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22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review – PROVEN Method With $181,953 In VERIFIED Affiliate Commissions

Welcome to my 22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review. I hope you will have more useful information and happy with my bonus. Wish you success.

22k Low Compatition Affiliate Blueprint Joshua Zamora


What is 22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint?

It is the Simplest, MOST Proven and DUPLICATABLE Blueprint for quickly ranking simple niche sites on page 1 of Google for easy Affiliate Commissions from Joshua Zamora and his partner Anthony Mancuso.

This is a PROVEN Method With $181,953 In VERIFIED Affiliate Commissions From January 1st 2023 – to August 31st 2023 With Just ONE Niche Site. (Real Proof Revealed Below)

No Previous Experience Required. You will get EVERYTHING inside this Blueprint with ALL the EXACT Resources they use, so everything is Literally Copy/Paste.

22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review

Learn-More-Product 22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint System

Or Exclusive 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bundle Deal Package

Get Access 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bundle Deal

What are the Upgrades?

22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint has 4 Upgrades/OTOs:

PS: I provide all Upgrade/OTO links just for reference. Don’t buy any Upgrade or OTO without Front End because it will cause a problem for your purchasing.

Upgrade 1 – How To Flip Your Niche Sites For 2x-3x Revenue >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade/OTO 1 will be our advanced strategies and case study for how we flip our sites for a MASSIVE payday. If you want to learn EXACTLY how to grow these sites to $20,000/month or more and eventually sell them for MULTIPLE 6 figures, you’ll want to pick this upgrade up. We’ll walk you through the exact steps needed to get the sale done.

One of our BIGGEST sales was for $280,000 and right now we have one of our sites ACTIVELY for sale for over $770,000! Heck, we even turned down an offer for $720,000 for it! This will be for a one-time payment of $97

Upgrade 2 – 22k Blueprint + DFY Suite Elite >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade/OTO 2 is a special offer for the DFY Suite. DFY Suite is our powerful platform where you will be able to make Sure Your niche sites SHOOT and STICK To The First Page For The LONG-TERM With Our Done-For-You Social Syndication System. You’ll be getting MASS content syndication to all of your campaigns and have it ALL done FOR YOU! Social Syndication is one of our most important strategies that stick your niche sites and videos on page 1 of Google and YT for the long term. And we’ve simplified it by DOING IT FOR YOU!

It’s the PERFECT fit so you can complete the ENTIRE Page 1 ranking circle without having to do ANY of the work yourself. Plus, all you’ll need to do is put down $1 to lock in your DFY rankings and ensure you get credits every month to continue to have us do your syndication for you.

Upgrade 3 – 22k Blueprint + DFY Authority 50 >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade/OTO 3 is going to be a very special offer for our DFY Authority app. DFY Authority is our Done-For-You Web-Bot that Finds High-Value, Expired Domains That Are Available RIGHT NOW For $10 (or Less) That You Can Start Using with our blueprint RIGHT AWAY.

Leveraging the power of an authority, aged domain with our methods will give you a MASSIVE advantage over your competition. And DFY Authority will work for you EVERY day to find you amazing domains. This will be a one-time payment of $67.

Upgrade 4 – 22k Blueprint + AI PR Writer >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade/OTO 4 is going to be a special offer for one of our NEW and UNRELEASED AI platforms. We’ve put together a powerful Press Release AI writer to write ALL of your Press Releases FOR YOU!

Press Releases is one of our favorite strategies that we use in our ranking method to get some powerful backlinks to shoot our sites to page 1 within the first month. However, finding and hiring someone to write press releases for you is a HUGE P.I.T.A. So, we’ve decided to build a CUSTOM AI Engine that will write PERFECT Press Releases for you that will be ready to be distributed. This will be a one-time payment of $47.

22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bundle Deal

With 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bundle deal, you will get Front End and all Upgrade above, including:

  • How To Flip Your Sites For 6-Figures Or More ($297 Value)
  • DFY Authority Special ($297 Value)
  • PR AI Writer Special ($97 Value)
  • Syndlab Booster ($97 Value)
  • And more awesome bonuses

Get 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bundle Deal

Get Access 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Bundle Deal

22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review – Why You Will Get?

