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Video Matrix Review & Bonus

Competition is becoming rougher and rougher these days, especially in digital marketers. The things they need the most to win other competitors is information. Either information they search for by themselves or by a tool is essential.

However, time resource is limited, which has encouraged marketers to find out a new tool that helps them get updated easily. Video Matrix is a tool like that.

It is a combination of many marketing tools that allows them to know everything there is to know to beat their competitors. Video Matrix is incredibly modern and easy to use. It also allows social media sharing such as Twitter, Tumblr, Blogger, Facebook, Pinterest, and more!

Let’s my Video Matrix Review give you more details about it.

Video Matrix Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Video Matrix

ButtonSCreator: James Knight and Griff.

ButtonSOffice Page: Video Matrix Review Home Page.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 06 – 14 at 10:00 EST

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What is Video Matrix?

Video Matrix is a combined marketing tool for marketers, especially YouTube marketers to outperform in the competition and make a great success.

It consists of:

  • Video syndication for Facebook Live Stream
  • Facebook Live Stream Ranking
  • Marketing tools and advanced search
  • Campaign building
  • Leads
  • Stream syndication

And much more!

Video Matrix Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Video Matrix in Action Demo

Video Matrix Review – What are the great features of Video Matrix?

In this part of the Video Matrix Review, you are going to find a lot of incredible features from Video Matrix. Let’s see what they are!

Cross-platform: OpenShot, which is added in Video Matrix, is a cross-platform video editor. It can work smoothly o Linux, Windows and Mac as well.

More than 70 languages: the software supports many languages and can also be translated with LaunchPad easily.

Title editor: now you can add the title to your videos without any problems at all. There are some templates for you to choose, or you can just come along with the title you like.

Slow motion and Time effects: this feature enables you to control time such as slowing down, speeding up, reversing video and much more!

Desktop Integration: you can get started by dragging, dropping audio, image or video from the file into Openshot. No skills required.

Unlimited tracks: Video Matrix also allows you to insert as many layers as you want for video backgrounds, watermarks, audio tracks and much more!

Trim and Slice: you can find perfect moments by quickly trimming the videos. There are many ways you can cut the video by Openshot.

Video effects: the video effects engine gives you the power to remove background video, change the brightness, invert colours and more!

Audio Waveforms: visualizing the audio files is now possible with Video Matrix.

And much more!

Video Matrix Review – How does it work?

Let’s watch the demo video below for more useful information.

Video Matrix Review – Why should you buy it?


The problem we usually see when using digital tools is that it takes up a large part of the computer storage. It may take you ages from the setting up stage to even when you start to use it. Or you may have to go through many steps to get it installed successfully.

However, Video Matrix is 100% cloud-based which means you can get access from anywhere on the Earth as long as the Internet connection is stable. You no longer have to download and install of any kind. Just turn on the Internet and go to Video Matrix.


With so many incredible features from many digital tools, it would be understandable if Video Matrix is available at a high price. However, as surprising as it is, you can get Video Matrix with just $37. Amazing, isn’t it? It is not going to cost you an arm and a leg to have access to the software.

Social syndication and campaigns

This is the most important thing when I decide to write about Video Matrix. By making use of the Internet, Video Matrix lets you send all the necessary signals to Google without any obstacles or extra cost. You will get more views, higher conversions, more clicks, and all of which would mean more sales.

Video Matrix empowers you to develop your business intelligently. Your marketing efforts will eventually turn out good results, especially in the niche of video marketing.

100% Automatic

The last reason I want to note in this Video Matrix Review is that Video Matrix is totally automatic. It will do all the work to get you the amazing results. It. The syndication will be done while you are sleeping. Now you can save much time for other important work and let Video Matrix do all the hard work for you.

Let’s Watch Some Result from Video Matrix

1A Video Matrix Proof

Video Matrix Review – Conclusion

Video Matrix is not specifically designed for elite marketers, anyone can use it. If you are interested in the product, click here to get it

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Thank for reading my Video Matrix Review

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