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Are you struggling to reduce shopping cart abandonment rates? Even if your website is phenomenal with the best possible user experience, the abandonment rate is too high and this is all because your shopping cart is shoddy.

If this is the case, then perhaps it is time to consider using a new platform to build your shopping carts.

Imagine a shopping cart platform that lets you take your business online and let you take 100% control over your online business.

Physical products, digital products, already existing online businesses, businesses about to try their chance in digital space… every product and every type of business, no tech skills, no recurring payments, no having an owner with a zeal to go beyond every limit.

Yes, I am talking about the solution to this problem. Let’s read my ZKart review to know more detail.

ZKart Review – What is it?

ZKart is a brand new e-commerce platform that has been designed to allow any individual the ability to create an online store to help sell various goods in a wide range of industries. It helps you to promote and take payments for your physical products, digital products, subscriptions and services to your customer.

ZKart Review

ZKart Coupon Code

ZKart has 3 OTOs

OTO1 – ZKart Unlimited Gold >>> See Detail <<<
  • Everything in Front-end plus:
  • Sell also physical (not just digital) products
  • Unlimited Pages Views
  • eCommerce Templates, Add-to-Cart Feature
  • Split-payment and Pay-as-you-go payment options
  • Shipping & Inventory management
  • Integration with all supported payment gateways
  • Advance affiliate management features such as complex, split-payment JV contracts
  • Integration with 20+ Apps, including Zapier integration

And lots more

OTO2 – ZKart VIP Coaching Mastermind >>> See Detail <<<
  • Get access to an exclusive set of business training and Mastermind group
  • Business-oriented training, and not “tool-related” (and there’s a BIG difference between the two – this is an effectively a Coaching Program of $2,497 value)
  • Members will learn step-by-step how to build and grow a business using ZKart
  • Access to Mastermind group to further amplify learning
  • Hand-holding by our experts so members are sure to be successful
  • Periodic live sessions, in addition to the pre-recorded training, incl. live Q&A
OTO3 – ZKart Platinum Reseller >>> See Detail <<<
  • Create up to 100 Commercial User accounts
  • Sell user accounts at ANY price you want and retain the profits
  • Priority Support
  • Full marketing package including all images, graphics, and email swipes
  • Entire Facebook ad campaign package and retargeting audience
  • Exact million-dollar, proven-to-convert copy that’ll get you boatloads of clients
  • Step-by-step detailed training on how to drive traffic to your reseller franchise offer; You can use this training to drive traffic to your other offers, too.

ZKart Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, here are some of the benefits of the Zkart:

Business Advantages

Any online seller searching for the best e-commerce platform should start by researching the key features each platform provides. So, which are the features to expect after the launch of ZKart? The developers claim that the platform will provide numerous features that will help reduce the money and time you spend on your marketing part.

The developers believe that the platform is easier to use and anyone, including the beginners, will use it without feeling as if they are missing something. You can move items around if you need a different visual appeal, including during your first use. Moreover, you will not need to be present throughout the day to monitor the performance of your e-commerce shop. The users require a few hours to organize everything and then watch the platform working around the clock to heighten the number of conversions.

After the launch, merchants will have more choices when it comes to the platform’s online front. The developers have ensured that the platform is compatible with other e-commerce platforms like Shopify. You can switch from any other platform – you can transfer an entire Shopify store to the new platform effortless within a few seconds.

Customer Advantages

An ecommerce shopping cart like ZKart simplifies the payment making process by acting as a facilitator between the payment gateways and the main website. It also acts as a caretaker of the customers, helping them to find their way to various facilities.

A well-constructed website with ZKart caters well to the needs of the customers, which boosts its usability and improve its ranking on search engines.

A digital ZKart betters the efficiency of an e-store, providing rich and unparalleled user experience to the online consumers.

Making payments using ZKart is simple and straightforward. Customers aren’t required to pay separately for each product. They can simply determine the total and pay it once.

There is no doubt that ZKart is the most wonderful gift by technology. The comfort factor simply wins the heart. Above all, the way it benefits an online business and its growth is simply amazing.

Secondly, Find out why ZKart is the best shopping cart that beats the all-time, cut-throat competition

Look at this table to see it beats the competition like Scamcart and Thrivecart.

ZKart Compare Samcart Thrivecart

ZKart Review – What is the feature?

In this section of ZKart review, I will show you some perfect features of ZKart platform.

Create Beautiful Product Pages With Ease

You don’t get a second chance to make a first impression on your site’s visitors. When they see a beautifully laid-out, attractive page, they want to buy from you as they love the experience. And this is where creating beautiful product pages plays a crucially important role. ZKart makes this happen for you.

Design Profitable Funnels With Total Ease

A funnel is the most powerful conversion strategy out there to maximize customer value. However, funnels are not easy to set up. ZKart changes all that. Add all of your pages that you’ve designed into your funnels with drag and drop clarity. You won’t believe how easy this truly is. Even if you’re a newbie!

Use Template To Speed Up Page Creation

With little to no experience, you can still create gobsmackingly beautiful product pages and funnels using the beautiful templates ZKart comes with. Page and funnel creation for your online cart couldn’t be easier than this.

Have Amazing Checkout Pages At Your Fingertips

The experience needs to be customizable from beginning to end. And the end is where the customer hits the buy button. ZKart helps you create beautiful checkout pages, literally “seducing” your customers to buy. Even a checkout page can be an amazing sales booster!

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Integrate With Multiple Payment Gateways In A Few Clicks

Selling is also about getting paid for what you sold, at the end of the day. ZKart allows you to connect with major payment gateways so you can get paid for all the work you’ve put into your product and get rewarded handsomely.

Follow Up With Cart Abandoners On The Fly And Make More Money

Cart abandonment is a major cause of lost sales in most online businesses. ZKart lets you capture your visitors who abandoned their carts so you can successfully re-market the same or a new offer to them or just follow up. This option alone could help boost your bottom line exponentially.

Split Test Your Way To More Profits Without The Hassle

The best way to make sure you’re maximizing conversions is to optimize your funnels and products. That’s why we’ve included a very robust split testing feature inside of ZKart. This way you won’t have to guess which headline, image, or even color works best. You’ll know with total certainty guaranteed.

Connect Your ZKart Pages With Your Own Custom Domains Easily

While we believe ZKart is the bee-knees when it comes to the all in one marketing platform, we understand you might want a little more control over 8 your branding. Not a problem at all. We’ll show you how to connect your own domain name and still harness the power of ZKart for you and your brand’s benefit.

ZKart Features

You can see more feature of ZKart here

Look at some people say about ZKart

ZKart is an unbelievably intuitive platform to use. I’ve been around in the eCommerce scene for a while and seen a LOT of products. ZKart at right at the top – competing, if at all, only the biggest of big names. (Armando)

Here we go again- Yet another brilliant product by Mintware. ZKart is an amazing system and all-in-one business and eCommerce platform like none I’ve seen earlier. Period. (Tim Parker)

Whoa! This is amazing. I’m one of the “oldest” users of XFunnels and other Mintware products. And the moment I saw ZKart, I was MIND-BLOWN! This is just amazing. With pages, funnels and shops I’ll be creating with ZKart, $50k in revenue in the shortest possible time is to be pretty easy to achieve. (Stevie Bwoy Que)

The power of any tool is in its simplicity and ease-of-use. ZKart is exactly that platform – quick and easy to use, with everything where it should be. And the best part is that it integrates with all the other Mintware products seamlessly (Tony Simms)

In order to have the best of both worlds, that is your product and web, This is what you can do with ZKart.

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Thank for reading my ZKart Review

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