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Simulatri Review – This Changes Everything Build Sales Funnels

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If you sell sales funnel to clients, or you want to tap into that red hot marketplace, there’s something major happening at 10am tomorrow EST. (9th November 2021)

With everyone being forced online, there’s never been a better time to be in the business of designing and selling sales funnels.

But that doesn’t mean it’s easy.

The customers are there, desperate for the service. But you still need to be able to plan and build the funnels. And you need to make sure you’re the person who’s getting picked above all others.

Until now that’s meant a lot of hard work turning prospects into clients, and some serious bottlenecks in terms of time spent designing the funnels.

But tomorrow a new product launches that removes all that hard work entirely.

Simulatri by Convertri

You can get sneak peek of this new software here

With Simulatri you get to:

  • Plan out your entire funnel before designing a single page, running traffic, or hooking up a single autoresponder or cart.
  • Run all your numbers to simulate the most likely outcomes before spending a dime on advertising.
  • Set, tweak and optimise conversions, traffic costs, product prices, payment methods, and much more as you project your client’s funnel profits into the future.

Then you can build all that data into a professional PDF proposal that you simply hand over to clients to demonstrate exactly what you can do for them.

And all of this is wrapped up in a stunning piece of software that launches tomorrow.

Like I said, if you build funnels for clients, or you want to (which is arguably the smartest move you could make in 2021-2022) this new software changes the game for you.

Check out the link, sneak a peek, and if you like what you see, be sure to sign up for the special presentation that’s happening at 10am tomorrow EST.

That way you’ll ensure you get the very best price, and some special goodies too.

You also continue to my article Simulatri Review to know more detail about features, benefits and the bonus for you.

What is Simulatri?

Simulatri is a brand new funnel designer that lets you plan out and model your funnels with 11 different types of pages and a wide range of other elements, including webinars, autoresponders, traffic sources and more.

You can design your funnel, set conversion rates, product prices and traffic costs, and let Simulatri tell you if your funnel plan is going to be profitable – this means you can see exactly how much you can afford to pay for traffic, whether you need an extra upsell, whether it makes more sense to work on improving FE conversions or developing new traffic sources.

But the really cool part? Any funnel design can be turned into a professional proposal document at the push of a button, letting your subscribers easily win funnel-building gigs and letting them pull in thousands of dollars per job.

Simulatri Review

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What is Simulatri OTO?

Simulatri has 2 OTOs

OTO 1 – Simulatri Pro – $67

Simulatri Pro adds Scenarios, allowing you to split-test your funnels without spending thousands of dollars on traffic.

You can generate up to 4 extra scenarios for any funnel design, change anything you like – adjust traffic costs, conversion rates, add extra products, change upsell order, or anything else and then run the projections against each other to see what one wins.

You can also build these extra scenarios into your proposal document to make winning clients even easier.

OTO2 – Convertri Pro 12 Month Licence – $697

Convertri is our flagship product. A completely free-form funnel builder with blisteringly fast page speed, world-beating uptime and our unique page importer, it’s the result of 6 years of constant development. The public price is $99/mo, and unlike most public prices, most of our users actually pay that.

This special offer gives a huge discount – not only is it over $400 off the usual yearly price, it’s a fixed term so your users won’t have any qualms about signing up to a subscription, leading to better conversions and more commissions for you.

And even better than that, we’ve added an amazing new Simulatri integration. Design the funnel in Simulatri, push the button, and that funnel will be created instantly in Convertri. Fully designed, and pre-populated with mad-lib copy templates written to match your product type. Putting a full funnel live is now a matter of minutes rather than days.

Simulatri Review – Why Should You Get Simulatri?

Firstly, it’s very easy to use Simulatri

When you plan out a funnel using Simulatri’s 3-stage funnel simulation you can design, map-out, adapt, visualise, and run the numbers for an entire sales funnel start-to-finish without a whiteboard, notebook, or spreadsheet in sight.

Stage #1 – Design

Simulatri Stage 1

Plan complex funnels in minutes. Add each element in your funnel to Simulatri’s virtual canvas to create a clear picture of all the pages, products, webinars, organic and paid traffic sources and autoresponders that make your funnel work.

11 Different Page Types

Opt-in, Sales, Upsell, Downsell, Thank You, Replay, Registration, Content, Application, Cart, Delivery – if the page goes in your funnel, it goes in Simulatri.

Track Splitting

Send your prospects to your upsell AND stick them on an autoresponder at the same time for a second bite at the cherry. Just try modelling that in Excel.

Multiple Paths

Modern funnels aren’t single track. Send prospects to different upsells depending on what they bought and maximise your profits

Full-Spectrum Of Funnel Elements

A funnel’s more than its pages. Include webinars, autoresponders and traffic sources to design the whole flow, soup to nuts

Undo and Redo

You’ll thank us later.

Drag-and-drop Connections

Easily draw connections between all your funnel elements with a simple drag-and-drop, that’s almost infinitely re-arrangeable.

Share Designs

Showcase designs directly with your subscribers, clients and business partners with copy/paste simplicity

Negative Actions

Got a no-thanks link, or maybe you’re putting all non-buyers into a custom audience? With negative actions you can set what happens to all the people who didn’t convert… yet

Stage #2 – Model

Simulatri Stage 2

Model Ideal Outcomes. Control your traffic sources, set conversion rates, and create logical connections between each element in your funnel for a detailed overview of your sales flow

Boost Conversion Rates

Add a conversion boost if prospects pass through specific parts of your funnel… So you can see your presell work its magic, while your downsell transforms the entire back half of your funnel.

