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MailZingo Review

Every salesperson and marketer knows you are holding your money if you are holding a list of your stakeholders’ emails. No matter how fast social media has been emerging, email marketing never grows old. It yields approximately 4,300% return on investment. It converses 3 times more than social media does. And it is how you communicate with your customers.

So there comes the problem. My list always seemed to be too long for the email marketing software I was using. I never really knew what was happening with my list or the conversations. The payment just kept coming monthly while the effect was months to come. Those are just some of the very significant problems that make email marketing less fun than it is supposed to be. I am just widely glad I found MailZingo. Keep on reading my MailZingo Review to figure out how worthwhile this product is to sales and marketing folks.

MailZingo Review – Overview

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What is MailZingo?

MailZingo is World’s No.1 & Most Powerful Email Marketing Software, is a self-hosted, web-based, automated email marketing software with the additional ability to get better delivery and higher open rates, import unlimited lists, full control over your email marketing campaigns, and no monthly fee – only one concise payment for a lifetime usage.

MailZingo as 1 Front End & 3 Upsell

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MailZingo Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch MailZingo Demo

MailZingo Review – What are the features of MailZingo?

No More Spam – Better Send Reputation

If you have had the experience of unintentionally getting your marketing email sent more than once due to high bounce rate frequently faced by those usual soft wares and thus, getting a bad name yourself for spamming your customers’ mail box with pretty much the same email, you know what I am talking about.

MailZingo gets you out of the stranglehold of spammed and bounced mails. It automatically gets rid of mails that are considered as bounces and clears your list with no problem at all.

On the other hand, MailZingo also offers one-click unsubscribe feature so that customers who are not pleased to receive your emails will never get to go through pop-up windows and steps to get away from your list and thus, will never have to make a single complaint about being spammed. It simply helps building your better send reputation.

More Opens and Clicks with Real-time Update

MailZingo makes sure your emails land in your customers’ inbox with the best quality so there will be higher open and click rate. It has been no more a frustrating time seeing my amount of opens and clicks lazily moving from zero to something else positive.

Even better, MailZingo keeps you updated on real-time just so you can very easily see the complete real time activities of your subscribers, and see for yourself which campaigns are performing the best.

The Amount of Subscriber You Can Import is Limitless

Really, MailZingo has this forever headache solved for good. It used to be so much of a burden for me to track if the system lost any email along the way as it would be either I had my recipients reach part-to-part or I had to import several times to complete my list. And with the other email marketing soft wares, I would lose something around 20% to 30% of my subscribers because they need double opt-in to be able to let me import my list.

MailZingo allows me to import as many subscribers as I want. No restriction on the number at all. No single email missed out again and no hassle of pulling out your eye balls to track down every email in your list. It was like having the tiny little scar on your forehead removed, totally relieving.

The All-In-One Software You Need to Design Your Great Emails

The moment I installed MailZingo, I had just about everything I need to get my emails cooked and been ready to serve. There are dozens of templates that I could either utilize right away or personalize whatever way I want. I was seriously thrilled by how many features available to help making my email sparkle. There is even built-in SMTP that MailZingo creates on my hosting server so I could just feel free to pick a built-in SMTP option and sit back watching my emails sent completely free with just one click.

Even, I can plan ahead my sending schedule. I can set how many email I want to send every hour in case my hosting company has quite a strict policy on the number. I can schedule my email marketing campaign for next week or next month from now. Everything is automated. I do not have to sit on the list every once in a while just to keep my customers informed unless it is about real-time updating. MailZingo has it done with no hassle at all. Just plan ahead and it will deliver the task for you.

Newbie-friendly and Easy-to-understand Video Tutorials

So the thing is I find the guy behind this software way very thoughtful to do this. All the interface, tools, and features of this product already look like in a for-beginner thing. Still, he included a step-by-step training in the package. He probably wanted to make sure no folk out there would be sitting on for hours figuring out how to import his list or personalize his email.

There are in-depth videos telling you how to hit every feature so there is going to be no time wasted on the confusion of what to do, where to do it and how. He also offers 24/7 ongoing technical support so just hit him with a message and your issues will be taken care.

MailZingo Review – How does it work?

You can get your things done in only 3 steps:

Step#1: Uploading your list

Step#2: Creating your message

Step#3: Sending your email

MailZingo Review – Why should I buy MailZingo?

One-Time Investment

I am saying this again. It is what you are going to pay for once in a life time. There is no monthly fee, no STMP server fee at all. You never have to pay thousands of dollars just to keep your list safe. You are now at your financial freedom to use the software until whenever you want.

Turn Your Potential to Actual Customers

You know the power of a good email marketing campaign that can make your potential customers straighten up on his back and pick up the phone. This is the one. Its delivery is no doubt to generate higher rate of opens and clicks and generate more leads from any blog, eCommerce or WordPress site. My emails have always been delivered on time and my open rates are totally satisfactory, like 20% more than what I had from other email marketing soft wares.

Full Control over Your Campaigns

Ever since I bought MailZingo, there has been no single night I have been sleeping with the big question about my data. I never got to worry if anybody was doing anything with my precious email list, the content of my email campaigns or the conversation I had with my customers when they responded. I got a total control over my data, my business, and my money.

Everything is transparent, absolutely no 3rd-party involved. Your resource of information will now also be safe with MailZingo as you pick up the decision to own it.

Super Ease of Use

Do not be worry if you are no kind of a highly creative or technically experienced folk – just like me. MailZingo takes care of it all. Leverage available templates if you do not feel like creating new ones. Personalize them if you do not feel like being familiar with someone else’s emails. Hit every tools and features you need to design your email’s content and appearance in the easiest way possible because everything about this product is absolutely simple and newbie-friendly, just as I mentioned above in this MailZingo Review. Ever got an issue while using this product, a supporting team is there for you. It is that feeling of completely supported automatically and humanly.

MailZingo Review – Conclusion

I am glad I get this cool experience shared through this MailZingo Review. Whatever it is, I hope you get your right solution too.

The price for MailZingo is going up. Don’t wait and come back later to find yourself spending more money… And then regret later when it costs more than double… or it’s even completely off the market! Get your hands on MailZingo.

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