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6 Things You Need To Know While Choosing WordPress Themes

Choosing a WordPress Theme – These are 6 Things You Need To Know

6 Things You Need To Know While Choosing WordPress Themes

Not sure how to choose a WordPress theme from tens of thousands of options? With so many options, it could feel like sticking a needle in a haystack. Most newbies feel overwhelmed when choosing a theme for their WordPress site. There are thousands of free and paid options. Each theme looks better than the other.

Design is subjective, so I can’t help you choose a theme appropriate for your aesthetics, but I can help you make sure the theme you choose will make your WordPress site a success. Not all WordPress themes are the same.

If you want to succeed in the market, it is important to choose the perfect WordPress theme. Today, I will address some of the key factors that should be considered before implementing the WordPress theme. Let’s start then without further delay.

1. Check Price First

Some WordPress themes are free and some are paid or premium. First, ask yourself: are you willing to spend a little more on the premium theme? There are many viable options in both categories. This way you don’t have to force yourself to buy a better theme, especially if you are a beginner and don’t have a budget.

When you’ve finally hit the ground running, you’ll find a simple, lightweight, and flexible theme that you can easily customize. Watch out for some themes that are free to download as they may be poorly coded or have bad goods. To avoid this, stay tuned to the official WordPress directory, share with other popular theme distributors if you want, and check out free WordPress blog themes in recommendations.

It is becoming increasingly difficult to evaluate a substance by cost alone. However, having a quality theme designed to improve your site is one of the best investments. First, make a list of the features that your theme needs. If you only find these features among the premium options and you have the money, don’t let the price confuse you.

2. Go For Lightweight WordPress Theme

Your theme is an important part of the foundation of your website and therefore has a significant impact on your website’s performance and page time. I once did a test where I switched from a typically WordPress-optimized theme to a performance-optimized theme and the loading time of my page decreased by 42%.

This is huge! Your website’s load speed counts for everything from user experience to SEO and conversion rates. So you can’t ignore it. So how do you know if an object is light? We have first summarized some of the best lightweight topics here. However, you can also perform tests yourself with the Performance Check tool.

For a premium theme, you can do the same thing with the public theme demo. This is not an ideal method as the theme developer may load some of the tracking scripts that are not part of your website but should give you a good idea of how to tweak your theme.

3. Strive for Simplicity

The best design rule is simplicity. Many WordPress themes include many colors, complex layouts, animated animations, and more. Sometimes these things are needed, but most of the time they are not needed.

Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Find a project with a project that will help you achieve your goal. Looks good without compromising usability.

Make sure that the presentation style of the theme is not too complicated. The purpose of web design is to help users find the information they want while helping website owners achieve their goals.

If a theme looks good but doesn’t help you find new businesses or followers, then it’s a bad theme. It’s also not a good theme if your users are unable to navigate your website.

4. Get eCommerce Support

Of course, you are here to sell a product or service. Built-in e-commerce features make it much easier for your customers to get the offers they want. WooCommerce is especially suitable here. It’s just an e-commerce plug-in that you can install for free.

However, theme providers offer WordPress templates that are built into WooCommerce to save you installation time. In addition, they can consist of both an e-commerce homepage and online sales functions. Make it easy to create a full online store for your website.

Many of WooCommerce’s plugins can help your visitors to navigate your store smoothly. WooCommerce product video plugin integration will help you to give details of your products easily and build a trustworthy relationship with your customers.

5. Cross-Browser Compatibility

Your users use different browsers. Your theme may look perfect in the browser you’re using, but other browsers may have an error. Here comes browser compatibility. Most WordPress developers test their themes thoroughly using sophisticated testers.

They can mention this on their website. If it doesn’t, you can always run basic tests to test the theme in different browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari, etc. Don’t forget to try different browsers on phones as well.

6. Customization, Responsiveness, and Plugin Support

You may not be able to find a standard layout theme that meets your needs. Therefore, your theme should be customizable.

Of course, all themes are easily customizable, but too few options will severely limit your ability to brand your website and optimize the user experience, and too many will slow down your website. If the related list has a custom ad, add items to the page you want and change the look and feel to match your brand.

You probably understand how important it is to make your website look good on all devices, as more than half of all Internet traffic comes from mobile phones or other mobile devices. An auto-responsive WordPress project recognizes the size of the browser window and changes the page layout to improve your website experience. This is not just an advantage, it is essential.

Plugins are needed to get some WordPress results before the basic blogging tools at the core of WordPress. Your theme needs to be fully compatible with most or all of the WordPress plugins that you plan to use for social sharing, eCommerce, contact forms, advanced SEO optimization, and more.

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