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How To Make Money Online 2023

I should have some good key takeaways to share with you, So the way that this article is going to work is by quickly covering all of the broad strokes or the overview of making money online, including all the different routes such as different business models and jobs.

In the end, I’ll give you the key takeaways that I’ve learned from doing this for seven years. That should help you out if you’re just getting started. So without further ado. Let’s jump right into this.

how to make money online 2023

When anyone talks about how they make money online, it falls into one of three categories: remote jobs, freelancing or starting your own online business. The best way to explain this is to dive into each of these three categories separately. You’ll learn everything about what that category is. What kind of opportunities are in them and is that a good fit for you?

Starting with a remote job?

Essentially, a remote job is a traditional job, whether that’s part-time or full-time, where you’re an employee for a company. The remote part of this is basically that you have zero time in the office, so you have location freedom and can work from anywhere with the internet and your computer, Remote jobs can really be in any occupation. So, to give you the best examples, I’ve pulled up a list of the top remote jobs for 2022. This will give you a good idea of what is in demand and what kind of companies are hiring for what types of positions. Looking at this list, you have a copywriter, an executive assistant, a front-end developer, a marketing manager, a product manager, a recruiter, a social media manager and a web designer. These are the most in-demand remote jobs for 2022. Now, not all occupations obviously can be done remotely. If it’s something that needs to be hands-on, then it cannot be done remotely.

It’s not going to be a good fit for a remote job. Now, with that said, there are many other types of remote jobs out there. These are just the most in-demand ones. So when it comes to remote jobs, there are certain things that you need to consider. If you think one of these will be right for you. The first is legal and tax requirements. When someone is hiring you remotely, there may be some stipulations on where you have to be located in order for that company to be able to pay you or hire you as an employee. The second thing to consider is licenses and certifications for some remote jobs. Since you are an employee for the company, you may need to be licensed or have a certain certification in order to fulfil the requirements of that job. The third thing is time zones.

Not many people think about it, but once you work on the computer or remotely you may be working for a company that is on the other side of the world or the other side of the country. They may be in a totally different time zone. You may want to pick a company, that’s in a time zone that works for you, where their workday lines up with yours, so that, if you do need to be live for a certain meeting, you can do that not at a crazy hour. For you, The last thing to consider for remote jobs is your resume. When you are applying for these jobs, you’re going to be competing with more people than ever As remote, jobs have become more popular and companies are more comfortable. Hiring people fully remote you’re going to have a lot more competition, So, on your resume, be sure to have a section about remote work. This is where you want to list. If you’ve done remote work before who you did it for how long you did it? What kind of experience you’ve gained through that and then also that you know how to use the tools that are commonly used for remote work such as Zoom or Skype?

Also, things like the Google Suite or Trello, If you know any of these tools, you definitely want to list them on your resume if you don’t know them, you may want to get familiar with them before your interview, So that covers remote jobs. Basically, remote jobs are physical jobs done fully remotely without you going into an office. Now, let’s move on to the second category, which is freelance Another way to make money from home, is by being a freelancer. You can think of this as being a contractor for any company or person where you do work on a gig basis. You do one job and that’s basically all you do for that customer. They may hire you for multiple jobs, but it’s just on a freelance basis. The important distinction between freelance and remote jobs is that with remote jobs you are an employee for the company, but as a freelancer, you are not an employee for any company. As a freelancer, you can control your workload a little bit better. You can try to get more clients if you want more work or you can back off and put clients on the back burner. If you don’t want as many clients right now. The flip side to that is that being a freelancer may not be as stable as having a remote job As a digital marketer myself, I’ve actually done a lot of freelance work over the years.

However, I still have a list of the most popular freelance jobs from 2022 to give you a good idea of what freelance services are in demand right now.

Looking at this list, you have web designers or web developers, graphic designers, teachers, virtual assistants, freelance writers, editors, accountants or financial consultants, social media specialists, content creators and app developers. I’ve actually done a number of these on this list, so these are things that typically will stay in demand.

So if this sounds like a better idea to you than remote jobs, here are the things you need to consider when you’re a freelancer, The first and most important thing is getting clients as a freelancer. You are responsible for getting all of the clients, So you actually have to be your own marketing and sales department. You have to get people to hire you If nobody hires you, you have no work and therefore you have no income. So this is the first barrier to being a freelancer that you really need to cross in order to get started in this business. The second thing is the legal side of being a freelancer, So you can totally be a freelancer without a business. You can just do everything in your name and basically operate as what’s called a sole proprietor, and you don’t need to start a business. You can just start taking on clients. However, as you start to get bigger, and you have more people hiring you, you may want to start a business which will help you and protect you, as you really start to make more money in this Speaking of making money. The next thing is taxes As a freelancer you’re, now going to be responsible for your own taxes. You are now responsible for keeping track of your taxes and paying your taxes I’ll talk about this a bit later at the end of this video, but don’t be scared by this. The next thing to consider is time zones Just like a remote job. You may be hired by someone who’s on the other side of the world.

