and effort on it.

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review

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Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review – What Are The Great Features of Local Business Bundle Vol.2?

In this part of the Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review, I will show you the 10 themes in the package of Local Business Bundle Vol.2. Check out carefully to see if there are any themes you are or plan to develop.

Photography theme

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 gives you a stunning photography WordPress themes for visual artists, graphics designer, and above all, photographer.

There are various page layouts as well as many advanced features for users to make the website stand out from the rest. The theme would look stunning in many kinds of photos such as nature, art, destination, travel, the list goes on.

Pets grooming theme

Let’s get more details about the enhanced theme for pet and animal. The special thing about this theme is that not only can it provide many tools to create websites, it also comes with some extra functions such as collect payments, book appointments, sent appointment, boost business, reminder email. How fantastic it is!

Clinic theme

Doctors and medical staff would need some themes that are related to medical practitioners. The theme provides an amazing integrated appointment booking mechanism that enables your customers to book appointment easily.

Video production theme

This theme is built in a way that it can comprise easily with your content. It acts as a video-sharing website such as YouTube or Vimeo in which other people can also upload and share the content with others.

Wine store theme

This is a fascinating platform to create a selling website for your wine business, whether it is a wine shop, pub or bar club. Thanks to InkThmes, you can now set many discounts or seasonal promotion for any kind of product.

Beauty salon theme

Beauty salon is one of the most popular niches in marketing. That is why you have to pay much attention to the WordPress theme that is made for Beauty salon. The theme provides many special features so that you can expand your imagination and productivity. Customers can get access to your website and book service as easy as a piece of cake.

Food truck theme

This theme is ideal for small and medium business as it is a cost-saving way to promote the business online without having to invest a big amount of money.

Membership theme

Membership theme has been one of the most innovative themes in Local Business Bundle Vol. 2 because the vendor has added many special features. It will work very well on the membership site which is used for selling online courses, e-books or tutorials.

Sports collectible theme

You can get rid of the fear your coding skills are not qualified enough to create a website for athletic relic shops. The framework of the themes enables you to display all the products and news about upcoming goods as well.

Contractor directory theme

Architects, builders and contractors may love this theme because it gives you a shortcut to build a contractor directory site in which people can find information about you.

Local business Bundle Vol.2 Review – How Does It Work?

Local business Bundle Vol.2 is ready to use. You just need to install and edit a little bit. That is all you need to do to get your website done.

Click here to watch the video:

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 can be compared as your most reliable assistant who can solve out most of your hardest work. With all the themes I have mentioned and the features that come along with it, I believe many of you will find it useful.

I should not forget to mention one important thing in this part of the Local Business Bundle Vol. 2 Review: Local Business Bundle is available at the price of $47. This is actually not a bad price for such a product.

Local Business Bundle Vol.2 Review – Conclusion

All in all, Local Business Bundle is a product that can speed up your productivity. If you have any intention to buy it, you had rather be quick because the price will keep rising after clicks.

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