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WP Site Guardian Review

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article WP Site Guardian Review. I hope you will find out useful information, special free bonus and coupon discount on the WP Site Guardian review. Wish you success with WP Site Guardian edition 2017.

WP Site Guardian Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: WP Site Guardian 2017.

ButtonSCreator: Michael Thomas & Chris Hitman.

ButtonSOffice Page: WP Site Guardian Review Homepage.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2016 – 12 – 18 at 10:00 AM EST.

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WP Site Guardian Review – What is it?

WP Site Guardian is a new WordPress plugin with full featured Web Application Firewall that created by Michael Thomas & Chris Hitman. It helps you protects your site against the most common types of hacking attacks nowadays like XSS Attacks, SQL Injection, Header Injection, Directory Traversal.

WP Site Guardian 2017 has 1 Front and 4 OTO

Front End – WP Site Guardian 2017 100 sites >>> See Detail <<<

OTO 1 – WP Site Guardian 2017 Professional Annual >>> See Detail <<<

This upgrade scans all your themes & plugins on a daily basis & compares these with a real time active database of known vulnerabilities. It automatically emails the webmaster if a threat is found so you can take action & eliminate the risk manually.

OTO 2 – WP Site Shields Up

Shields up was developed to make your sites run in “stealth mode” – clearing all the critical information that WP broadcasts by doing so it reduces the risk of hack attacks by up to 95% – hackers simply get bored & move on to an easier target….another amazing pro-active defence tool in our toolbox.

OTO 3 – WP Security Audit

When building security products it amazed us how many webmasters forgot about the security basics… like leaving default usernames/ passwords, leaving default site / file permissions, leaving tell tale installation files etc… So this product was built to specifically address these kind of security oversights & give users a comprehensive overview of their site security & how to fix stuff – a no brainer.

OTO 4 – WP Shields Traffic

Secure All Your Sites Using The Most Powerful Anti-DDoS Network On The Planet No Complexity, No Fuss, No Plugin Clashes, No More Bad Traffic.

WP Site Guardian Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch WP Site Guardian in Action

WP Site Guardian Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, you know that a HUGE PROBLEM as 92% of WP sites are hacked this way

  • EXPLOIT – (92% of direct hack attacks) – a badly written plugin/theme allows a hacker to execute a command/script that gives them control of your site.
  • FACT – popular security plugins & services DON’T offer any protection against this.
  • BRUTE FORCE ATTACK – (8% of direct hack attack) – Multiple attempts to guess your username/password & take control of your site.
  • FACT – most popular security plugins & services are good at blocking this attack… but can’t deal with new amplified XMLRPC attacks.
  • DDOS – (“break the site” hack attack) – this is an attempt to flood your site with requests so your server falls over.
  • FACT – Plugins CAN’T deal with this attack – you would need to use a third party service like Cloudflare or bespoke hardware protection

In The last 12 months over a million sites were hacked or defaced by exploits. Just one simple plugin vulnerability allowed hackers to inject 50,000 sites with malware, defacements, phishing portals & spam.

In April 2015 over a million sites were left wide open to hackers when a vulnerability was found in a popular cache plugin.

Last month WordPress admitted that there was a major vunerability that allowed hackers to launch amplified brute force attacks leaving ALL 73 million WordPress sites totally exposed.

Exploits are now the #1 risk to any WordPress owner. The biggest problem is NO QUALITY CONTROL – many WP plugin & theme writers are not trained in secure coding practices & the code isn’t checked so your site becomes a security guinea pig.

That’s why WP Site Guardian edition 2017 was born to help you resolve these problems.

Secondly, if you think your site is SAFE then think AGAIN

The Top plugins or solutioins offered any real protection against Exploits were FAILED by  Michael Thomas & Chris Hitman tests. Such as:

  • WordFence Plugin
  • All-In-One Security Plugin
  • Better WP Security Plugin
  • iThemes Security Plugin
  • Acunetix Plugin
  • Bulletproof Security Plugin
  • CloudFlare
  • Reverse Proxy
  • Server Firewall
  • WP Updates
  • Secure Hosting

But WP Site Guardian autodetects & blocks Exploits in just 2 clicks and emails you notifications of attact attempts.

Massively Reduces The Risk Of Getting Hacked By Current & FUTURE Exploits

WP Site Guardian is the 1st pro-active anti-exploit plugin that monitors & blocks hackers based on behaviour.

When any suspicious activity is detected the IP is instantly blocked & the hacker is banned. This prevents the exploit from executing & also shuts down all further hacking attempts.

By eliminating both exploit & the bad user you massively reduce the risk of site getting hacked.

This is the only plugin on the market that offers active protection against current & future exploits as it looks at visitor behaviour rather than the attack code.

Blocks Attacks Even If You Have Vulnerable Plugins

You’ll never know if your site is at risk – currently there is no way of getting notified of any risky plugins or updates your site may already using

With WP Site Guardian this is irrelevant as the plugin focuses on hacker activity rather than the vulnerability

While your competitors are stuck scratching their heads, trying to figure out what to do without their lists, you’ll be laughing to the bank, since you’re not promoting without competition.

Faster Website – Fewer Security Plugins Needed

Massively reduce your processor & memory load by eliminating resource hungry security plugins you won’t need anymore

WP Site Guardian offers unparalleled protection against exploits.

WP Site Guardian Review – Conclusion

None of the popular security plugins, firewalls or even pay monthly security services could protect your sire against a basic exploit attack.

To put it simply… irrespective of what security plugin you are using your sites are wide open to hacker.

Not anymore. WP Site Guardian monitors your site 24/7 for suspicious usage & automatically blocks common exploit attacks.

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