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AppointOMatic Review – Start Your Appointment Booking & Lead Generation Agency Today

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article AppointOMatic Review. I hope you will have more useful information and happy with my awesom free bonus plus coupon code discount from vendor Karthik Ramani. Wish you success!.


Have you ever been frustrated going to a website and not being able to book an appointment?

All you could do was fill up a boring old contact form that didn’t work half the time. You had to wait for infinite time, hoping you would get a call back from the business and that never actually happened.

This is the biggest plight of most businesses! Not being able to convert visitors into paying customers!

Be it a restaurant, a dentist, a plumber, a lawyer, a digital marketing coach or even an Agency!

Every business is missing out on 10s of 1000s of dollars in sales because they do not have a proper appointment system in place! It is unfortunately the state of most businesses even in 2021!

All of this changes tomorrow!

I want to introduce to you a new product from Karthik Ramani that will help ANY business get more bookings & appointments. It’s called AppointOMatic!

Let’s continue to my article AppointOMatic review to know more about features, benefits and check your bonus.

AppointOMatic Review – What is AppointOMatic?

AppointOMatic is the solution for local businesses & online businesses looking to boost their appointments & bookings.

It’s the most advanced online meeting scheduler that you can propose to your tribe to schedule your web events/ booking forms/ booking funnels and help you generate qualified leads without any hassle.

AppointOMatic Review

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What is AppointOMatic OTO?

AppointOmatic has 4 OTOs

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OTO3 – AppointOMatic Template Club

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AppointOMatic Review – What is the Feature?

AppointOmatic has everything that you would ever need to create lead generating booking pages within minutes! Let’s check some awesome features

Create Online Meeting Funnels Without Issues

You can now create online meeting funnels for your invitees without any hassle. All it takes is just 3-easy steps and your high-converting interactive meeting funnels are ready.

Video Appointments To Gain More Leads

One of the amazing features of AppointOmatic is that you can also add videos to your appointments pages. Videos are consumed in a large number these days, and that will enable you to get more responses on booking funnels leading to massive leads.

Responsive Appointment URLs

The appointment pages that you create using this app are end to end responsive. It means you can get quick responses from your invitees on mobile and tablets. In short, you are ready to generate leads on any device.

Personalized Booking Link

You have absolute freedom to get your own personalized booking URLs. In turn, it will build authority on your invitees without any fuss.

One-On-One Event Type

You have the ability to schedule meets between the admin and one person.

Group Event Types

You can also book meetings between the admin and so many more people.

Social Media Icons

It is also possible to showcase social media icons for your brands on the appointment booking pages.

Facebook Share

With the Facebook Share feature, you have the option to share the appointment page on Facebook to get more engagements.

Logo Branding

You will also be able to add your own logos on appointment booking pages and strike a chord with your attendees that you are a genuine business. No wonder, it is an influential mode to attract more leads.

DFY Templates

Done-For-You appointment booking page templates are available that you can use for multiple niches. An attention-grabbing booking template can surely help you enjoy more leads

Language Translation

It is now possible to create online appointment funnels and translate them into a language of your choice. A booking system in a language that your audience consumes is a way forward to attract hyperlocal leads.

Payment Gateway Integration

You will also be able to collect payments on the go because it is possible to integrate them using preferred payment platforms like PayPal and Stripe.

Add Appointment Profile Pics

You can add your profile pictures to appointment pages to gain more bookings. Going without a profile pic and being anonymous may not win the trust of your prospects.

Meetings Integrations Made Possible

You can integrate your online events with platforms like Google Calendar and Goto Webinar. And doing that will ensure that you never miss your appointments & can easily convert your prospects into paying customers.

Autoresponder Integration

It is possible for you to access autoresponder integration like Aweber, Mailchimp and more. It means leads generated using AppointOmatic will directly land into your favourite autoresponder.

Create Custom Audience By Adding Retargeting Codes

With AppointOmatic’s Custom Code integration feature, you can now add any code to the appointment booking page. In fact, you get the power to add Facebook, Google and other native ads remarketing pixel codes to the event booking pages in just a few clicks. This means you can create a custom audience of people visiting your pages and retarget them with remarketing ads.

