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Sprint Social Review & Bonus

Welcome to Sprint Social Review today. I am very happy sharing to you some useful information about new product of Tracey Meagher. I hope you will satisfy with my free bonus and coupon discount on the Sprint Social Review. Wish you success with Sprint Social Plugin.

Sprint Social Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Sprint Social.

ButtonSCreator: Tracey Meagher.

ButtonSOffice Page: Sprint Social Review Homepage.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 12 – 16 at 11:00 AM EST.

ButtonSBonus : Get Huge Bonus Below.

ButtonSRecommend : Yes

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Sprint Social Review – What is it?

Sprint Social is a new WordPress plugin that created by Tracey Meagher. It provides a fast and easy way to sell digital or physical goods without an eCommerce store.

Sprint Social Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Sprint Social In Action

Sprint Social Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, let’s check some scenarios why you need Sprint Social plugin

You Have A Product To Sell But No eCommerce Store

Problem : You run a consultancy business and have no eCommerce store (and no need for one!). You write a monthly report and want to sell the report to your clients. How do you get paid hassle free?

Solution : You add a Sprint Social payment link in an email you send announcing the report and/or you drop a Sprint Social payment link on your social media accounts. Sprint Social collects payments and delivers your product.

You have a physical store and market on a Facebook Page

Problem : You’re a small store owner who sells limited quantity items in a local market. You post new stock on a Facebook fan page. People engage , ask about price and availablity but call into your store to buy.

Solution : You add a Sprint Social payment link to the post allowing interested buyers to purchase immediately and collect their item from your store.

You’re a lawn maintenance guy who mows lawns monthly

Problem : You have regular clients you do work for offline but collecting payment can be a hassle.

Solution : Give your clients a unique Sprint Social link. They can use this link to pay until you set it to expire if and when you service end

You’re a regular Joe who wants to sell a personal item fast

Problem : You’re an individual who has just upgraded to a 60inch TV. You want to sell your 30 inch TV.

Solution : Post a Sprint Social link to your social media account and ask your friends to help you sell by sharing your post and payment link with their friends and network.

Secondly Sprint Social has awesome features that make Selling Products Without a Store Hassle Free

  • Unique link tracking across differnt platforms (Facebook/blog etc)
  • Analytics to track performace of links across platforms
  • Expire links when product is no longer available/sold out
  • Automatically share new links on Facebook/Twitter/Pinterest
  • Custom shortcode for sharing payment links in blog posts
  • Custom link url matches your own domain
  • Customize text on download page with a unique customer message
  • Customize email text & subject sent to buyers
  • Search transaction and payments recieved
  • Change price and links in the wild automatically update
  • Download protection with custom security settings
  • Provide custom message/instructions on download page

Let’s See the Sprint Social plugin takes buyers directly to PayPal for payment

Sprint Social Payment

Sprint Social Review – Conclusion

Sprint Social is very easy to setup. It takes 10 minutes to connect to your social media accounts accounts. The rest is simple. Creating a link, takes minutes. You also have a detailed tutorial on using Sprint Social. This time is yours.

Use the discount code SPRINTDISCOUNTPER for a $10 discount off the personal package and SPRINTDISCOUNTCOM for $20 off the commercial licence for 8 hours only.

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Sprint Social Bonus

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Thank for reading my Sprint Social Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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