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eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Review – Bonus – Case Study

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Are you finding information about the course eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard? So, welcome to my article eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard review today. I will provide you with all the information about this course to help you decide whether to invest. I also provide an awesome free bonus when you buy it via a link on this review.

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eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Overview


Course Name: eSelling Machine

ButtonSTrainers: Sophie Howard and Mark Ling

ButtonSOfficial Website:

Launch Date: 2023 – 11 – 01 to 2023 – 11 – 16 ButtonS


Price: $2,497 (3 x $997 Instalment Option Available)

ButtonSBonus: Get Huge Bonuses Below

Refund Policy: 180 Days of Money Back Guarantee ButtonS

ButtonSRecommend: Yes, Highly Recommend a Training Program about Selling eBooks


If you are interested in learning about the eSelling Machine course by Sophie Howard, you’ve come to the right place. In this article, I will provide you with a comprehensive review of the course to help you decide if it’s worth investing in. Plus, if you purchase the course via the link on this review, you’ll also receive an amazing free bonus.

The eSelling Machine course is designed to teach users a new income generation method using platforms such as Amazon Kindle, KDP print, and more. The program provides users with tools that help them complete their tasks on time while saving time and money.

This course is perfect for those looking for a new business model to build their business. The training reveals different ways to make money from your books, such as Amazon Kindle, KDP print, and Audible.

You don’t need any prior experience to build your business on Amazon Kindle; just follow what you will learn from the Sophie Howard eSelling Machine course.

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard 3 Steps to 20k Per Month from Amazon Books

Let’s watch FREE Mini-Course How Sophie Makes $20k/Month from Amazon Books (Physical, Kindle, Audible)

In the world of online entrepreneurship, publishing has become a breeding ground for opportunities and profits. With Amazon as the leading marketplace, mastering the art of Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible publishing can be a key to financial success.

The eSelling Machine training program reveals the secrets to generating profits through these Amazon channels. In this review, we will examine the details of the eSelling Machine program, discuss the training, its benefits, and its pricing structure, and identify who can benefit from this course.

Furthermore, we will discuss the Abundant Scribe toolkit, which is a new tool that complements the eSelling Machine experience. Let’s go.

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Review – What is it?

eSelling Machine is a training program from Sophie Howard. It is designed to help you learn how to generate profits through Amazon’s Kindle, KDP Print, and Audible platforms. And this works even if you’re not a writer. You can make as much money as you want from books you don’t write, and you DON’T even need to write or record anything.

It provides step-by-step training for anyone who wishes to successfully market and sell their products on Amazon, which has millions of prospective customers.

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Review

The EXACT 3-Step System a Mom of 2 Used to Make $227,184 in 12 months from Little-Known “Digital Assets”

Who is Sophie Howard?

In this article review, I will show you some information about the creator of the course eSelling Machine.

Sophie Howard creator of eSelling Machine System

Sophie Howard is a well-known author, entrepreneur, and business coach from New Zealand with extensive experience in Amazon FBA. She claims to be generating $30,000 per month by selling both eBooks and physical books on Amazon.

She has over ten years of experience as a successful Amazon seller, so she is familiar with the platform’s algorithms and how to reach millions of customers.

Some Of Her Most Recent Results

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Proofs

You see, anyone may claim that “publishing books on Amazon is incredibly successful,” but very few individuals are able to provide as much concrete revenue evidence as Sophie Howard can.

With eSelling Machine, you’ll find out why Sophie Howard is referred to as “The Amazon Selling Queen”

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Review – Case Study?

Here’s an impressive case study of a man called Teddy, who is bringing in over 5 figures a month from Amazon Books (Physical, Kindle & Audible).

Here he shares his favourite niche, and what he has done to achieve this success

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Case Study of Teddy

[Case Study] Freedom And Success With Sophie’s ‘eSelling Machine” Business Model

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Case Study of Sophie

Watch More Amazing Case Studies + Free Mini Course

Abundant Scribe: The Crucial Assistant

The eSelling Machine program‘s art is called Abundant Scribe.

More than thirty artificial intelligence writing tools are included in this toolbox to help you with information product research and writing.