There are 5 modules that show you how to make awesome money today inside the 22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint

Module #1 – Finding The Right Niche To Dominate Quickly

In module 1 of our training, you’re going to learn our exact process for finding the PERFECT niche and keywords to target with our strategy. We’ll start off by giving you an overview of how our method works, then we jump right into SPECIFIC details of what makes a good niche and what makes a BAD niche with our strategy.

We give you specific numbers to look for so you can immediately identify a great niche and some great keywords. We then jump into the EXACT tools that we use to find a PERFECT niche to target and show you EXACTLY how to use them.

But we don’t stop there, we then go a step further and use a couple of free tools to VERIFY that we’ve actually got a good niche to target on our hands.

Module #2 – Building Your Site The Right Way

In module 2 we jump right into the EXACT, simple process that we use to build out your site. This step requires ZERO technical skills, ZERO design skills, ZERO experience, NONE of that.

We build our sites with a “low tech, BIG check” mindset, which means we have narrowed our process to be as LEAN and as SIMPLE as possible.

We only use FREE WordPress themes, We only use a handful of must-have plugins, and we only have the MOST necessary pages on our sites.

Literally, ANYONE can follow our process for building out our niche sites.

Module #3 – Ranking Your Site FAST!

Just like all of our other modules, we have also kept this as simple as possible. In this module, we cover the only 7 types of backlinking/syndication strategies we use to get our sites ranked on page 1 of Google FAST.

We share with you exactly what these ranking strategies are, the exact resources we use to get these backlinks, the exact order that we recommend deploying these strategies in and much much more.

There is ZERO guesswork on your part. We show you EXACTLY what to do and all you have to do is follow the steps.

With our ranking strategies, we average our first commissions within 3 weeks of creating our sites and it just grows from there.

Module #4 – Monetizing Your Sites For Maximum Profit

This is probably the most important module because it’s what’s going to ensure that you get PAID! We first jump right into showing you EXACTLY how you’ll be making money from your site which is via one of the LEAST competitive strategies out there – PayPerCall Affiliate marketing.

Not many people talk or actually make money with this strategy which means there is endless opportunity.

Not only do we share with you our BEST practices for making as MUCH profit as possible with your sites, we also share the EXACT affiliate networks that we use on our own sites. There’s a total of 4 of them and we don’t hold ANYTHING back.

Module #5 – Outsourcing and Scaling Your Niche Site Empire

If you want to spend as little time on your niche site empire as possible while still having your profit passively grow each month, then this module is for you.

In this module, we jump right into clarifying what specific tasks we recommend you do yourself vs the tasks we recommend you should outsource.

Once we get that cleared up, we jump right into the EXACT sites that we hire our outsourcers from. We also include a VERY powerful tip that will QUICKLY allow you to filter out the bad apples from the good apples in SECONDS!

We also cover how to properly manage your outsourcers so you know exactly what they’re working on and keep them on task. And even cover how to actually pay your outsourcers to reduce the risk of getting scammed out of your hard-earned money.

This is the PERFECT module to maximize your earnings while minimizing your time “working”.

22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review – How Does It Work?

Simplified It Into An Easy-To-Follow 4-Step System

Step 1 – Follow our PROVEN strategies For Targeting LOW-Competition BUYER-Keywords That Get RESULTS

Yup, low-competition keywords are our bread and butter! Why would we waste time targeting VERY Competitive keywords when we can make over $20,000 per month with LOW-HANGING fruit that ANYONE can replicate?

We (like most people) want to get results FAST and we want to get PAID FAST! And with our method, we average getting page 1 rankings by week 2 and our first commissions by week 3!

Step 2 – Follow The EXACT Step-By-Step Formula That We Use To Build Out Your Site

Not only do we like targeting low-competition keywords because of how fast we get results with them, but we’ve also developed a very specific formula for how we build our sites.

We like to keep this process simple as well so that we can do it over and over and over again. There are ZERO technical skills required, ZERO design skills required – Heck, we don’t even spend money to buy a premium theme. Yup, we only use FREE themes that already come built-in to the WordPress Theme Library! (we show you EXACTLY which ones)

Step 3 – Follow Our PROVEN System For Getting Your Site Ranked On Page 1 of Google, FAST!

