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Testimonio Review – The Easiest Way to Boost Traffic, Clicks and Sales

Welcome to my article Testimonio Review. I hope you will have more useful information and be happy with my awesome free bonus, plus a coupon code discount from vendor Misan Morrison. Wish you success!.


Did you know that simply adding testimonials to your marketing will instantly boost your results…?

And when you combine the power of video testimonials with email, you’ll be completely UNSTOPPABLE!

The age of testimonials is upon us, and it’s crucial that you start implementing testimonials in your marketing and email campaigns if you want to get the best results possible.

Unfortunately, collecting and adding video testimonials to your marketing and email can take a lot of time and technical skills…

The good news is…

We’ve created a simple, push-button solution for handling that without any hard work required.

It’s called Testimonio and with a few clicks of your mouse, you’ll be able to collect and implement testimonials in your marketing just like we’ve done…

In addition to getting your hands on the Testimonio that gives you everything you need to boost your traffic, leads, and sales with a few clicks…

To know more detail about this product. Let’s continue with my Testimonio review.

What is Testimonio?

Testimonio is a revolutionary cutting-edge app which automatically collects video, audio & text testimonials to massively boost sales for ANY business… and displays videos in emails to drive traffic & clicks!

Testimonio Review

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What is OTO or Upsell?

Testimonio has 4 OTOs

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  • Unlimited Videos

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  • Team Management
  • Done For You Animated Sales Video
  • Done For You Agency Website
  • Done For You Proposals – Powerpoint & Word
  • Done For You Commercial Graphics Pack
  • Done For You Facebook Ads Creative
  • Done For You Contract Agreement

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Resell, Create, Update and Manage Unlimited Testimonio, Testimonio Unlimited, and Testimonio DFY Agency User Accounts.

OTO 5: Redeemly Bundle Deal >>> See Detail <<<

  • FE: Redeemly Agency
  • Upgrade 1: Redeemly Deluxe
  • Upgrade 2: Redeemly DFY Agency
  • Upgrade 3: Redeemly Whitelabel
  • Upgrade 4: Redeemly Client Finder


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Testimonio Review – What’s The Feature?

Testimonio has awesome these features:

The Main Dashboard

  • Direct Link To Collect Testimonials
  • Direct Link To Create Your Own Videos

The Testimonials Campaign Manager

  • Create, Preview, Edit and Delete Up To 50 Testimonial Campaigns
  • Showcase Product Name, Image, Description, Video, and Website
  • Showcase Reward Name, Image, Description, Video, and Access Information
  • Profile Branding Capabilities
  • Self-Hosted Testimonial Invitation Page
  • Testimonial Invitation Embed Code
  • Collect Video, Audio, and Text Testimonials
  • Rating Feature Included

The Videos Manager

  • Add Up To 50 videos from your camera, your screen, or from both, or by upload
  • Self-Hosted Video Sharing Page
  • Brand Video Sharing Page with Logo, Title, Description and Call to Action Button
  • Be Able To Edit The Video Sharing Page
  • Video Sharing Page Shareable URL
  • Video Email Embed Code, Video Website Embed Code, Animated Video Embed Code, And Still Video Embed Code
  • Quick Social Media Sharing Links
  • Be Able To Download Videos
  • Quick Analytics Preview
  • Track Visits, Plays, And Clicks per video
  • Export Your Videos To Google Drive, Dropbox, One Drive, And Box

The Workspaces Manager

Workspace Capabilities To Manage Up To 10 Clients

The Video Tutorials

Step by Step, Over the Shoulder Video Tutorials Included To Guide You In Every Step Of The Process

The Agency License

You Can Charge Any Amount Of Money To Your Clients For This Red-Hot Service and keep 100% Of the profit

Testimonio Review – How Does It Work?

Testimonio Helps You Skyrocket Conversions For Any Type Of Business, In 3 Simple Steps…

Step 1: Collect

Collect Video Testimonials By Creating Testimonial Campaigns In 30 Seconds Or Even Less!

Step 2: Display

Display Video Testimonials Via Link Sharing, Code Embed, Video Email, And Social Sharing In 30 Seconds Or Even Less!

Step 3: Convert

Skyrocket Traffic, Leads And Sales Through The Roof Like No Other Marketing Strategy Would Ever Do For You!

Watch Testimonio App Demo Video

Testimonio Review – Why Should You Buy It?

