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PriceWatcher Review – Enables Your Visitors To Create Price Alerts Easily

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If you are running an affiliate store, say, Amazon store, and you usually face the situation that when the product’s price is quite high and your visitors want to wait for a while until it becomes much cheaper. But then they have nothing to keep track with and they end up buying on another site, not yours. So how do we deal with this?

I shall introduce to you a special tool which gives your visitors to create their own price alerts and by doing so you will also have their email address. This way is far better than the conventional way of getting email addresses from viewers. It’s called PriceWatcher.

Want to find out more? Let’s finish my PriceWatcher Review, maybe this is what you have been looking for.

PriceWatcher Review – Overview

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PriceWatcher Review – What is PriceWatcher?

PriceWatcher is basically a WP plugin in which visitors can create price alerts for themselves. This tool can be applied for affiliate products from BestBuy, AliExpress, Walmart, especially Amazon.

PriceWatcher allows the store owners to engage better with the audiences because they can get the email address easily from visitors, in exchange for the price alert of the product they are wanting to buy. Using PriceWatcher, you won’t lose customers anymore, which will boost your income by the way.

This tool is a must-have for Amazon affiliates because it offers viewers the opportunity to track the price. Building email list also far much easier with PriceWatcher.

PriceWatcher Review

Feature Details

I shall list out some unique features of this tool in this PriceWatcher Review, there are many more features but these are the core of it.

  • Work well on Amazon, BestBuy, AliExpress and Walmart, too.
  • Boost conversions with the traffic remains the same
  • Offer a unique and special service that has not shown up elsewhere before

How does it work?

PriceWatcher is extremely user-friendly as it offers a simple WordPress interface that anyone can understand and use at the first look.

Step#1: Login the software.

Step#2: Upload plugin and insert the category and keyword as well

Step#3: Add certain types of products and it’s done.

Let’s Watch PriceWatcher in Action

PriceWatcher Review – Why Should You Get It?

Track Customer Behaviour

It is undeniable that turning viewers into real customers is hard, especially when there are too many affiliate stores like it is today. PriceWatcher gives you a unique power to track your customer behaviour. In order words, you will know which types of product is concerned the most as well as the prices the viewers are looking for. This will give you some ideas about your next strategies.

Secondly, being able to create price alerts will make the customers believe that you truly care about them, therefore you can gain more trust and credibility. Who doesn’t want that?

Improve Engagement

PriceWatcher allows you to get the email without annoying the viewers. With the fast development of digital marketing, people are used to the traditional way of getting email addresses from viewers. They are inclined to refuse to give the information for fear of getting a bunch of emails.

However, PriceWatcher does not just ask for the information. It offers a service in exchange. It’s is basically a win-win situation.

Boost Income

The last reason I want to point out in this PriceWatcher Review is that your income will certainly boost significantly. If they find the price is too high to buy, they may choose to get an alert which will help them keep track of the price. Then when the time comes, they can just click to your site and buy it. You will not lose any customer for any reason.

Save Time

By getting this tool, you can literally boost conversions without doing anything much. PriceWatcher is really a smart and productive way of increasing conversions, especially for those who have a tight budget. No more wasting hours and hours conducting campaigns or trying to make your videos look more stunning, PriceWatcher is enough to get your business to another level.

PriceWatcher Review – Conclusion

PriceWatcher is an amazing and creative way to boost conversions. This method is proven and tested by the vendor for a long time and it really works. Also, you will be able to collect viewers’ emails effectively and smartly. I am sure they will not hesitate or get bored when they put in the email.

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Thank for reading my PriceWatcher Review

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