The Abundant Scribe has more sophisticated capabilities and more tools in its second version.

eCover Creator: To draw in readers and consumers, a book cover must be visually appealing. You can create eye-catching book covers using the eCover Maker from Abundant Scribe to help your books stand out on the Amazon Kindle page.

Research Tools: The toolkit comes with strong resources to assist you in gathering the data and analysis necessary to write books that captivate readers and offer solutions.

Writing Tools: You can use a variety of writing tools provided by the tool to help you write the material for your book. The writing process is made more effective by these A.I. technologies.

Fiction Writing Tools: One of Ample Scribe version 2’s standout features is the inclusion of more than 20 artificial intelligence (AI) writing tools designed specifically to assist fiction authors in coming up with original ideas, characters, and plots.

Any student using the eSelling Machine program will find that integrating the Abundant Scribe into the program is a game-changer for accelerating their success. Users and students can more quickly produce books that are more engaging and of greater quality by employing these A.I. technologies. Consequently, this may result in increased sales on Amazon’s platforms.

What You Will Get Inside the eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard?

In this article eSelling Machine review, I will show details of what you will get in this course program

The main program course and tool of eSelling Machine system

The “Master Blueprint”: eSelling Machine Full Step-By-Step Video Training ($2,997 Value)

Step-by-step video instructions designed so that a 5th grader can follow it, yet powerful enough that anyone can use the knowledge to publish eBooks that become digital assets, potentially providing passive income.

Abundant Scribe Premium Edition (1 Year LIFETIME Access – Limited Availability) ($997 Value)

Leverage the power of Artificial Intelligence and be in the cutting edge with a PRO toolkit to help you come up with book outlines, chapter drafts, editing, rewriting and more. All designed to make your business even easier to run, and even faster to get started!

Expert VIP Concierge Team ($1,188 Value)

Never, ever, EVER get stuck! Our VIP concierge team is here to help you with anything you need, any time for 12 months! Not only will you get the full business model laid out, you’ll get all the help and support you need to implement it.

My Little Black Book of Contacts ($1,000 Value)

Save yourself thousands of dollars worth of trial and error and get immediate access to tested and proven writers, designers and other outsourcers!

12 Months of Weekly Group Coaching ($3,000 Value)

Let me personally help you to succeed with weekly group coaching. You’ll get all your questions answered, plus learn things that you didn’t even know you didn’t know. I can’t stress enough just how vital this is to your success!

Amazing Free Bonuses When You Join eSelling Machine Today

Three Touch Point Check-ins ($600 Value)

We will personally jump on an onboarding call with you to get you started, and again in 30 days and 60 days to make sure you are on track. In the unlikely event you are not, together we’ll come up with a personalized plan to get you to where you need to be!

Niche Finder Software (Priceless!)

Take the guessing out! With this software, you’ll have a very good idea before you even get started how likely your book is to sell, and how much money it could potentially make.

Free Fast Start #1: Public Domain Masterclass ($997 Value)

What if you could get your first book up on Amazon without writing a word, and without paying anyone else to write? With this free fast start, you can do exactly that!

Free Fast Start #2: Low Content Masterclass ($997 Value)

A second method that you can use to get a book up and selling on Amazon without having to pay to get it written, and with minimal writing yourself.

Paperback and Audible Profit Multiplier ($497 Value)

Instantly multiply your profits using work you’ve already done, by simply releasing the paperback version of your book, and also an audio version. We’ll take you through everything you need, step by step!

International Profit Multiplier ($300 Value)

Yet another way to multiply your profits using work you’ve already done! Go to other English-speaking countries, and/or get your book translated. We’ll show you everything you need to know, step by step.

Fast Launch Facebook Group ($1,164 Value)

You will also get access to an exclusive, highly active Facebook Group, used to help you launch your book and climb Amazon rankings!

Who is eligible to take the eSelling Machine Course?

Anyone looking for an online income stream might benefit from the eSelling Machine program, which is an online course:

Authors and Writers: eSelling Machine offers priceless information, resources, and tools for anyone wishing to self-publish their work or boost their income through Audible, KDP Print, and Amazon Kindle.

Publishers: eSelling Machine can assist you in optimizing your content and maximizing your revenue on Amazon and other platforms, regardless of whether you manage a publishing company or operate independently.

