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Levidio Cinemagic Review – Create Cinematic Video in 10 Minutes or Less

Welcome to my article Levidio Cinemagic Review !

As we all know, the growth of video marketing has been taken to a level which is totally uncontrollable. It has hitherto dominated almost all social media platforms. In fact, both online and offline businesses can definitely benefit from applying high-quality promotional videos to deliver their products.

According to a survey, the majority of customers trust a new product if it’s paired with a video presentation. Thus, that literally explains why videos play the vital role in your entire marketing strategy, as it generates a personal connection with visitors.

My Levidio Cinemagic Review will propose a feasible way for you to leverage the untapped power of such videos.

Levidio Cinemagic Review – Overview

ButtonSProduct Name: Levidio Cinemagic

ButtonSCreator: Maulana Malik

ButtonSOffice Sales Page: Levidio Cinemagic Review Office.

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2017 – 08 – 27 at 11:00 AM EDT

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What is Levidio Cinemagic?

Levidio Cinemagic is a massive compilation of video templates, which is the next collection in the Levidio series. This template assortment allows you to generate high-quality videos via PowerPoint. There is a wide variety of videos you can create using this platform, such as promotional videos, presentation videos, etc.

Levidio Cinemagic has 1 Front End and 2 OTO

Front End – Levidio Cinemagic – Cinematic Movie Style Video Creator >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – Levidio Cinemagic Pro >>> See Detail <<<

Downsell – Levidio Cinemagic Pro Lite >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Levidio Cinemagic Bundle >>> See Detail <<<

Levidio Cinemagic Review


About Author

Just like the previous versions of the Levidio series, Maulana Malik is the main developer behind Levidio Cinematic. He has gained reputation for being a world-class online entrepreneur and marketing consultant. Also, he has succeeded in buzzing the marketplace with his forward-looking products and services.

Some trending products launched under the name of Maulana Malik and his team are PIXELBOL and Giant Video Kit series. This time, the Levidio Cinemagic technology will make it possible for you to remove the daily issues related to video marketing.

Levidio Cinemagic Review – What are the Features of Levidio Cinemagic?

Like I have mentioned, Levidio Cinemagic provides users with a mammoth collection of video templates. These templates are fully customizable, so you can are totally capable of rebranding them for your own marketing campaigns. Specifically, these videos are divided into seven distinct modules, and the demo videos for each module are presented here.

  • Module#1: Cinemagic video templates
  • Module#2: Cinematic presentation templates
  • Module#3: 100 cinemagic presentation slides
  • Module#4: YouTube video branding templates

Levidio Cinemagic Review – How does it Work?

Generally, you need to proceed three simple steps in order to turn the available videos into your own rebranded versions.

  • Step#1: Choose one of the available templates in the Levidio Cinemagic collection
  • Step#2: Edit all the elements in the selected template, including graphic, color, text, video and so on
  • Step#3: Save and export your final product in high-resolution quality

Levidio Cinemagic Review – Who Should Buy It?

The suggestion that my review wants to emphasize is that this compilation is an ideal option for online marketers. Whether you are a beginner or an experienced one, you can totally get access to an accredited source of stunning promotional video templates which can generate huge traffic.

Pros and Cons


  • Fully applicable to multiple different niches
  • Can be edited using PowerPoint
  • Tutorial videos are provided to help you use the videos efficiently


  • PowerPoint 2013 is required to process all effects and transitions

Personal Experience

This section of my Levidio Cinemagic Review is going to crystallize my overall feelings after testing out its features.

Firstly, the video templates offered in this package can be applied within various niches. Levidio Cinemagic allows you to edit the elements within the templates to your own needs. Thus, it is able to help you aim at your targeted market.

What’s more, I have a small recommendation when using Levidio Cinemagic. In my opinion, if you want to make use of this tool to create video clips to promote your offers, the most essential thing you should keep in mind is its clarity.

According to my observations, clients easily get bored of shiny things really quickly. Instead, after a while, they just pay attention to the gist of the whole video and look for the main information. That is literally the reason why you should keep your messages simple and brief yet informative.

Levidio Cinemagic Review – Evaluation and Price

If you have little experience in creating marketing videos, I highly recommend that you buy a copy of this tool. By utilizing this platform, you’re able to experience the whole world of videos with exceptional quality in your hands. If you’re eager to try it out, mark your calendar on August 27, 2017 for its launch.

Furthermore, the price of Levidio Cinemagic’s front-end package is $27, but there are also some other price offers. Hence, take your time considering them carefully before making your choice.

Levidio Cinemagic Review – Conclusion

To conclude, my Levidio Cinemagic Review hopefully provides you with a better understanding of this video collection and its features. I also want to thank you for making it to the final lines of my review. Whether you determine to buy it or not, don’t hesitate to contact me if there’s anything I can help.

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