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Scope Leads Review – Automate Your Lead Generation and Cold Emails

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Hi! Welcome to my Scope Leads Review.

Leads are vital. Digital marketers like you and me always desire an intelligent method to approach potential customers and turn them into paying ones.

In the past, I struggled a lot in finding profitable leads who can give me thousands of dollars.

Now I don’t bother this problem anymore because I already found a great tool that can take leads to me. I’m talking about Scope Leads, a key to success for every businessperson.

Scope Leads Review

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Features of Scope Leads

Smart Search Algorithm

Don’t like the majority of lead-searching applications on the market; Scope Leads use a small range technique called local search. It only looks for local leads in the requirement of your services. This algorithm is not only effective but also time-saving.

Unlimited Searches and Massive Lists of Leads

The tool will not cap searches, and it will not resist Google’s laws. The number of searches is unlimited, so you can generate an enormous amount of leads as many times as you want. Besides, you can even take advantages of Scope Leads to create massive lists of leads that can be used to outsource from a salesclerk to close for you.

Personalized Email Marketing

Your business will become easier to manage than ever before. Once you attract potential customers, you will know their contact details including name, email, phone, etc. Scope Leads allows you to send out automated marketing emails (autoresponders) which help you get in touch with your prospects and encourage them for a reference or strategy call.

Built-In CRM to Connect, Track and Close your Leads

Scope Leads has a powerful built-in CRM. Everything you do with your lead will be tracked for you. You don’t need any costly second service to instruct you what you have to do or how you do the right things.

Every Detail in One Single Dashboard

All of the essential information including the number of emails you sent, the number of emails you opened, which links you clicked or how many campaigns you performed will be displayed clearly in just a single dashboard. Besides, details sales analytics are also provided. Check out Scope Leads and control everything in a quick and easy way.

Instant Data Export

Scope Leads allow you to export all your client’s data to CSV in a matter of a click. This helpful feature also helps you to switch between online marketing and physical marketing within minutes.

Classify Based on Location

You can construct profitable campaigns and save all the results in specific geographical areas. Therefore, if you like to group your leads into different countries or states, you absolutely can do it. All you need is a location, and done! This feature comes from the local search algorithm that I already mentioned in this Scope Leads Review.

Who Need to Use It?

If you’re a digital marketer (internet marketer, affiliate marketer, social marketer or email marketer), you totally need this tool to capture potential customers.

If you’re an SEOer, you also need this tool. Just click “SEO Lacking” and you will only get leads wanting the higher ranks.


Scope Leads automatically do all the major jobs for you. This makes the tool much easy to use. You don’t have to own a learning curve because there’s nothing to study. What you need to do is 3 simple steps: Enter your location, select your desired business whether it requires social media or SEO help, and finally click “Search” to see how amazing the tool can do.

With the assistance of Scope Leads, you’re able to develop your business quicker than ever before. Why? Because you don’t need to turn yourself into a super-hot supply for the hottest prospects, which means you’re successful in avoiding one of the biggest barriers that most businesspeople often struggle. Amazing, right!


From my point of view, the local search algorithm is the advantage of Scope Leads. Even though it helps you restrict targeted clients for better results, it causes a big concern. That is sometimes you have to expand the range of your leads to attract customers living far away from your location. You cannot do this with Scope Leads.

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Scope Leads Review – Conclusion

Scope Leads is incredible. It’s going to help thousands of people who want a bucket load of money. It’s very to use and simple to buy. So don’t miss this chance.

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Thank for reading my Scope Leads Review

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