Content Creators: By selling Kindle books, bloggers, podcasters, and other content producers can learn how to effectively share their expertise and knowledge while increasing their income.

Aspiring Amazon Sellers: To reach the enormous Amazon client base, anyone who wants to sell goods on the platform can learn how to produce and promote print books, audiobooks, and e-books.

Finally, everyone who wishes to launch a web-based company and earn money passively.

eSelling Machine Review – How Does It Work?

The way the eSelling Machine program operates is by giving each student comprehensive instruction, proven business plans, and access to the tools they need to establish a successful online store on Amazon. The course walks students through the process of writing, publishing, and advertising their ebooks on Audible, Kindle, and KDP Print.

This is how it operates:

Training Modules: eSelling Machine provides a number of training modules, each of which focuses on a different facet of publishing, marketing, and content development. Both beginners and experienced authors and entrepreneurs are intended audiences for these courses.

Tools and Resources: The program offers a number of tools and resources that can make a variety of book publishing-related activities easier. As part of the package, Ample Scribe software is included.

Community Support: Those who share the same publishing journey can connect with one another through eSelling Machine. Students can cooperate on projects and exchange experiences on the eSelling Machine community.

Regular Updates: To stay up-to-date with the constantly changing world of book publishing, marketing, and sales, the eSelling Machine application is updated on a regular basis. This guarantees that every student has access to the newest methods and resources.

Price for eSelling Machines by Sophie Howard

There are two pricing plan options are available for the eSelling Machine program:

  • $2,497 is the cost of the first option, which is a one-time payment
  • the remaining three options include monthly payments of $997 for three months

If you choose to subscribe to the $2,497 payment option, you will receive a $449 savings.

eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Review – FAQ

These are the top questions about “eSelling Machine” answered

1. I missed the live workshop. Is there a link to the replay?

Yes, we have reopened the replay but they will be taken down shortly.

Watch The Workshop Replay: Finally Revealed: The EXACT 3-Step System a Mom of 2 Used to Make $227,184 in 12 months from Little-Known “Digital Assets”

2. Will saturation become an issue?

No saturation is not an issue. We are at the dawn of an age where self-published authors are going to do extremely well in the coming years.

The margins for you are now higher, and there is no need to store inventory anymore so even physical books get printed by Amazon on demand.

There are such a wide variety of thousands of niche topics out there, ranging from history books to personal development, to how-to books and more. $28 Billion of Amazon’s Revenue each year comes from book sales. It’s such an incredibly hungry and growing market. Yet many of the thousands of book niches on Amazon are under-served.

There is too much ‘sameness’ going around and most niches have a lot of room for unique angles, or subtopics in order to better serve more defined market segments. Sophie teaches all of this in her program and has tools that help find those profitable niches that have just the right amount of competition for you to enter in and do well.

Watch Amazing Case Studies (See AI Tools Demo & Access The Free Mini Course)

3. If all of us use these AI tools, won’t some of us produce the same content?

No, this won’t happen. You may be using the same tools but behind the scenes you are not using the same tools because each tool actually has a lot of similar but different tools underneath them. So even with the same tool and the same input, you get very different output because the AI is actually creatively different each time AND the tool underneath is actually not the same tool each time you use it, despite it taking the same ‘input’.

Another thing to understand is this tool is not a series of templates. Templates may be used as part of the training for some tools but it’s not the only thing. The AI has learned the information already, it has learned how to write in certain styles. Or sometimes it’s not the AI that’s accessing the internet, it’s another tool, that then passes that data to the AI in a separate function call.

Sometimes the AI breaks up into separate instances and then later stitches it all back together into a unique response, but you don’t see that going on as it’s happening behind the scenes. These are very helpful tools that are next level and you won’t copy each other as a result.

4. Will the AI-powered tools generate content that is plagiarised/ how do I check against plagiarism after the AI has generated my content?

Great Questions. No, our writing tools do not produce plagiarised content, however the times it does quote specifically from a published study or what an individual has said, it cites the source material. Otherwise, it has already learned the information, much like a human, it explains it differently each time.

We do teach you how to check if any phrase is copyrighted anyway in case you have any concerns, if this happens it’s by rare coincidence, much like how a human could come up with a product name idea that someone else already thought of.

