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It’s no secret that optimizing your website is going to significantly boost your profits and make you even more money. But the problem is, Marketing takes up a LOT of your time to “get right.”And accurately tracking and optimizing your campaigns is difficult at best! To find out the solution, welcome to my 3.0 review today. 3.0 Review – Overview

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What is 3.0? 3.0 is a new version just released by team. It’s the ‘secret weapon’ used by many of the world’s top online marketers, email marketers, affiliates, solo ad sellers, media buyers, bloggers, small business owners and online entrepreneurs who want to increase their profits by 5x or more. 3.0 has over 50 amazing features designed to help you convert more clicks into customers. You can do all kinds of cool things like adding a popup to collect opt-ins on top of any webpage or track your email opens. And of course it can track clicks, conversions and sales throughout your entire sales funnel and much, much more. 3.0 Review

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Without A Website 3.0 Review – Why Should You Get 3.0?

Firstly, 3.0 can do for you

The software is easy to use and it’s all online based, meaning you don’t need to download anything or install complex code to your website.

You’ll be able to increase profits and market your business as you deserve.

And just like the “big boys,” you’re going to have exclusive access to some of the most powerful tools and features in the industry, including:

  • Split Testing
  • Marketing popups
  • Social Media
  • Viral Marketing

And tons more…

That’s mean:

  • Real-Time Tracking: Track your click and conversions in real time, as they happen.
  • Intelligent Split Testing: Easily split test landing pages or offers and track conversions.
  • Track Email Opens & Clicks: Track your email opens & clicks through your entire sales funnel.
  • Target Your Traffic: Target and re-target traffic to increase sales and leads.
  • Advanced Link Rotation: Solo ad or email sellers, rotate your clicks however you want.
  • 50+ Powerful Features: Over 50 features designed to help grow your business. actually GUARANTEE your ROI to increase by 5X or you won’t pay a cent!

Secondly, 3.0 has awesome these features 3.0 comes action-packed with more than 50 tools you can use to track, test, target and optimize your clicks, increase your profits and grow your business. They know they do a whole lot (more than anyone else), but don’t worry, they’re super easy to use.

Live Clickstream: You can now watch all your clicks and conversions come in line on their brand-new clickstream. It’s fully animated and updated every single second on the dashboard of your account so you can see your clicks and other data in real time, as it happens.

Email Open & Click Tracking: This allows you to track your open and click-through rates, so you can now see how many people are opening your emails, who are opening them and clicking on the links inside. This is super helpful to their members who run a lot of email marketing campaigns and track which clicks convert and which don’t.

Sales Funnel: This feature enables you to create and track an entire sales funnels from the first sign, through to all your up-sells, down-sells and backend high ticket offers. You can track everything from sales, leads, page views, signups, even refunds, and chargebacks.

Double Meta Refresh: They now allow you to completely hide your referring sites so that no one can see where your traffic is coming from. This is super useful for CPA and affiliate marketers with secret traffic sources.

Archive: They added an archive option to their member’s area, so, instead of deleting your links completely, you can archive them and reactivate them again whenever you want!

Cost per Click: You can now track of how much you’re paying for ads vs. how many sales your making per click and can include everything from dynamic cost per clicks, up to refunds and your overall ROI.

Custom Tracking Parameters: You can now add and create as many custom tracking parameters as you want, per link.

Customizable Stats: You can totally customize the stats you want to see for each link, add or remove them at any given time and they’ll save all your choices for you. Plus, they now have over 20 options for the stats you want to see from email opens to your ROI, cost per click and more. 3.0 Review – Conclusion is the #1 CHOICE of successful marketers because it lets you optimize your campaigns in a matter of minutes.

You’ll be able to analyze, evaluate, test and tweak your campaigns to ensure they’re achieving maximum results and making as much money as possible.

And you won’t have to deal with complex code, learn industry “jargon” that leaves your scratching your head or spend hours analyzing results.

That’s because finally allows YOU to track every click to your site all from within an accessible, easy-to-use login dashboard that gives you access to loads of powerful tools and features. So don’t miss it today.

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