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MugJam Review – New Innovative Technology Creates Amazing Videos Easily

Are you searching for MugJam Review to confirm your decision or find the best offer MugJam Bonus? Welcome to my article!.


So unless you’ve been under a rock the last 10 years I’m sure you’ve seen video becoming more and more prevalent as a way of marketing.

Heck, by 2025 eighty percent of all internet traffic will be video based according to Cisco.

Even with those stats, you also need to make sure you stay on the cutting edge of video and that’s what I want to share with you today.

There’s a brand new app coming on the scene called Mugjam and with it, you can create spokesperson videos without being on camera. Do you like it? Let’s continue my MugJam review to more detail.

MugJam Review – What is MugJam?

MugJam is an app that is created by Todd Gross and Rohit Shah after 13 months of development. It can not only create stunning characters that look exactly like you, but it also has powerful video editing capabilities inbuilt.

Mug-Jam has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End – MugJam App Premium >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – MugJam Pro >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – MugJam Assets Club >>> See Detail <<<

OTO3 – MugJam Agency >>> See Detail <<<

MugJam Review

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MugJam Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Firstly, as you know while humans come out as clear winners when it comes to videos, there is a problem…

Shooting Videos Can Be A Time Consuming And Expensive Process!

Creating videos with humans is never easy.

You’ll need a lot of time and patience to rehearse your lines, put on makeup, and stand on the same spot for hours.

You’ll also require expensive gear to record and edit the videos that you record professionally. And if that is not enough, you’ll need a professional video editor as well as a cameraperson to do the recording.

Plus, you will end up spending a lot of time managing all the moving parts. That’s also why movies have huge budgets. It takes hours to shoot only a few minutes of footage that is worth watching.

And Most People Are Camera Shy Video image

Every year 1000s of marketers and business owners miss sales goals because they’re afraid of being on camera.

Being on camera can be very scary for many and for the right reasons.

Putting a spotlight on yourself can be nerve-wracking, and often leads to stress…

But, being on camera has tremendous benefits too. Not only people will start recognizing you and your brand, but you’ll also add credibility and honesty to your videos instantly.

And your videos will always stand out and get more attention just because the lack of trustworthy human videos which are hard to produce…

So while they are hard to create, humans videos are always going to outperform other types of videos.

To resolve this problem, MugJam was born today.

Secondly, MugJam’s State Of The Art AI will transform your photo into talking character that you can use to create Powerful and Personalised Videos…

MugJams Are As Versatile As You Can Imagine. It can work with various types of audios and also in various languages…

Automatic Lip-Sync

All MugJams created with MugJam can lip-sync with any audio. Mouth movements are designed to be as realistic as possible.

Enhanced Text-To-Speech

This is the highest quality and natural sounding Text To Speech ever. We also let you control the voice Pitch, Sound, Speed and a lot more…

Use Your Own Voice

Record your own voice within the app or upload a ready-made voice over to the app and the MugJams will automatically lip-sync to it.

Multiple Languages

MugJam works with almost every language. Our Templates as well as Text to Speech supports wide variety of languages.

Finally, MugJam works very easy

Yes, you can create MugJam video in 3 simple steps

  • Step#1: Select A Done For You Template Or Upload Your Own Video!
  • Step#2: Create Your MugJam by Uploading Any Photo
  • Step#3: Customize your selected template and export!

MugJam Comes With 30+ Ready-Made Similar Templates. Here Are Just A Few Powerful Templates That Are Included In Your Account.

Restaurant Local Business

Instantly attract more customers by featuring restaurant owners in this stunning template. You can also easily customize the content of this template with MugJam app.


Easily create eye catching intros such as this one for your next video and gain more subscribers and likes to your videos

Real Estate Local Business

Showcasing properties professionally has never been this easy. Works best with real estate agent’s talking MugJam.

Birthday Wish

Create personalized birthday wishes with this one of a kind birthday template.

Youtube Outro

End Your Youtube Videos In Style. MugJam comes with several outro templates such as this one that focus on your call to action.

MugJam Review – What’s the Feature?

Create 3D MugJams Automatically

The first-of-its-kind MugJam Creator that can create Life-Like Talking MugJams of any person on the planet. Each created MugJam has unique facial geometry.

Template Based Video Creator

Professional and Custom Done For You Templates That Allow You To Create Videos Using Your MugJams Instantly. It can’t get any easier than this!

MugJam also creates similar clothes for your MugJams that you are wearing in the selfie.

Natural Eye + Teeth

AMugJam creates super realistic Eyes and Teeth for each MugJam. To make MugJams life-like, the MugJams will even look around randomly.

07+ Template Categories

The most diverse set of templates we’ve produced so far. Categories ranging from Local Business, Quote, Intros, Outros and many more…

30+ Predefined Templates

These unique templates are custom made from scratch by our team of animation experts to fit the MugJams perfectly.

MugJam Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my Mugjam review until now. So, MugJam is a way for anyone in any market to create amazing video that’s purely engaging WITHOUT the need for being on camera.

And with a ton of features included such as auto lip sync, enhanced text to speech, green screen, templates, and more… well let’s just say that the video internet is going to be set on fire by Mugjam in 24 hours.

I recommend you get it as soon as possible. Because when Mugjam goes live, there will be a fast mover discount that you can take advantage of for a limited time.

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Thank for reading my MugJam Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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