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Pixal Evolution Review & Bonus

Nowadays, using graphics is one of the most effective ways to capture user’s attention without wasting too much money. It allows us to convey messages in a short, brief and simple way. This trend has fostered the use of graphics apps more than ever before.

Spending a couple of hours checking on the Internet, I found out you may have to pay hundreds or even more to have full access to a conventional graphic app. This is way too expensive. Except for Pixal Evolution.

Pixal Evolution is the latest graphics app that promises to change the way you create graphics entirely. How can it do that? Let’s read my Pixal Evolution Review and find out an answer.

Pixal Evolution Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Pixal Evolution

ButtonSCreator: Richard Fairbairn, Paul Okeeffe, Chris Jenkins

ButtonSOffice Page: Pixal Evolution Review Home Page

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 07 – 27 at 11:00 AM EST.

ButtonSBonus : Get Huge Bonus Below.

ButtonSRecommend : Yes

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What is Pixal Evolution?

Pixal Evolution is kind of a graphics app which applies a modern technology to help you build banners, call to actions, pop-ups, banners and overlays within seconds. The best part about Pixal Evolution is that it combines two popular platforms: “Pixal” and “click”. This enables Pixal Evolution to have a collection of advanced features that hardly any software can offer.

Pixal Evolution makes use of IAB compliant that allows you to interact with CPA easily. Creating graphics will not be a challenge anymore.

It has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End – Pixal Evolution >>> See Detail <<<

It includes agency rights to the app as an added bonus, plus we are throwing in the new overlay section as well (which is essentially the new version of Cliks It)

OTO1 – Pixal Ads WP Plugin >>> See Detail <<<

This WP plugin will let you add the rich media banners where ever you want on any WordPress site. It will pull the banners across and you can choose where to add them, and as a bonus with this, we will be giving agency rights so users can give it to their clients as well

OTO2 – Pixal DFY >>> See Detail <<<

This isn’t just your usual template club, although all that is part of the deal, but also allow users to request a banner creation package each month. This offer also includes the resell rights to all packages that are in the template club or any resources the graphics team build for them.

OTO3 – Pixal Evo Advanced >>> See Detail <<<

This will include an 8 week intensive training course using Pixel and making it work in real world environments. This one is going to fly off the shelves as it also includes the full agency package of Socihub as well as the training.

Pixal Evolution Review

Grap Your Copy & Watch Pixal Evolution Demo Here

Pixal Evolution Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, Pixal Evolution easy to use

Pixal Evolution is made for anyone who has to create graphics frequently such as affiliate marketers, bloggers, offline business, you name it.

The vendor also prepares using document and tutorials to guide you how to use it in the first place. All of this is to avoid confusion or misunderstanding you may have while using the app.

Now let’s Watch Pixal Evolution Demo Video

Secondly, Pixal Evolution has the great features

Button creator

Thanks to the button creators, Pixal Evolution allows you to use presets without having any obstacle. Besides, there are also 3D as well as social buttons along with other buttons.

Set graphic sizes

To widen your choices, Pixal Evolution offers up to 50 graphics sizes for you to use on social graphics, mobile banners, banners, social banners, the list goes on.

Video embed

Embedding videos has never been easier. With Pixal Evolution, you can effortlessly embed any video you like into banners and adverts. The banners and adverts are clickable after begin embedded.

Graphics database

500000 graphics is the most noticeable feature of Pixal Evolution. It will take years for you to use up all of them.

Freeform graphics

Perhaps there is nothing as frustrated as creating graphics and being limited by its sizes. Pixal Evolution‘s vendor understands that hardship and gave you more freedom when creating graphics. Be creative and build incredible graphics however you want.

Transition effects

Transition effects are also an important part of making graphics. Pixal Evolution comes with 25 effects such as fade, elastic, ease in, in and out, so much more. You can apply these transition effects into videos, text and images as well.

Not so expensive

As I mentioned earlier, Pixal Evolution wins over its competitors’ thanks to offering acceptable prices. Some people say you get what you paid for, but with Pixal Evolution, it’s a real deal. With so many incredible features, some of which cannot be found in any other app, Pixal Evolution provides users a long-term solution that is reliable and economical.

Besides, there is no recurring fees or extra cost each month. You just pay once when buying it. This is what I like the most about this app because having to pay recurring fees each month is really annoyed and irritated.

Advanced features

Another reason I would like to point out in this Pixal Evolution Review is Freeform. Creating graphics is hard, but creating graphics within limited size is even much harder. Pixal Evolution gives us a platform that encourages creativity and imagination by not limiting the graphic size. Wonderful!

If you are searching a long-term solution, I highly recommend this tool. However, if you need something to solve an urgent problem, it would be quite a waste to use Pixal Evolution.

Pixal Evolution Review – Conclusion

Pixal Evolution is indeed a star amongst other graphics apps. It’s effective, fast and simple. It meets any demand you may have when designing graphics. I would certainly recommend it for all of my friends.

If you intend to buy this monster guy, remember that Richard offers special discounts for those who come and get it soon. Grap this chance and enjoy the benefits!

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