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Crypto Kit Review – How to Earn Passive Crypto WITHOUT Buying It?

Hello all my friends. Welcome to my article Crypto Kit Review. I hope you will have more useful information and be happy with my awesome free bonus, plus a coupon code discount from vendor Cindy Donovan. Wish you success!.


I’m excited to share something extraordinary with you today. This is a total game changer for anyone wanting to make serious cash in the Crypto space but doesn’t have the time to study complicated crypto charts or money to risk…

My good friend, Cindy Donovan, is unveiling one of the most anticipated software ever!

It’s called Crypto Kit and allows you to earn passive, automated crypto payments every single day from the comfort of your home without any hassle or having to lift a finger.

I can’t wait for you to see this and thankfully, you won’t have to wait long…

The WORLD FIRST Whitelabel Software To Grow A Crypto Nest Egg From Scratch

Without Investing, Mining, Trading Or Flipping

Crypto Kit Testimonial

Let’s continue with my article Crypto Kit review to know more detail about this product.

What is Crypto Kit?

Crypto Kit is a cloud-hosted, brandable Crypto currency decentralized exchanged, or DEX for short. Allowing people to connect their crypto wallets or create one on your website and buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies – earning you passive, automated fees from every transaction.

But that’s just the tip of the iceberg for earning potential. Their Crypto Kit website offers visitors a chance to earn crypto, claiming rewards on your site every 15 mins by default.

On our test site we give away up to 50 Satoshi coins as the reward which might sound exciting and will add up for them, but right now 50 Satoshi will cost you about 1 or 2 cents, while the ads you’ve just displayed to them pay out in about 50 cents to $1 of Bitcoin straight the Crypto Kit website owner.

Profits from ad displays can be claimed in Bitcoin in the Crypto Kit website owners dashboard directly to their wallet.

There are lotto and flip-a-coin games, earning admin more profits as well as a viral referral program available for your website members, rewarding them 10% of whatever their referred friends earn as a bonus – costing you next to nothing and boosting your profits like crazy.

This is first to market, right at the perfect time to be loading wallets with crypto without any risk or any need to invest or buy, trade and freak out about the crypto market. It couldn’t be better

Crypto Kit Review

Learn more about Crypto Kit Whitelabel App

Crypto Kit Review – What’s OTO?

Crypto Kit has 1 Front End and 3 OTOs

Front End – Crypto Kit Whitelabel App >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1: Crypto Kit Unleashed >>> See Detail <<<

  • Publish 3 Crypto Kits: They’ll be able to publish an additional 2 crypto kits so they can provide payout options in more currencies, target better to different audiences etc.
  • Push Notification Activation: They’ll be able to send push notifications to members to bring them back to their website or send to other links/sites they want traffic to.
  • Customise Pro Lucky Reward Features: Choose the coin, the amount you give away, how often prizes are rewarded and more. Every customisation feature is available to you
  • Customise Pro Lotto Features: Additional customisation features so they can choose the amount, percentage of admin fee, number of tickets and logo images
  • Customise Pro Coin Flip Features: Additional customisation features editing coin flip images, coin types and admin cut.
  • Customise Viral Affiliate Features: Increase or decrease the amount you’ll offer to pay out for referred members.
  • Use Your Own Domain: Add your custom domain so it looks like users are on your own website (instead of just using our inbuilt subdomain system)
  • Future Upgrades Included: Upgraded automatically in their Crypto kit websites
  • Pro Level Blog Features: Additional features, unlimited posts and more

OTO2: Crypto Kit DFY Paid Traffic Bundles >>> See Detail <<<

We’ve been running highly targeted crypto-loving traffic to our test sites with excellent results. We’ll run your selection of clicks to your Crypto Kit website to get a flood of website visitors started and kickstart that viral system

OTO3: Crypto Kit Agency >>> See Detail <<<

Crypto Kit agency dashboard allowing them to create Crypto Kit accounts for their clients and customers

Crypto Kit Bundle

If you want to get Crypto Kit Front End and all the above OTOs (Crypto Kit Unleashed + Crypto Kit Traffic + Crypto Kit Agency). I recommend you get the Crypto Kit Bundle at a special deal by clicking the button below

Get Access Crypto Kit Bundle DealCoupon Code “SAVE50”

Crypto Kit Review – What’s The Feature?

With CryptoKit You’ll Get Multiple Automated Crypto Systems In A Beautifully Packaged Whitelabel App

Beginner Friendly Activation

Our average person, completely new to the system, has their entire crypto site set up, branded and profit ready in about 1 minute.

There’s no editing code, no designing pages, no tricky configurations. Everything is done in your easy-to-use members dashboard.

Brandable Crypto Software

Make your website have a look and feel you want by customizing the colours, changing the text and uploading your own logo.

It’s got the professional feel of a high-end website to build trust and authority right out of the box.

Crypto Wallet Creator

Visitors arriving on your website will be prompted to connect their crypto wallet or if they don’t have one they can create a wallet on your website, making this easy even for people who’ve never heard about crypto before.