In terms of being detectible as AI, our tools have been tested many times and always come back as Very Unlikely or 0% probability of being AI. That’s not to say it couldn’t happen in the future that it could come back as being detected, but for now, that’s where it’s at.

Interestingly though, on Amazon, there are over 500 books that are publicly claimed to be written by AI, and Amazon hasn’t kicked those books out anyway. They probably are more likely to be critical of poor quality books than whether or not AI was used as an assistant in the writing process (which happens to so many books these days it would be hard to police and easier for them to just keep being concerned about quality more than anything else).

5. How long does it take to start making sales?

Several members make 50-200 sales within less than a month of joining (those results are exceptional though and not typical). Others just release their first book at that time and start making sales in their 2nd month and beyond. So it’s different for everyone.

You can go at your own pace, but if you follow the training correctly you should see your first sales not long after you release your first book. Not to mention that the members like to support each other and some of them will likely get in there and buy and review your book to give it a nice little kickstart.

6. I am a complete beginner, will this help me?

Yes, eSelling Machine is perfect for complete beginners. You can skip all the headaches and save the time others usually waste searching for different online business opportunities that clearly do not work for them.

7. I live outside the USA, will this work for me?

Yes, so many of our successful students are outside the USA. For example, we have Teddy, Gillian, and Ellen, which are all from the UK, there’s Nic from Canada and Kat from NZ. They’re now coaches too, and you can see their stories on the workshop replay. There are many others. That’s the beauty of being online, your location is irrelevant.

Watch The Workshop Replay: Finally Revealed: The EXACT 3-Step System a Mom of 2 Used to Make $227,184 in 12 months from Little-Known “Digital Assets”

8. Do the AI powered tools replace the need for ghostwriters, editors, etc? / How much work do I need to do after the AI generates my content?

Abundant Scribe may be able to replace 60-80% of the work of a ghostwriter. OR it can save you a lot of time in preparing the detailed information that you want to give to a ghostwriter so that they will naturally produce a higher quality book for you, given the detailed information and resources you’re now able to provide in a very short space of time.

You will also always want to check anything that is produced by AI, as it should be viewed as an assistant, not done-for-you. Your or a ghostwriter can proofread anything produced by AI. Consider it to be like your speedy assistant rather than a complete 100% done for you – which could get you in trouble!

9. Will my access to Abundant Scribe always be free?

Your membership includes 12 months of access to the Abundant Scribe AI toolbox, along with:

  • 6x live weekly AI training calls
  • Niche Finder software (lifetime free access)
  • 12 months access to:
    • Weekly Publishing Q+A Calls
    • Weekly Publishing Coaching Calls
    • Dedicated email concierge team

After 12 months there may be a nominal subscription fee, as there are costs incurred on our development side each time the tool is used, as well as ongoing upkeep/ maintenance to ensure the tools run smoothly. However, a future subscription has not been determined yet.

10. What can Abundant Scribe do?

  • Come up with great ideas for books
  • Research your target market and uncover their burning needs and desires, and find out what they loved and what they were disappointed about, in other books in your niche.
  • Create great descriptions for your books to help them SELL when they are listed on Amazon.
  • Create a well-thought-out, unique, table of contents for your book.
  • Conduct in-depth, valuable research for each chapter of your book.
  • Expand your topic ideas by showing you areas that other books may not have thought of covering, but research into forums and blogs on the internet shows there is growing demand.
  • Turn your brief outline into a well-written chapter of a book! Yes these tools
  • can even write chapters for you.

And lots more!

Conclusion of the eSelling Machine by Sophie Howard Review

For those looking to make money from their self-publishing ventures, the eSelling Machine program offers solutions with an emphasis on Audible, KDP Print, and Amazon Kindle.

The eSelling machine offers instruction and the opportunity to make great sales via all three channels, whether you’re interested in publishing the book physically in print and hardcover or digitally through Kindle eBooks and Audible Audio Books.

This innovative approach shows you how to easily turn your passion into money by writing and selling physical, Kindle, and Audible books on Amazon.

The Abundant Scribe tool is an AI research and writing tool that will change the game. It makes no difference if you want to start or want to self-publish; this method is simple to use.


eSelling Machine Workshop Replay

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