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Social Lead Chief Review

Social Lead Chief Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Social Lead Chief 2.0.

ButtonSCreator: Devin Zander.

ButtonSOfficial Website: Social Lead Chief 2.0 – Unlimited License.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2015 – 03 – 16 at 11:00 EDT.

ButtonSBonus Page: Click here to receive Huge Bonus.

ButtonSRecommend : Yes

Social Lead Chief Review – What Is Social Lead Chief?

Social Lead Chief is a cutting edge tool that create by Devin Zander, Stefan van der Vlag  and Rohan Chaudhari allows the user to create profit pulling survey, poll, and quiz campaigns DIRECTLY in the Facebook news feed! This translates into a higher engagement on your Facebook posts, lower ad spend, more leads, and most of the time a better ROI (Return On Invester) – usually credited due to the viral capability!

Social Lead Chief Review

Now with version 2.0 EVERYTHING is even easier to setup; choose your theme, set up your questions & answers, and put in your auto responder form! With Social Lead Chiefs live editor the user can create micro commitment style surveys, polls, and quizzes right INSIDE THE FACEBOOK NEWSFEED. You can even segment leads based of the answers given…  and that’s just scratching the tip iceberg!

Social Lead Chief – Why Should You Got IT?

There are many reasons make me fall in love with Social Lead Chief 2.0. I can list some here :

Firstly, Social Lead Chief has some main features below :

  • Creates Profit Pulling Surveys In Newsfeed!
  • Micro Commitment Style INSIDE FACEBOOK.
  • Drastically INCREASES post engagement!
  • Drag ‘N Drop Interface!
  • Segment Leads Based Of The Answers Given.

Secondly, watch the video demo Social Lead Chief  2.0 – Unlimited License below :


Finally, there is policy pay back money guarantee in 30 days if you don’t  satisfiy about Social lead Chief 2.0 – unlimited license.

Especially, when you download Social Lead Chief through this site you will receive this bonus.

There are 3 step to help you get all huge bonus package.

  • Step 1 : Get Social Lead Chief – Unlimited License via specially link here.
  • Step 2 : After completing the transaction, forward your receipt to my email at : [email protected]
  • Step 3 : You will receive bonus within 24 hours.

Only 10 first persons can get this bonus package.

I hope you are one of them. Best wish to you !!!


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