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RankCipher Review & Bonus

Driving traffic to your website is not something to mess with. The struggle of creating nice contents, getting sources of high quality backlinks, making up some accounts and solving a few dozens of dancing captchas is real. The loopholes we find today soon wear out tomorrow. The backlinks that seem to be qualified in the morning go nuts after lunch. It is either you give your neck to it or give your money to someone else who will do it for you. I would say the game has changed. I used to kind of live with it until I got to try RankCipher and it has impressed me well enough that I have got to make this RankCipher Review in order to let this experience be known.

RankCipher Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: RankCipher.

ButtonSCreator: Tom Yevsikov

ButtonSOffice Page: RankCipher Review Office.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 03 – 23 at 10:00 AM EDT.

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RankCipher Review – What is RankCipher?

It is literally true to every word the creator has put it – The World Most Complete & Automated Link Building Software Enhanced by The Most Powerful Features. So this RankCipher is basically a search engine optimization software, but like an autopilot one. It generates quality backlinks with zero manual labor, human assistance, and in very much less time than you could ever imagine, than I had ever imagined before I hit this RankCipher Review.

RanCipher has 1 Front End and 3 OTO

Front End – RankCipher >>> See Detail <<<

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RankCipher Review

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RankCipher Review – What are the features of RankCipher?

An Ocean of Websites to Collect Backlinks

I did not 100% believe it until I got to see it with my eyes – there are more than 110 platforms and 300 web 2.0 profiles that your content will be automatically distributed to the moment you hit your mouse with a very single click. Feel free to add as many sites as you want into the types of platform you feel match and RankCipher will identify platforms of those websites itself. Also, it solves captcha automatically with 3rd-party API integration

Forget about Generating & Submitting Content

This is what I favor the most about RankCipher. What happens when you are an SEO marketer but somehow a terrible writer is that you go through a nightmare whenever it comes to content creating. RankCipher has my back on this.

I no longer need to find the mood to hit the words or outsource content writing/ spinning to move on with my link-building campaigns because RankCipher has built-in content scraper, rewriter and spinner. And yes it is a pure machine but no it is not going to be shitty contents this machine is going to make as it integrates with 3rd-party content spinning services like WordAI, SpinRewriter and ChimpRewriter. Based on the keywords you provide, RankCipher will come up with unique and really readable content variations needed for your campaign.

I have never got disappointed with the quality of RankCipher’s content and my standard has nothing to deal with my ability to write.

Backlinks that Last & Autopilot Schedule that Never Bothers Your Vacation

Backlinks change like the weather. Every time a website changes their tiny extension thing, my backlink dies. It was an insane job tracking every backlink every once in a while, fixing them and repeating that process. So this is another thing of RankCipher that has really made me tick – it literally examines the backlinks and replaces the broken ones automatically. You read it.

Also, if you are going to be on your honeymoon or whatever vacation for a while, RankCipher has your back too. You are free to setup your future campaigns and go relax on the beach while RankCipher handles everything you have told it to with zero problem.

Reporting At an Automated Level

The guy behind this software is definitely clear about all the hassles there are in a link-building project. I do not know if there is anybody that favors the job of making reports of a monthly link-building work but I am surely not the guy. RankCipher helps creating great-looking reports for myself and my clients like in a click. Enough worry about reports.

Human-Like Behavior

So that has been lots of automation this RankCipher makes in a link-building campaign. Fact is, there are sites that monitor whether the user account is a human or robot and always rank the “human” account better. I do not know how exactly it happens but as far as I have observed, RankCipher has some additional steps that make the entire process as natural as the way a human would do it. This makes things smoothly sneak through the eye of monitoring system and increases success rate of the software.

Lastly, It Is Brilliantly Simple to Operate

It is simple right by the interface as it uses drag and drop schematic builder. There are pre-built strategy templates done by SEO experts that you can utilize and implement right away. Multi-tiered link-building is possible too. Simply create multi-tiered strategies and RankCipher will pass those link-juice from your lower to higher tiers for you. No question asked.

RankCipher Review – How does it work?

Here is how this software works. It gets your backlinks generated after only a handful of steps.

Step 1: Determine type of links you want to build

You will get to choose the platforms you wish RankCipher to go and get backlinks for you from. What I like about RankCipher is that this step is designed to be done very wisely. There will be a list of platforms for you to choose on the right column, each of them listed in shape of a rectangle. You drag as many of your desired ones as you wish to the blank space, also drag your money site there and connect them with arrows that represent the flow.

This way it is very easy to set up a multi-tiered link-building strategy as you can arrange all the rectangles in layers and connect them whatever way you want to.

Step 2: Shape your campaign’s basic details

Enter your website URLs and keywords you want to rank for. If you have too many you do not want to manually list them down, you can add them in bulks too.

Step 3: Form your profile

Create your username, password and email you want to use to create accounts on all websites. Ever feel lazy to do that – RankCipher can automatically generate usernames and passwords for you too.

Step 4: Prepare your content

So here comes the apple of the pie – you can either add your prepared article that will be posted on all the sites, or utilize RankCipher’s built-in spinner service that will create unique content for you.

Step 5: Starting option

That has been all the “heavy” jobs, now all that is left is to decide whether you want the campaign to start right away or schedule it at another time. It is even possible to set a repeating “alarm” for your campaign so it could recur on a fixed date and time.

I hope to this point of my RankCipher Review you have already had a clear vision about what this software could do for you and how it will do that.

RankCipher Review – Why should I buy RankCipher?

A Cool Solution to Your Resource-Consuming Problem

As you may have guessed when you come across this RankCipher Review. I got this product because I just did not want to keep spending time, effort and money on backlinks. Imagine how much you can do with that much amount of resource instead. This product literally frees me from a bunch of torturing manual, repeated, purely technical work link-building requires. I did not want to outsource either. Not only that it did not feel right to put the torture on somebody else but also that it usually took months to see some significant results and terribly hard to monitor. This RankCipher creates contents, solves captchas, generates backlinks, and gives you reports – it basically did all the job it takes from the beginning to the very end of link-building process. It is the solution to the laborious link-building task we have been standing ever since.

Long-lasting Investment

Imagine getting your backlinks forever tracked. Imagine getting your future campaign taken care. It is not a come-and-go thing. It picks up the everlasting responsibility to your backlinks and perfectly takes care of your pre-scheduled campaigns. Your backlinks are not going to live forever. But your sites’ rank will – as long as RankCipher keeps replacing broken links with new ones. You are not only freed from the manual work today, you decide the work of future months too. It is that long-lasting investment you will make with RankCipher.

Ease of Use

Operating RankCipher requires zero advanced technical skills and experience. You are a newbie, you can do it. Its interface is friendly and brilliant with drags and drops, and it offers ready-made templates for the day you feel lazy on brainstorming your own strategy too. It is like the table is served and all you have to do is to put on your napkin and enjoy the meal.

RankCipher Review – Conclusion

I had my recent campaigns done in minutes and cannot get enough of this RankCipher. It is the SEO software that pretty much solves all the problems relating to backlinks I have found in my time. There was a bit of being-overcharged feeling when I first purchased it but with a Senuke-and-GSA-powers-combined product like this, I soon figured out that every cent was worth it.

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