Calculate Traffic Costs

Enter your expected cost-per-click and let Simulatri work out what your traffic bill will be… and if you’ll make money on it.

Detailed Product Modelling

One-time, subscription, trials, payment plans – Simulatri can cope with any payment scheme and term to give an accurate picture of your revenue.

Adjust Commission Rates

Set commission by traffic source to differentiate between your own clicks and ones sent by affiliates.

Automatic Calculations

No messing around with formulae. You enter the base numbers, Simulatri tells you how many sales and how much profit you make. Job done.

Stage #3 – Forecast

Simulatri Stage 3

Push the button to see into the future. Discover your projected profit over the next 30 to 180 days, and get data-rich feedback for eradicating weak points and strengthening your most profitable offers

Instant 30-day Simulations

At any point in your funnel design, click the button to see your 30-day profit and loss.

Detailed Projections Dashboard

Collect stats on expected revenue, profit, leads and more. If your funnel is the map, this is the territory.

Adjust Timelines

Choose projection times between 14 and 180 days to see how your funnel will be performing long into the future

Traffic Breakdown

See how you can expect each traffic type to perform, so you know where to stack your chips and where to cut and run

All-Important Averages

Project your average click value for both overall and individual traffic sources… because average click values aren’t for average marketers

Discover Winning Products

See at a glance how every product in your funnel is performing. Not sure if that extra upsell is worth it? This is how you find out BEFORE you make it.

Secondly, A Bonus Step – One-Click Conversion To A Gorgeous, Professional PDF Proposal Help You Sell To Clients

In 2021, when you’re in the business of selling sales funnels, you’re never out of business.

Because in 2021, everyone who was offline is now being forced online… and they want to sell!

Simulatri’s instant proposal generator gives you a professional way of packaging up your funnel design to win any valuable client… with no expensive design fees or messing around with templates

Instant Conversion

Simulatri will pull in your funnel plan and revenue analysis and convert them to a high-quality PDF document

Full Proposal Generation

All sections you might need for a full proposal are included, but if you don’t want to use all of them, just leave the boxes empty. Simulatri will leave those pages out

Customise Text

Use all your own text to craft the perfect pitch – there’s nothing boilerplate here

Personal Branding

Upload your logo and it’ll be included on the cover page to give the whole doc your personal stamp

High-Quality Design

Smart typography and layout push all the right buttons to make your prospects see you as the kind of provider they should be paying thousands to.

Thirdly, These Industry-Proven Funnel Designs Give You A Quick Start In Any Niche

Use these pre-built funnel designs to show prospective clients exactly what kind of funnel will best suit their business.

It’ll make you look like a pro, inspire your clients to action, and let you raise your prices with confidence.

Plus, the time you save using them allows you to send more proposals to more clients more often.

Info Product Funnel

As long as there’s an internet, there’s going to be people using it to find and purchase information. So, here’s a tried and tested funnel design to deliver your classic info-product.

Webinar Funnel

Got a high-ticket product you want to sell? Here’s the funnel for you.

Professional Services Funnel

Physios, Accountants, Chiropractors, Dentists, Personal Trainers, Real Estate Agents… Whatever your niche, if you provide a professional service, you can use this template to build a profit-tight sales funnel.

Consultation Funnel

High value leads turn into high value clients, which are the only types of clients you want to concern yourself with when you’re a consultant. This funnel design shows you exactly what your consultancy business can expect.

Membership Funnel

Everyone wants a million-dollar funnel, not you can provide the blueprint in the click of a button. Win!

Software Funnel

Software is eating the world. Which means there’s a bunch of nerds and geeks out there with money to burn, and they’re in need of a killer funnel to deliver their product. That’s where you (and this funnel) come in.

E-Commerce Funnel

E-commerce and Print on Demand make ‘a little bit of money’ each year. Over 3 TRILLION dollars was spent globally last year. That’s not too shabby. Especially, when you get to claim your stake with this kickass e-com funnel.

Book Funnel

Physical books still outsell ebooks by about $20 BILLION per year.
 That’s good news, because it means we’re not entirely doomed as a species… and it’s doubly good news for you, because this funnel sells physical books and e-books. So, you win both ways.

Tripwire Funnel

The internet marketer’s dream funnel – the funnel that pays for itself and recoups ad spend upfront. If you think people might be interested in this little nugget, you’d be right.

Simulatri Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article Simulatri Review. As you see, the software is super. It generates incredible reports, and it’s a dream to use.

You’ll see all of that the first time you use it. But that’s all just stuff.

The real juice is what happens when you DO use it.

Create funnels for your own products and get a glimpse into the future. Not just of your business. But of what it can provide.

Need your business to pay off your mortgage 5 years early. Simulatri can show you what you need to do to make it a reality.

Watch your clients faces light up when they read your proposal, and start to believe they can save their business, reconnect with their customers… and pay rent!

And Simulatri can show you how much traffic you need to push through your funnel to buy the tickets and keep your business profitable while you unplug and take a hard-earned break.

That’d be something, right? Don’t wait more time!.

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