It’s safe, secure and completely anonymous – so anyone can get their start on your website in a snap.

DEX Trading Platform

Your website lets people use their credit cards to buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Solana or any other crypto currency in the system.

They can trade between currencies or send and receive tokens to customers or friends.

You’ll receive an admin transaction fee for every transaction, added directly into your wallet.

Additional Games

Engaging Lottery Game – Members can buy tickets and win prizes on your website. Of course, as with any other lottery there will be winners, but the biggest winner will be YOU, the creator.

Addictive Coin Flip Game – Members can choose their stake and flip a coin. If they win, the prize is added to their wallet minus a small admin transaction fee, if they lose their stake is added to yours.

Each time they play, your ads are also displayed boosting your advertising earnings even further!

Tracking & Custom Scripts

Tracking and customising your Crypto Kit traffic is easy. Simply add your Google Analytics ID or your Facebook Pixel and it’s ready to go. Or if you want to try some advanced strategies, or have a different script you’d like to use, just paste into your admin dashboard and your entire website is instantly active with your custom scripts.

Social Media Growth

Add links to your Discord Channel, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Youtube links to your Crypto Kit website is easy helping you grow your audiences as you grow your crypto balances too!

Crypto Kit Review – How Does It Work?

Here’s What Your Member Experiences On Your Website:


When someone arrives on your website, they’ll be asked to connect their wallet or create one on your website. This happens automatically; no tech setup is required.

Earn Rewards

They’ll be able to buy/sell/trade crypto AND claim crypto tokens as a reward every 15 minutes instantly displayed in their member’s dashboard. You choose the coin and the percentage to reward them

Share & Earn

They can claim rewards every 15 minutes plus invite their friends, earning them a 10% bonus of whatever their friends earn. This boosts their rewards (and also YOUR ad display profits!).

Here’s What YOU Receive Every Single Time Your Member Claims A Reward:

Earn Fees

You’ll get an admin fee every time someone buys crypto (with their credit cards), trades between various currencies or sends from their wallet – sent directly to your own crypto wallet.

Arbitrage Rewards

Your member will see three (or more) ads earning you anywhere between 0.00002 and 0.00005 Bitcoin. You set the percentage to give your member and how much you want to keep. Eg. giving 20% profits for every ad they view will pocket 4 times as much.

Take The Profit

You’ll be instantly rewarded by seeing your balance grow in your admin dashboard. You can connect your wallet and withdraw it in USDT or display ads directly and get paid Bitcoin direct to your wallet. You choose!

Let’s Watch Crypto Kit Demo Video

And beta users say about CryptoKit

Crypto Kit Testimonials

Crypto Kit FAQs

What exactly am I getting?

Cindy Donovan: Crypto Kit is a revolutionary software that allows everyone to earn passively in the crypto markets. When you purchase today you’ll get instant access to Crypto Kit and unlock Whitelabel rights so that you can rebrand it as your own.

In short, you’ll have our own Digital Exchange (DEX) platform like Binance.

It includes bonuses and an in-depth training module that will greatly enhance your chances of success.

Is this a profitable venture?

Cindy Donovan: Crypto Kit has several ways for both you and your website visitors to earn.

It comes with a preconfigured, internal ad network that will display relevant ads to your visitors. You are paid each time a visitor sees your ads. But don’t worry, there is nothing to set up or apply for. Everything is already done for you.

Crypto is paid out to your crypto wallet (we show them how to set that up in the video training) every Friday automatically when the earning balance is higher than $25

Website visitors can use your white-labelled platform to buy, sell and trade crypto just like they would on Coinbase or Binance. They’ll also be rewarded with crypto for simple activities such as playing games, watching videos, etc.

Everyone wins

Is this really beginner friendly?

Cindy Donovan: Absolutely!

We have people of all ages, backgrounds, and experiences who are already earning with Crypto Kit. That’s because there is nothing to set up on your part and there’s practically no learning curve.

If you can tie your shoelaces, you can do this.

How much time do I need to succeed with this?

Cindy Donovan: What you’ll love about Crypto Kit is how passive it is. It only takes a minute or so to set up and from there, you earn while you sleep.

You don’t even need to monitor anything. And if there are any technical issues, our tech team is there to assist.

Do you provide training on how to earn every step of the way?

Cindy Donovan: Definitely, we have easy-to-digest videos that walk you through every step.

If you need assistance along the way, we are available 24/7. Because we thrive on your success, we love helping you

How soon can I start earning crypto?

Cindy Donovan: It depends. How soon do you want to earn? If you want to start earning right away you should get Crypto Kit right now.
Many of our users have started seeing revenue on their very first day and it only gets better over time.

There’s a lot of competition, isn’t there?

Cindy Donovan: Actually, there isn’t. There is no other software like Crypto Kit. No one else is doing this. When you get started today, you’ll be one of the first pioneers of this concept.

The crypto market is worth Trillions – with a capital T

There’s unlimited earning potential here for years to come.

What happens if I am not pleased with your offer?

