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Source Pheonix Review



ButtonSProduct NameSource Pheonix.

ButtonSCreator: Alex Cass And Alex Becker.

ButtonSOfficial WebsiteClick here to go Source Pheonix Official Site.

ButtonSLaunch Date2014-11-03 at 11:00 EDT.

ButtonSBonus Page: Click here to receive Huge Bonus.

ButtonSRecommend: Yes.


Source Phoenix is a course about making money online using SEO. It will be taught by 3 people that are collectively making over $300k a month for this technique. Source Pheonix is going to be most advanced go to SEO course of the year with the best experts(one is an expert in affiliate SEO, one sells SEO services and other in running a client based business) in the industries showing exactly what works.

Besides that, SEO Nova plugin will help people mimic our strategies to interlink their sites in the same way we do. They can generate all the content and do everything to rank a site. This plugin also assists them in creating free links and manage paid links.

Source Pheonix consist of a four-module course, the SEO Nova Software and 2 months of group coaching and Q/A webinars from coaches generating well over $10K per month with SEO.

Source Pheonix


I have considered many things to purchase this product before. But when I discovered I completely satisfied with it. I will tell you some reasons I decided to get Source Pheonix.

Firstly, Source Pheonix for anyone who is looking to generate income online or already interested in SEO.

Secondly, Source Pheonix has 4 module course clearly

MODULE 1: The Ropes

The course will train anyone whose unfamiliar with SEO and get them to the expert level.

MODULE 2: Advanced Affiliate SEO

Dan Anderson who makes over $100K per month will teach exactly how to generate a huge passive income from affiliate SEO and tactics never seen before that give you a huge edge over the rest of the SEO world.

He will also be covering how to CRUSH rankings for even tough searches and select the most profitable searches you can make money from very quickly with a small investment.

This module will also have a 1.5 section released after the 30 days. It will be called “The Cutting Edge”

This will outline the “super powerful no one knows” tactics and affiliate loopholes that can make 100k a month incomes a reality.

Module 3: Client SEO

Jake Tanner and Alex Becker who make $50K per month will cover how to attract clients passively and turn them into high paying passive income sources.

They will also be covering advanced ways to expand your client based business and outrank all the competitors in your target areas.

They will also be covering how to use this to make your first dollars FAST even if you are not a pro SEO and can only make a small initial investment.

Module 4: Quick Cash and SEO Services

In this module, he will be breaking down the fastest ways to make money with SEO using a few different tactics.

Then he will be showing how SEO is one of the hottest niches to be a seller in with services and places to rent links being SUPER high in demand.

He will also show how to create easy to run HIGH-profit SEO service or just simply rent out sites and makes a 5-10x return instantly with very little work involved.

Thirdly, SEO is always the host most wide-open opportunity in Internet Marketing.

Finally, Source Pheonix has advantage feature below

Advantage of Source Pheonix

That are reason make me completely satisfied with Source Pheonix and purchased it.

Do you want possessive this product and make more money from the internet?

I don’t know what do you think about it, but I want to say that: “If you get it through this site, you will get all huge bonus package from me”.


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