Firstly, these are 7 reasons why video testimonials have proven to be the highest converting tools of TODAY’s Marketing

Reason #1: Videos Induces Action Taking Emotions

Emotion Is A Main Driver Of Decision Making. It Is A Fact That When Your Audience Watches Videos Of Buyers Looking Grateful And Happy About Your Product, It Will Make Them Feel Those Same Emotions Which Induces Them To Act.

Reason #2: Videos Get More Retention Rate

Studies Have Shown That Video Has A 95% Retention Rate On People’s Minds, While People Only Remember 12% Of Textual Information. This Is Considered As Self Remarketing On Steroids.

Reason #3: Buyers Love Videos

People Watch More Videos Than Read Text. Including The Word “Video” In An Email Subject Line Was Shown To Increase Open Rates By 19%.

Reason #4: Videos Get Shared A Lot More

People Not Only Love Videos, but They Also Like To Share Them. If You Want Your Content To Be Viral And Driven By Your Own Audience, Then Making Videos Is The Way To Go

Reason #5: Buyers Trust User Reviews

Review Or Testimonial Videos Further Increase The Confidence Of Your Audience. If Your Video Looks Realistic, Your Viewers Are More Likely To Trust And Buy Your Product.

Reason #6: Video Testimonials Skyrocket Social Proof

In Many Cases, Customer Reviews Have Been More Reliable Than Personal Recommendations. Ratings, Comments, Social Media Posts, And Other Forms Of Consumer-Generated Content Are Powerful Converting Tools.

Reason #7: Video Testimonials Make People Buy

If You Want To Have A Marketing Tactic That Will Drive Social Shares, Get More Traffic To Your Site, Build Trust With Your Audience And Convert Customers. Then Making A Video Testimonial Should Be Your First Option.

So, If Video Testimonials Are Such A Great Thing, Then Why Aren’t You Using Them?

Yes, this is a good question. These are the answers:

Problem #1: You Don’t Have A Clue On How To Collect Them!

Maybe You Get Scared Of The Fact That Collecting Video Testimonials Requires Some Sort Of Guru Technical Skill Or Advanced Sales Experience, And You Are Absolutely Right

Problem #2: Existing Online Testimonial Builders Are Expensive And Limited!

Yes, There Are Testimonial App Builders You Can Find Online, But They Charge You A Monthly Fee And Are Highly Limited.

Problem #3: Outsourcing Them Can Make It Worse!

Yes, There Are Freelancers You Can Hire Online, Who Can Do A Professional Still Fake Job For You, But Be Ready To Pay From $50 To $250 For A 1 Minute Or Less Video Testimonial.

That’s why Testimonio is your solution today.

With these solutions, you are able to:

  • Collect Video, Audio And Text Testimonials By Creating Testimonial Campaigns In 30 Seconds Or Less!
  • Display Video Testimonials Via Link Sharing, Code Embed, Video Email, And Social Sharing In 30 Seconds Or Less!
  • Skyrocket Traffic, Leads And Sales Through The Roof Like No Other Marketing Strategy Would Ever Do For You!

And Be Able To Do All This For Your Own Business Or For Any Other Type Of Business.

Secondly, Testimonio Is Better Than Any Other Testimonial Builder Out There

Let Testimonio Features Speak For Themselves…

Testimonio vs Other Tools

Thirdly, Testimonial Campaigns Are The Perfect Business Opportunity For 2022

You have 4 different ways you can definitely profit with Testimonio…

  • Opportunity#1 – Collect and display testimonials to skyrocket traffic, leads and sales for your own products and services
  • Opportunity#2 – Collect and display testimonials to skyrocket traffic, leads and sales for local businesses and charge big bucks in exchange
  • Opportunity#3 – Collect and display testimonials to skyrocket traffic, leads and affiliate sales by advertising other people’s products
  • Opportunity#4 – List your testimonial creation service on multiple freelance sites like Upwork and Fiverr and charge hundreds per video testimonial.

This Is What People Are Saying About Testimonio!

Testimonio Beta Tester Say about it

Testimonio Testimonials

Testimonio Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article Testionio review until now. I hope you had enough information about this product. Actually, there’s never been anything like Testimonio ever released. As more and more marketers start using video testimonials in their emails and other marketing, Testimonio will become even more crucial to your online success…

Testimonio gives you everything you need to collect testimonials and use them in your marketing for massive overnight results…

So, now to join the other 2,000+ buyers that have already made the smart decision to get Testimonio for a low, one-time payment

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