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PressPlay v2.0 Review – Creat Smart Videos Landing Pages

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my new article PressPlay v2.0 Review Today. I hope you will have more useful information, special free bonus on the my PressPlay v2.0 review. Wish you success with PressPlay v2.0

PressPlay v2.0 Review – Overview

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ButtonSCreator: Mark Thompson

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PressPlay v2.0 Review – What is it?

PressPlay v2.0 is a new version of PressPlay that created by Mark Thompson. In this upgrade version, it has more powerful features to help you get more subscribers, more engagement and more sales.

PressPlay v2.0 Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch PressPlay v2.0 Demo

PressPlay v2.0 Review – Why Should You Get PressPlay v2.0?

Firstly, PressPlay v2.0 help you control complete your videos

  • Lead Gate: insert a opt-in form at anytime
  • Branding: add a branding watermark to your videos
  • Call To Action: insert a CTA button, image or text at anytime.
  • Share Gate: insert a social share gate at anytime.
  • Player Elements: add/remove each element on the player
  • Dynamic: display a video dynamically based on their choice.
  • Video Skin: chose an eye-popping video skin for your video
  • Video-Speed: chose the speed at which the video plays at
  • Video Source: use 100% free video hosting with YouTube/Vimeo
  • Responsive: looks great on any desktop browser or mobile device.

Secondly, PressPlay v2.0 has powerful these features

Video Hosting Integration with YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3 and More

Video Player Control

  • Player Style & Controls: Control literally every element on the video player itself, including the ability to brand the player for your business or website.
  • Player Skins: Embed your video inside of one of our eye-poping video player skins, like an iPad, iMac, Blackboard, Whiteboard and many more
  • Watermark: Want to protect your video so nobody takes credit for your content or simply add some branding? Easily add a watermark logo or graphic to your video.

Viewer Experience Control

Dynamic Interaction Videos

  • Deliver a CUSTOMIZED marketing message to your viewers.
  • With the BRAND NEW Dynamic Interaction Videos, you can now walk your viewer through the entire sales video process, customizing it to your specific audience.
  • These Behavioral Interaction Videos enhance customer interaction, increase sales, and leads by hyper-targeting your viewer and giving them what they want

Resume Playback

  • Have your video start playing exactly where the visitor left off. Talk about a great user-experience!

Lead Generation & Sales Control

  • Use one, or a combination of our lead generating, sales boosting “Gates” that lets you add a timed action to capture leads, create viral sharing and drive viewers to buy.

Insights & Analytics

  • Engagement Graphs: Measure what matters. Monitor how many people are seeing your videos, measure engagement, and track conversions in an easy-to-read dashboard.
  • Split-Test Coming Soon. Free to Charter Members: Want to split-test two videos to see which converts the best? Conduct an A/B split test between two videos, and PressPlay will automatically rotate your videos based on the split test % that you selected. After a chosen time, declare a winner for the video that outperforms the other!

Embed Anywhere

  • Single Video: Want to embed just the video? Simply copy and paste the embed code onto any web page and reap the powerful features of PressPlay.
  • Playlists (Coming Soon. Free to Charter Members): Want to showcase a group of videos? Select any number of videos from your PressPlay account and build a playlist that you can easily embed onto any web page.

PressPlay v2.0 Review – Conclusion

PressPlay v2.0 is cloud-based which means you can access the application from any browser or mobile device. You can use PressPlay to customize and embed an unlimited number of videos as you would like, on as many different webpages.

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