Cindy Donovan: We do have a 14-day no-strings-attached policy

Crypto Kit Review – Conclusion

As an early adopter, I know you’ve already seen the value and potential of getting your hands on Crypto Kit. Literally, NOBODY is doing anything like this right now, so you’ll get the massive first-mover advantage.

However…if you’re someone who LIKES to be at the cutting edge but always seems to be stopped, stuck, regretting chances you just didn’t take, then let me make this easy for you by offering my 100% money back guarantee.

Honestly, this is your chance to build an asset for your future without having to risk investing your own cash or puzzling out complicated methods.

Get Access Crypto Kit Early Bird Discount Now

Get Access Crypto Kit Early Bird Price Discount Now

This is Crypto Kit Bonus When You Buy It On My Review Today

CryptoKit Bonus #1 – Cryptocurrency Secrets Video Course

This 8-part video course will show you how to grow and invest your money with cryptocurrency.

CryptoKit Bonus #2 – Blockchain Secrets Video Course

With this video course, you’ll learn blockchain basics and see how cryptocurrency is changing the face and future of the Internet.

CryptoKit Bonus #3 – Bitcoin Breakthrough Video Course

This video course will show you the best way to obtain Bitcoins and the best investment strategies.

CryptoKit Bonus #4 – Bitcoin Profit Secrets Video Course

This video will give you the background on Bitcoin, how it started, who developed it, why it was developed in the first place, and why it’s so much better than any national currency on earth. You will also learn how to acquire your first bitcoin, how to mine it, how to trade or invest it, and so much more.

CryptoKit Bonus #5 – Metaverse Made Simple Video Course

With this video course, you will learn what the metaverse is, why it matters for the future, and how to harness its power.

CryptoKit Bonus #6 – SteemIt Made Easy

Learn more about SteemIt and cash in with this SteemIt software.

CryptoKit Bonus #7 – Bitcoin Rush

You’ll be guided by a complete and easy-to-understand guide on Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, discover the methods being used to make money right now (both FREE and PAID methods). Learn the 4 Trading strategies that experts use to trade between the cryptocurrencies and Bitcoin that can’t go wrong.

CryptoKit Bonus #8 – How To Set Up A Ripple (CryptoCurrency) Generating System

Ripple is the second most popular digital currency next to BitCoin. You can’t mine Ripple just any other Crypto Currency but you can earn it. This video series will show how you can earn it using your computer

CryptoKit Bonus #9 – Buy & Sell Using Bitcoin

This 9-part video course teaches all you need to know about buying and selling Bitcoins.

CryptoKit Bonus #10 – Organize Your Money With Quicken – Advanced Course

This video course will take you step by step through the technical parts of understanding how to use Quicken Home and Business (which includes tracking your Bitcoin value).

Plus These Bonuses

Bonus#1 – The Cold Email Academy (Value $499)

The sales system I used generated $1.2m in 18 months.

  • The four core principles to build a sales machine.
  • Quick hack for composing emails.
  • Subject lines that get opened.
  • Sending emails with a plan.
  • Scale winning sources with outsourcers

Bonus#2 – Become Instant Guru System (Value $97)

Methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authority in your field… starting in as little as 90 days.

  • Establish yourself as the guru.
  • Have potential customers and clients come to you.
  • Generate five times as many leads as you could ever hope to handle.
  • Eliminate cold calling, sales presentations, or the need to do any personal selling.
  • Double, triple, even quadruple your income and earn as much as a million dollars a year or more.

Bonus#3 – Google News Sites 4-Profit (Value $297)

Learn how to build and monetize a Google news website.

You’ll Learn:

  • What Google news sites are.
  • How to make money from them, including the fastest way I know to turn a $9 domain into $150.
  • How to use different site-building tools for Google News, such as WordPress.
  • What Google looks for to approve your website.
  • Ideas and strategies to help you make money with your new site(s).

Bonus#4: Building The Perfect Sales Funnel

Find out the flaws in your system that are leading to the loss of potential customers by reading this groundbreaking and very analytical eBook – Building the Perfect Sales Funnel – An introduction to the ever-changing nature of eCommerce and business and an explanation of why it is crucial to accept changes quickly, get over any personal objections and losses and revamp your website as soon as possible

Bonus#5: 25 Youtube Outro Clips

Build Your YouTube Channel Fast and Easy to Thousand of Subscribers with These Custom Video Outros!

Inside this product is a package of outro templates that you can use for your own project and to your clients or even sell it.

Bonus#6: Lead Generation Mastery

A lead is very important to an online marketer who wants to promote a new product. It helps to pre‐sell the product to the subscribers. It is a way to connect with a targeted audience who would want to know more about your products.

A high number of leads would result in a higher chance of conversion from prospects to buyers. Therefore, it is a vital part of internet marketing. Learn more inside!

Plus Extra Bonus for Crypto Kit

Bonus Package 1

Bonus Package #1

Bonus Package 2

Bonus Package #2

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Special Bonuses

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Right Affiliate Id


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Thank you for reading my Crypto Kit Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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