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The Evil Traffic Magician Review & Bonus & Discount

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The Evil Traffic Magician Review – Overview

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The Evil Traffic Magician Review – What Is It?

The Evil Traffic Magician is a training course that presented by Ben Adkins. It showcases several powerful traffic techniques and gives a detailed plan on how to use them to gain sales every month.

The Evil Traffic Magician details several different methods for getting targeted buyer traffic in any niche. It also shows them how many sales to expect from each method (and how much time to put into each).

The Evil Traffic Magician Review

The Evil Traffic Magician Review – Why Should You Get It?

The Evil Traffic Magician is divided into 4 parts

PART 1: Evil Audience Research

In this section, you will learn:

  • Core Creation Formula: Once you start using this powerful audience research formula you’ll know exactly why you’ve not been successful selling online in the past. You’ll have a better understanding of your potential customers than you’ve ever had before using this powerful step-by-step guide.
  • The Audience Insight Trick: You’ll learn the simple, but powerful way that he begins to dig into his audience using a very powerful tool inside the FB Ad Interface. This is the beginning step to everything but where most people stop their research (and that’s why they fail when they start driving traffic).
  • The SimilarWeb Trick: The second part of his audience research involved a powerful website called similarweb. We take everything we learned in the last trick and this takes it to the next level. When we’re done with this trick we’ll be extremely dialed in (but we still have one more part to cover).
  • The BuzzSumo Trick: Once you knock out the other tricks you can use everything you’ve learned to dial in your audience once and for all. This last trick shows you everything you need to know to start using the “Evil Traffic Tricks” that are to come.

When you get through this short and powerful session you’ll know your target audience better than you ever have. You will belong to the 5% of online business owners who actually “get it” when it comes to their audience. This is essential to your success and you’ll have everything you need as soon as you go through this short section.

PART 2: Evil Free Traffic Tricks

In this section, you will learn:

  • The Affiliate Grabber Trick: In this powerful trick you’ll get a walkthrough of how to get affiliates to promote your offers no matter what niche you happen to be in. This one trick is worth 10x the entire course.
  • The FaceBook Comment Rider Trick: Hiding right in front of you on every Facebook page is a way to get traffic back to your offers. And no, we’re not talking about spamming our links on Facebook walls. This trick is responsible for tons of sales in his business as well as many long-term connections with big name people in multiple industries.
  • The WordPress Alarm Trick: There are literally thousands of WordPress blogs out there that could help you boost your online sales. In this trick, he’ll show you the dead simple way that he drives traffic to his offers in about 5 minutes per day.
  • The John Forum Hancock Trick: Forums are old and not many people talk about them these days, but there is a virtual goldmine of buyer traffic. It doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, there is usually a forum that you can take advantage of for big traffic. In this trick, he’ll show you the right way to do it.
  • The Trust Trojan Horse Trick: This one is a little more advanced and it’s something that only about 1% of all online marketers know how to do properly. He’ll show you the secret to creating “progressive videos” to sell a product like you’ve seen in big name product launches (this works great for physical and digital products alike).
  • Even More, Free Traffic Tricks Hidden Inside…: By the time you’re through this part of the training, you’ll have a ton of traffic tricks that you can use that won’t cost you anything but a little bit of your time. If you’re short of cash, these are all you need to build a business online.

PART 3: Evil Paid Traffic Tricks

  • The Faux Friend Ad Trick: You’ve seen people rocking out Facebook ads, but you haven’t seen this method. This powerful technique uses the power of social proof and a unique psychological trick to get people to pay more attention to your ad than they normally would.
  • The 5 Dollar Alien Trick: In this trick, he’ll walk you how to use one of the biggest and most misunderstood sites on the planet to drive traffic to your offer. This is something very few people on the planet understand (but you will).
  • The FB Ad Robot: One of the worst parts about using FB ads is how long it takes to set up an ad campaign the right way. He’ll give you the solution that made it easy for me to set up as many as 100 ad variations in just a few minutes. This makes testing and scaling a breeze.
  • The Banner or Bust Trick: This trick is something that all big name marketers use, but don’t talk about. He is breaking that trend because he thinks everyone deserves to have top-notch targeted traffic for their offer. You’re going to love how simple this is once you get started and see the potential.
  • The Ad Spy and Copy Trick: There are so many people out there that are afraid of using Google Adwords to get their offer in front of people.
  • There isn’t much good training out there for Adwords so I can understand that. In this trick, I show you how to skip having to learn the hard way and just spy on similar products that are already successful in using Google Adwords. (This is a monster).

This section will have you scaling your business to places that would be impossible just using Free Traffic.

PART 4: Celebrity Traffic Tricks

In this section, you will learn:

  • The Viral Traffic Shakeup Trick: My buddy Wilco De Kreij walks you through the process and math behind getting your message to go viral.
  • The Google Images Traffic Trick: Genius Traffic Hacker, Debbie Drum, shows you how she routinely pulls in extra buyer traffic and leads using a simple tweak to something you’re probably already doing.
  • The FB Funnel Power Trick: New York Times Best Seller, Ron Douglas, walks you through the silly powerful way that he uses Facebook Ads to make money daily. Copy this funnel for your business and you’ll instantly be glad you got inside the Evil Traffic Magician.
  • The Ecom Ad Target Lock in Trick: Physical Product Sales Master, Matt Schmitt, walks us through how he does some targeting voodoo inside of Facebook Ads. One could say this is the secret sauce to his Physical Product Traffic Strategy.
  • The Social Video SEO Trick: Ryan Mckinney shows you his powerful method of ranking videos in Google and driving leads and sales for just about any keyword phrase you can think of. This is something that has earned me thousands over the last few months (you’ll be blown away by how easy this actually is).
  • The Twitter Bomb Trick: When you see how Seth Bias is using Twitter Traffic to Explode his traffic and grow his business you’ll want to instantly start paying more attention to Twitter and the hordes of hungry buyer hiding in plain site.
  • The Instagram Traffic Trick: One of the most promising traffic sources out there now is Instagram. The problem is that hardly anyone knows how to master this network. Bill Guthrie (Instagram traffic expert) was kind enough to contribute the blueprint to rocking out Instagram for your Business. (you’re going to love this).
  • Even More, Celebrity Taught Tricks Inside…

This Section, you’re going to See some of the Most Powerful and Unique Traffic Driving Techniques that have ever Been Taught.

Exactly, The things you’re about to learn inside are the direct result of:

  • Over 30 Flights in the Last 48 Months (I invested over $40k just for the plane tickets).
  • 20 Event Tickets  ($20-30k in event tickets).
  • Private Mastermind Fees ($40k invested to be a member).
  • Countless $1k+ Dinner Tabs.
  • Countless $1k+ Bar and Drink Tabs.
  • Thousands of Hours Spent Masterminding and taking Notes with the World’s Smart Minds in Online Traffic.

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