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SWYPIO Review – NEVER SEEN Before CPA Method Made $268 in a Day

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Hello all my reader, welcome to my article SWYPIO Review. I hope you have more useful information and happy with my awesome free bonus plus coupon code discount on my review. I wish you success with SWYPIO.


I have been doing CPA for over 4 years now and no matter what many marketers tell you…

Mobile traffic is what works best for me – it’s cheaper, it’s fast, and it’s taking over desktop/laptop traffic very very fast…

But the BIG issue is, most landing pages are not designed for mobile. They have been just converted to mobile using some plugins, some code…

They covert super low, engagement is bad and visitors get frustrated with them

Luckily, a few days back, my friend Kayd showed me the new software he developed… And I was blown away by it, it’s was build specifically for mobile traffic… exactly what I was looking for…

It’s like “Tinder” and “TikTok” of mobile as it uses swipe cards.

Kayd tested it with CPA offers and even made $268 in commissions. It took him just 5 min to create that campaign. I am super excited to be using this in my business as well. Today, I will review again it for you here.

SWYPIO Review – What is SWYPIO?

It is a NEW TECH – Brand New Mobile Lead Generation & Engagement Monster. It helps you Taps Into BILLIONS OF MOBILE LEADS Collects Them & Stores UNLIMITED Leads In A Few Clicks. Plus Become FULLY Mobile Compatible For The FIRST Time Ever & Instantly Get Higher Rankings, More Traffic, Higher Conversions & Sales Using Game-Changing Swipe Cards.


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SWYPIO has 4 Upgrade

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SWYPIO Review – Why Should You Need It?

Firstly, the benefits of SWYPIO are ENDLESS, but here are some INSTANT BENEFITS YOU’LL SEE In Your Marketing Performance

Higher Conversions On EVERYTHING

It’s not just our testings that showed significant improvements in conversions. It’s also the fact that swiping is simply proven to keep people going on and on and on with whatever they engage with.

Requesting an action to be taken by your visitor or asking for a sale is a hell of a lot easier when your content is swipable.

WAY More Leads

Same as above but since we have LEAD GENERATION specific features built into the software, and even the ability to collect and store them in the platform (we, of course, cannot see them) you can expect a huge increase in leads if that’s what jiggles your wiggle.

More Time Spent On-Site & Ad Revenue

When your content is swipable and especially when NO ONE ELSE’S content is swipable, people tend to spend more time on your site, just like tinder and TikTok where people spend significant amounts of “straight” time

(meaning they stay and don’t move on to other activities, and remain focused on the platforms until they are done, this is a killer of distractions)

When people spend more time on your site, your ad revenue will increase, your retention will increase, people will then remember your brand name or your name better and faster.

Faster & Higher Rankings

As people spend more time on-site, this signals Google that your site is of high quality, has good content, is interesting, engaging and a good experience.

Hence they instantly reward you with higher rankings as google likes quality over quantity.

Grab Attention & Keep It

Swipe Cards aren’t just engaging, they’re also attention grabbers.

Did you hear the goldfish story with the 8 seconds goldfish attention span and humans with less? That’s B.S.

Humans have selective attention, they have no problem to really quickly look at things that spark their interest, like beautiful faces, attractive people, shiny things, new products from favorite brands and more.

Their attention span has been declining due to the number of distractions and the disinterest in our products and services.

Swipe Cards eliminate that, instantly grab attention, and keep it.

Relevancy & Appealing To The Youth

The big shakers and movers these days are the youth, they want what brands make and brands sell what they want.

Swiping is not an accident, swiping is a consistent factor in their lives, the minute you try to sell them something without swiping, you lost their interest.

Not completely, but more than enough to hurt your business.

We FIX this

The Invisible Foundation – Engagement!

When did I say engagement, what thought comes to mind? Is it sales, traffic, leads?

No, it’s NOTHING.

That’s because to most people engagement means nothing, and your job as the marketer is to use specific terms like sales, traffic, leads.

WELL, the truth is, engagement is something, and that is the fact that users devote their time, attention and trust with you, and when they do, something amazing happens, they remember you.

The look you up, they continue with you, they may sign up, they may buy, they may visit other pages, but the truth is, engagement is the invisible foundation to your business success and Swypio instantly provides you with MORE.

SWYPIO Testimonial

Secondly, SWYPIO has awesome features


Create as many swipe card campaigns you want in any niche, any business. Add as many swipe cards you want to each campaign. Get your creative juices flow. Your imagination is the only limit.


No limits on the number of leads you can collect. Collect and store as many leads inside Swypio.


Create highly engaging, addictive swipe cards with images and gifs. Embed any images or gifs to your swipe cards.


Redirect them to any URL after they sign up or just show them a simple message like coupon or URL.


Take your swipe card and embed it anywhere. Embed it on your blogs, websites, marketing pages, stores, Ads or just let us host it on our server.


Download all the leads from different campaigns in CSV format. Create custom audiences for your ads or upload them to your own email server


Integrate your Autoresponder in few clicks. Unlike other software, you can add as many APIs you want, so you can create different campaigns for different Autoresponder account.


See exactly what people are swiping -left or right. What devices they are using, the conversion rates, the best swipe cards. Everything you need to take your swipe campaigns to the next level.


Learn from our campaigns. See the results we got, take inspiration and create your own high converting campaigns.

Thirdly, SWYPIO works very simply

Yes, it works in 3 simple steps

Step 1 – CRAFT

Craft Your Perfect Swipe Card That Will Impress Your Visitors & Convert Them Into Action.

Choose From Multiple Options Ranging From Collecting Leads To Redirecting People To Sending Them To ANY URL You Want, Or Just Show A Message, Or Deliver A Coupon, ENDLESS OPTIONS!

Step 2 – DEPLOY

Now You Choose Whether You Want Your Campaign To Be A Standalone Page Hosted On Our Servers, Which Works EXTREMELY Well For Mobile Traffic.

Or, Embed It Anywhere You Want (Which Allows Such Embedding) And Make It A Smooth Part Of Your Existing Pages, Funnels & Campaigns.

Step 3 – ENJOY

That’s it, the benefits will be instant, you can count on it.

Let’s watch quick SWYPIO Demo


Thank you for your reading my SWYPIO review. The last words I want you to understand WHY You Need This And WHY It Can Change Your Life

  • Anyone can do this and get fantastic results.
  • Mobile use & swiping in general is getting massively more significant in people’s lives, don’t go backwards, go forward.
  • ​Slap on any page or even replace a landing page, this works for any business.
  • ​No technical skills required at all, everything is explained so clearly in the modules so that you can get started as quickly as possible.
  • Unlimited potential, how many visitors is your niche getting on Mobile? How many were not able to swipe your stuff before? Well all these will now fall in love with you
  • ​Leverage the ability to capture leads permanently and sell to them again and again, and have insane conversions because users will give over their details more likely after engaging with your swipe card.

Now, don’t wait more time.

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Thank for reading my SWYPIO Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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