SMTP Integration

You can also add your very own SMTP integration and send transactional emails via your own domain address without any hassles. This will help you build domain authority, plus prospective buyers will start trusting you.

Get Meeting Notifications

Your invitees get automated email notifications for each meeting and cancellation done on AppointOmatic

Cname Mapping Available

With the Cname Mapping feature, you can indulge in hassle-free custom branding using your own domain or subdomain.

Track The Performance Of Each Booking Funnels With Analytics

You get to access how each of your appointment funnels is working with end to end analytics

Manage Appointments’ Paid Orders

Using this feature, you can easily manage order payments for which appointment pages are booked

Receive Admin Notifications When You Have A Lead

This feature of the app sends automatic emails to the admin when they have a new customer lead waiting to be responded to.

Embedding Appointment Pages Are Made Easy

You will also be able to embed appointments in your web pages as per your choice. It’s also compatible with any landing page builder you can possibly imagine.

Create Appointments Inside A Widget

An AppointOmatic user will also be able to create appointment pages right inside a widget.

AppointOMatic Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, with AppointOmatic in your kitty today

You’ll NEVER Have To Stress About…

  • Relying on an outdated system to book online appointments for different niches.
  • Spending a higher amount for outsourcing or developing booking modules that may not work at all.
  • Missing on increasing the footfalls for your businesses.
  • Not getting leads
  • Growing your business.
  • Backbreaking and spending hours monitoring appointment booking systems.
  • Dealing with endless answer machine messages.
  • Missing an opportunity to start your own agency biz and live a laptop nomad lifestyle.

Secondly, Triples Leads & Conversions For EVERY Niche Without Effort

Say Goodbye To Traditional Old Appointment Booking Systems That Get No Leads & Conversions… And Suck You Into Heavy Recurring Fees.

  • Book online appointments with end to end mobile/tablet responsive appointment URLs.
  • Stamp your brand’s authority on your users with self-hosted appointment URLs.
  • One-off meetings let you select times you are available for a one-time event to your invitees.
  • Book meetings between admin and one person.
  • Book meetings between admin and multiple people.
  • Share appointment URLs on Facebook and maximize your reach.
  • Add profile pictures to your appointments and command authority that you are a legit entity.
  • Grab the attention of your prospects without effort by adding videos to your appointment pages.
  • Collect payments on the go via PayPal and Stripe integration available in-built on this software.
  • Get meeting notifications for every meeting and cancellation via automated emails.
  • Track the performance of your entire appointment funnels with analytics available inside the app.

Look at successful people say about AppointOMatic

AppointOMatic Testimonial

Thirdly, AppointOmatic Opens The Door To Limitless Online Money Making Opportunities!

When you order AppointOmatic today, you are also all set to kick start your very own profitable agency business without spending dollars and backbreaking.

The Commercial License included inside the AppointOmatic app makes it possible to open the floodgates to immense online money-making opportunities.

You can now offer appointment booking and lead generation services to plenty of hungry buyers and charge them anything.

It means you can command any price as per your wish, and keep 100% for yourself!

These Proofs Will Depict The Ultimate Fact!

AppointOMatic Benefit

Plus, AppointOmaticIs A Must-Have Appointment Booking & Lead Generation Solution For…

  • Legal Services
  • Dentists
  • Gyms
  • Cafes
  • Pest Controllers
  • Technicians
  • Real Estate Agents
  • Dance Institutes
  • Training Institutes

And So Many More Niches…

AppointOMatic Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article AppointOmatic review until now. I think you have enough information about this product.

Let’s Recap… these are what you will get instant access to splendid benefits

  • AppointOmatic App: The Only Solution To Book Limitless Online Appointments Smoothly.
  • Commercial License: Your Golden Ticket To Starting Your Own Lucrative Appointment Selling Agency Biz.
  • Knowledge Hub: End To End Training Provided To Extract More Out Of This Winning App.
  • Fast-Action Bonuses: Bonuses Worth Thousands Of Dollars Available To Make Your Overall Experience Worthwhile.

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Thank you for reading AppointOmatic Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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