This is the step where most people fail and/or give up. And it’s understandable. This step can easily get very complicated and frustrating, but we have been able to develop a step-by-step process for getting your site ranked on page 1 of Google within a matter of WEEKS! And there is NOTHING complicated about our process.

We’ve literally made it STEP-BY-STEP. We cover each step in detail of exactly how to build the right backlinks that are working BEST right NOW and avoid ALL the other strategies that don’t work.

Step 4 – Deploy The EXACT, Low-Competition Monetization Strategy That We Use Which Most People NEVER Talk About

This is easily the most EXCITING part of the process – Monetizing your site. And we are NOT doing the traditional affiliate marketing offers. We monetize our site with one of the LEAST competitive strategies out there – PayPerCall Affiliate Offers.

Yup, most people have ZERO idea how profitable these offers are and most affiliates don’t even think about targeting them. This allows us to DOMINATE just about ANY area that we target because there is VERY little competition. Plus, this requires ZERO sales skills on your part.

Let’s Watch 22k Low-Competition Affiliate Blueprint Demo

22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review – Proofs

These are real results from Anthony Mancuso with 22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint system

These are 5-page site that Get FREE Traffic Like This

22k Low Compatition Affiliate Blueprint Proof

And Bring In Profit Like This:

22k Low Compatition Affiliate Blueprint Proof Sep 2023

22k Low Compatition Affiliate Blueprint Proof Aug 2023

22k Low Compatition Affiliate Blueprint Proof May - Jun 2023

And many more, you can see more here

22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Review – Bonus

When You Secure Your Account TODAY, You’ll also be Securing These Exclusive, Limited-Time Bonuses

Bonus #1 – Our Outsourcing and Scaling Module ($97 Value)

This bonus alone allows you to REALLY skyrocket your profit potential while minimizing your workload. You’ll be learning the EXACT techniques that we use to outsource and scale our entire niche site empire.

We could have easily sold this as a separate upgrade and charged anywhere from $67, $97, $197 or more. Especially when you consider that using our strategies to find just ONE perfect outsourcer is PRICELESS! However for the next few days ONLY, you get it FOR FREE!

Bonus #2 – Free Access To SyndLab Agency ($97 Value)

If you’ve purchased any of my products before, you know that I have an ENTIRE line-up of BEST-SELLING content syndication software.

Why? Well, because content syndication FLAT.OUT.WORKS!

It’s one of the #1 ways to get your niche sites ranked on page 1 of Google.

And it’s actually one of our favourite and the FIRST strategies we deploy in our backlinking process.

So, in this bonus, you’re getting our High-quality content syndication web app as a FREE bonus during our charter members grand opening.

Bonus #3 – 2 Verifiable Video Case Studies Revealed ($97 Value)

Who doesn’t love a good case study which backs up the training you’re about to go through, right? Well, before you even start our blueprint, you’ll be able to see not one, but TWO verifiable case studies of the REAL results we’ve been getting with our method.

We rarely show case studies these days because it tends to create more competition for ourselves rather than people using it for motivation, however, for those of you who DO join during our charter-members special, you’ll be able to see BOTH of these case studies RIGHT away with the EXACT income we’ve made.

Bonus #4 – TWO Exclusive Bonus Videos Revealing A Powerful Shortcut To Getting WAY Results ($97 Value)

We all want to get results easier and FASTER, right? And we do too. We are ALWAYS looking for ways to improve out strategies and improve the SPEED in which we get results.

Well, we decided to put together not one, but TWO exclusive bonus training videos where we dive into a couple of VERY powerful shortcuts that ANYONE can copy to get way faster results. And these shortcuts do NOT require ANY additional work on your part. It’s part of the process that you’d have to do ANYWAY, it’s just a way to do it better and faster!

Bonus #5 – Free Access To SpinRewriter AI For A FULL 14-Days ($97 Value)

This is truly a special and EXCLUSIVE bonus that you will NOT be able to get ANYWHERE else. It’s ONLY for our customers. You’re going to be getting FREE access to the ONLY A.I Content Spinner on the market that actually UNDERSTANDS What Your Content Means So You Get Perfectly UNIQUE Content EVERY-TIME!

