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Low Hanging System Review & Bonus from Rachel Rofe

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Welcome to my article Low Hanging System Review Today. I know there are many article reviews about this product out there but I hope you will happy with my information and special free bonus for you here. I wish you success with Low Hanging System.

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Low Hanging System Review – Overview

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ButtonSCreator: Rachel Rofe

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Low Hanging System Review – What is Low Hanging System?

Low Hanging System is a new system that is created by Rachel Rofe. It helps you take your new “designs” and put them on top of products like mugs, posters, pillowcases, shirts, shot glasses and more then take those “products” and sell them on sites like Amazon, Etsy, or eBay in unlimited amounts without having to buy any inventory.

Low Hanging System Review

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Low Hanging System Review – Why Should You Get Low Hanging System?

First of all, these are 5 big reasons you should get it

You can get your products in front of thousands of people in seconds

  • Here’s the thing: when you sell on sites like Amazon, Etsy, and eBay, you get to leverage some of the highest traffic websites online.
  • Think about how many millions of people sell on Amazon alone. TONS!
  • All you have to do is list your products on there for FREE, and then when people do searches relevant to your product – for example, “funny knitting mug” or “funny dog shirt” – they’ll be able to find you!
  • Where else can you get in front of thousands of people without spending big money on advertising or without learning complicated traffic strategies like search engine optimization? Nowhere!

You don’t need to spend money

  • Some of the sites you can list products on are free and you only pay fees after you make a sale.
  • Others have introductory offers where you can put up 20-50 products for free, then they’re a few cents per listing. Most of the profit for companies is made AFTER you make sales.
  • You don’t need to do paid advertising, you don’t need to pay for designs (in fact I’ll show you how to make them for free), and you don’t need to buy any expensive software.
  • It’s so low-risk.

Spend as much time as you want on it

  • Busy life? No problem!
  • As I mentioned, I don’t spend that much time on this model. I actually really enjoy it but because I have other businesses, I treat this as a fun side project.
  • I come up with quirky little design ideas (more on this later), pop them on products, and the passive income starts to roll in.

It’s very simple

  • This method is so simple that we even have children doing it.
  • You don’t need any skills at all to get started.

Create easy passive income

  • You can think of each product you list as a new mini-passive income stream.
  • The more simple designs you put up, the more chances you have to make passive income.

Check out the emails that come in over and over on autopilot

Low Hanging System Proof

In addition, Low Hanging System works in 7 simple steps

  • Step#1 – Find proven niches + access to SpotWins
  • Step#2 – Make a great design + case studies on how we sell mugs with FREE Images
  • Step#3 – Launch on
  • Step#4 – Find sales-getting keywords so you can be found
  • Step#5 – Launch on Amazon (Make sure to check out the video on selling personalized mugs)
  • Step#6 – Post on other sites like eBay, Etsy, Bonanza, etc. Watch how easy it is to get extra sales
  • Step#7 – Process your orders

Optional: Scale-up

You will get Case Studies

Sales From Clip Art – See the Free photos Rachel uses to make countless sales of mugs, pillow cases and posters. This is a must-watch

Easy Pillow Case Sales – Learn how to very easily sell pillow cases across tons of niches. She’ll show you how to take one design and scale it across tons of niches and how to double your orders very easily.

Capitalize off Trends – Check out mugs she’s sold during holidays and exactly how she was able to have them generate hundreds and hundreds of sales.


  • Mug mockups and nobody else has (including for color changing mugs)
  • Pillow case mockups
  • Promotional checklists to make sure you make it as inevitable as possible to succeed
  • SEO checklists to get as much exposure as possible
  • Mug description templates you can plug right into Amazon
  • Holiday guide – what holidays are coming up for you to capitalize on

and much more

And you will get

  • Access to SpotWins Research tool – find hundreds of top-selling designs on Amazon, eBay, Etsy and way more very quickly
  • Picsplosion – another desktop tool at your disposal to make awesome designs.
  • Facebook Group – Ask questions, celebrate wins and give and get ongoing support with our active Facebook group

Low Hanging System Review – Conclusion

Actually, if you are selling a Tshirt, Low Hanging System brings you many benefits as I said above. It also saves a ton of money for other services to sell on the e-commerce site. The reality, I love this product and get it for my Tshirt business. I highly recommend it for you now.

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Thank for reading my Low Hanging System Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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