Just keep in mind for your communication that, if you’re working with many clients at the same time, who are all in different time zones, it can get a little bit tricky. But as long as you stay on top of it, you’ll be able to communicate with people at the right times. The last thing to keep in mind is invoicing. As a freelancer, you have to bill your clients, so you have to be able to send out invoices and then be on top of it to make sure that those invoices are paid on time That wraps up the freelance section here You can think of it as A remote job but you’re, not an employee for the company. You basically control your workload, but you now have to get your own clients and keep track of taxes. This brings us to the third category for making money online, which is starting an online business In this one. You totally work for yourself. You are your own boss. What that means is you can pick your own hours work as much or as little as you want and set your own schedule. However, it does come with some challenges. If you are going to start your own business, you have to be willing and know going into it that you have to get through the initial startup phase, You’re, not going to start making money just from day one. When you start that business you really have to put in the work Once that business starts working, then you will start to see the income start to flow in. This is what I would call my area of expertise. Over the last seven years, I got into online businesses pretty quickly because I learned that I didn’t like working for other people. I didn’t like being on a schedule, and I wanted to be able to just take days off when I wanted to and build things. My way, without having other people’s permission to do it With that said, I’ve basically done all of the popular online business ideas.

So what I’ve done to be totally unbiased here is: I got a list of the top online businesses for 2022. These are all relevant right now. Some of them are better than others, but I still want to share all of these with you just so. You have a good idea of what falls into this category.

Looking at this list, you can publish your own Amazon, eBooks start Dropshipping start a blog website, create handmade goods, create a software as a service website, be a social media. Influencers start print on demand, flip items that you find at thrift stores teach an online course start Amazon FBA and be a YouTuber Overall. These are really good ideas. There are some other ideas out there, but they haven’t made this list for a reason. So, ultimately, any of these that you see on this list are probably going to be a pretty decent business for you to start. There are some that I definitely prefer, but I don’t want to influence you. I just want to give you these straight ideas to help you with your research Now when it comes to starting an online business. Here are the things that you need to consider The main thing to understand and wrap your mind around is that there is going to be an initial startup phase, Everyone dreams of owning their own business and being their own boss. But if it were easy, everyone would do it So in the beginning of starting out, be patient, don’t quit and keep trying until it starts to work. The second thing to consider is the legal requirements. When you are starting an online business, you do not need to start a business. However, you can start a business once you start to be making more money It’ll just help to protect you. The next thing is taxes. If you are starting your own business, you are going to be responsible for your taxes.

You’ll have to keep track of them, and you’ll also have to pay them, And then the last thing that you really need to consider if you’re starting an online business, is that you may need to get creative. A big part of starting an online business is trial and error, So if it doesn’t work the first time keep at it, Try something a little bit different until you can get it to work. A lot of people who start online businesses end up failing pretty early on because they saw someone who offered an expensive course and said: “I can guarantee that you will have success if you just follow this and pay for this course”. People pay all this money and they go through these courses, and then they find out that it’s not as easy as just clicking a few buttons and making all this money. Then they just deem it as that business doesn’t work. So now that we’ve talked about the three categories of making money online that basically covers everything for how to make money online. What your different options are Now, let’s get into just five pieces of advice that I wish I knew in the beginning. These are things that I’ve learned over seven years of making money online I’ll share them with you right now. So the first thing is that your individual life situation and financial situation are going to help you pick which category we just talked about fits your needs best. The second thing is taxes and starting a business are actually very easy things for most people in the US. Once you get to the point of needing to start a business, it’s most likely going to be a Single Member LLC And then for taxes you’re going to pay quarterly estimated taxes.

And then, on top of that, if you simply use something like QuickBooks or a similar accounting software, it will do all of the hard work for you when it comes to taxes, It basically tracks everything for you and just tells you how much you owe in taxes. The third thing I wish I knew is that no matter which one of these you are doing, whether it’s a remote job, freelance work or starting your own business, you should avoid burnout. What we typically do when we work from home or from the computer, is that we don’t properly set off hours or when we’re not working. It’s a very challenging thing to do because your whole business or job can be with you all. The time Be sure that you’re taking time off properly so that you don’t overwork yourself and hit burnout. The fourth thing is extremely important, and that is that the jobs we just talked about are typically deemed as unstable. However, if you take a really good look at a traditional job, you’ll see that it’s not as stable as people claim it to be. You probably know this from personal experience or from someone else that you know who has worked at a company for countless years. They’ve invested their heart and soul into that company and then all of a sudden. Hey we’re laying off all these people We’re going to have to fire you. That leaves you back at the drawing board. So you might as well start something for yourself where you can build up that stability, based on how many clients you have in your client base or how many businesses you start or how big those businesses are.

You can essentially build something that is more stable than a traditional job And the last piece of advice, which is so important that I’ve learned over the years is that if you can try to pick a passive business model, Essentially something where the work can be automated And you don’t have to be glued to your computer all the time, no matter where you are. If you can’t take any time for yourself, the business or your job stops So try to pick something where you can step away from your computer and the business or the job or the freelance continues to go on. There are many ways to do that and I don’t want to dig into that in this article. However, just keep that in mind, because that’s a very valuable piece of advice So that is it for this article. I hope it has been helpful.

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