Ensuring that you are using QUALITY and UNIQUE content is a VITAL step in the ranking process. SpinRewriter will turn ONE unique article, rewrite each paragraph using AI and then it will spin it to ensure you get 100’s of UNIQUE versions that you can use for MULTIPLE steps in the process – and FINALLY, it will also “HUMANIZE” your content to ensure it’s FULLY undetectable! We had to do some HARD negotiating to land this deal.

You’re going to get FREE access for a FULL 14 days. PLUS if you choose to keep it after 14 days we ALSO get you a HUGE 50% discount!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Fast Can I Get Results With This?

Of course, we can’t guarantee any results because we have no idea how quickly you will consume the course and how quickly you’ll put it into action. However, when following the EXACT steps laid out in our course and setting everything up in a matter of days, our sites have been averaging to make their first commission within 3 weeks!

Are there any other costs associated with this method?

Yes. Obviously, you’ll have to buy your domain name which runs about $10 and you’ll need a hosting account which can run you another $10-$17/month depending on which company you go with. Inside our course, we do talk about some free and some paid backlinking strategies. The paid strategies just help speed things up for those who prefer to outsource. Those backlinking services range from $10 up to $300. Additionally, you can also do all the strategies yourself if you’d to as well if you have more time than money.

How Do You Monetize Your Sites?

We monetize our sites with PayPerCall affiliate offers which not many people talk about. We have found that these are WAY lower in competition and allow us to target niches and keywords that are also WAY lower in competition because we go LOCAL with our targeting. Yup, not only do we monetize with a low competition strategy, but we rank with low competition keywords and we go LOCAL to make it even LESS competitive!

Is there a money-back guarantee?

Yes, 30 days money back guarantee

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Plus These Bonuses

Bonus#10 – The Cold Email Academy (Value $499)

The sales system I used generated $1.2m in 18 months.

  • The four core principles to build a sales machine.
  • Quick hack for composing emails.
  • Subject lines that get opened.
  • Sending emails with a plan.
  • Scale winning sources with outsourcers

Bonus#11 – Become Instant Guru System (Value $97)

Methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authority in your field… starting in as little as 90 days.

  • Establish yourself as the guru.
  • Have potential customers and clients come to you.
  • Generate five times as many leads as you could ever hope to handle.
  • Eliminate cold calling, sales presentations, or the need to do any personal selling.
  • Double, triple, even quadruple your income and earn as much as a million dollars a year or more.

Bonus#12 – Google News Sites 4-Profit (Value $297)

Learn how to build and monetize a Google news website.

You’ll Learn:

  • What Google news sites are.
  • How to make money from them, including the fastest way I know to turn a $9 domain into $150.
  • How to use different site-building tools for Google News, such as WordPress.
  • What Google looks for to approve your website.
  • Ideas and strategies to help you make money with your new site(s).

Bonus#13: Building The Perfect Sales Funnel

Find out the flaws in your system that are leading to the loss of potential customers by reading this groundbreaking and very analytical eBook – Building the Perfect Sales Funnel – An introduction to the ever-changing nature of eCommerce and business and an explanation of why it is crucial to accept changes quickly, get over any personal objections and losses and revamp your website as soon as possible

Bonus#14: 25 Youtube Outro Clips

Build Your YouTube Channel Fast and Easy to Thousand of Subscribers with These Custom Video Outros!

Inside this product is a package of outro templates that you can use for your own project and to your clients or even sell it.

Bonus#15: Lead Generation Mastery

A lead is very important to an online marketer who wants to promote a new product. It helps to pre‐sell the product to the subscribers. It is a way to connect with a targeted audience who would want to know more about your products.

A high number of leads would result in a higher chance of conversion from prospects to buyers. Therefore, it is a vital part of Internet Marketing. Learn more inside!

Plus Extra Bonus 22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint

Bonus Package 1

Bonus Package #1

Bonus Package 2

Bonus Package #2

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22k Low Competition Affiliate Blueprint Special Bonus

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