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AdScouter Review – How To Win at Facebook Ads Without Losing Thousands Dollar

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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article AdScouter Review. I hope you will have more useful information and happy with my awesome free bonus plus coupon code discount on my review. I wish you success with AdScouter.


One of the biggest problems that hold people back from profiting with Facebook ads is that it’s expensive…

It’s expensive because when you first start you need to ‘test’ what’s working then ‘tweak’ and improve your offer.

Most profitable campaigns start out unprofitable…

…then after testing advertisers change, edit and then after $1000 invested, a lot of time the Facebook campaign starts to become profitable.

Well, what if there was an easy way to avoid all of that?

Yes, I am talking about a new product from Sam Bakker and Rohit Shah. It’s AdScouter.

It saves you thousands of dollars in advertising expenses and weeks of time.

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To know more detail, let’s continue to my article AdScouter review.

What is AdsCouter?

Adscouter is the first-ever ads spy tool that leverages AI to uncover the most profitable and hidden Facebook Ads.

It is packed with several unique & powerful features that were simply not possible before. AdScouter’s state of the art technology helps you uncover actively running, extremely profitable ads with extreme accuracy and precision.

AdScouter Review

What is Adscouter OTO?

AdScouter has 4 OTOs

OTO 1 – AdScouter AI >>> See Detail <<<

  • Search Ads With Images (Visually Similar Ads – Reverse Search)
  • Search Within Image Text
  • Search For Object + Text Within Carousel Ads
  • Ads Spotlight (We Reveal 30 Most Profitable Ads Every Month)
  • Ability To Request Inclusion of New Advertiser (We will track these advertisers)
  • VIP Support
  • Commercial Rights

OTO 2 – AdScouter PRO >>> See Detail <<<

  • Monitor Competitor
  • Competitive Analysis
  • Page SEO Score
  • Done For You Ads Service (20 Ads Per Month)
  • Winning Products Masterclass

OTO 3 – AdScouter Agency >>> See Detail <<<

  • Create Sub-Users
  • Client Campaign Management System
  • Client Acquisition Resources
  • Client Acquisition Funnel
  • Support For Several Language

OTO 4 – AdScouter Ads Creator >>> See Detail <<<

  • Comprehensive Image Ad Creator
  • Advanced Video Ad Creator
  • Background Removal Tool
  • Image Enhancer Tool
  • 100+ DFY Video + Image Ads Templates – Inspired From Real Profitable Ads
  • Commercial Rights

AdScouter Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, AdScouter is the Only Facebook Ads Research Tool You’ll Ever Need!

Rapid ‘Ad Detection & Monitoring’ Technology

AdScouter detects ads faster than any other software. We tap into a massive up to date library of ads that are constantly being updated, is reliable and accurate.

As ads are listed on Facebook we are able to detect them and list them within the AdScouter within a few hours on average.

Find The Most Profitable Ads With Our Proprietary ProfitScore™

We’ve developed a proprietary algorithm that accurately assesses campaign profitability. You can instantly see how profitable a particular ad is vs another.

Identify incredible opportunities to profit fast and never waste time tracking ads that aren’t profitable

The Most Accurate Tracking System ever developed

Our data is more accurate because it’s directly derived from Facebook. Unlike other software, we don’t rely on black hat methods or scraping Facebook to retrieve data.

Instead, we use Facebook’s very own ad data in order to deliver the very best data to you. Our in-house AI engine then scans the ad for keywords, images, and objects. It then lists the ad within the most relevant category ready for you to search

Massive database with over 50 Million Ads across 60 different Languages

Our database has compiled over 50 million ads in 60 different languages. The database grows by a minimum of 30,000 ads per day.

We have the biggest collection of ads ever compiled within our database. This provides you with the very best ad insights available on the internet.

Uncover More Opportunities With Object Detection AI

With the help of our state of the art object detection AI, you can find ads that have a specific object within the image of the ad.

This feature is extremely useful for finding hyper-relevant ads in any niche that was simply not possible before

Filter Ads By Their Status

AdScouter is the only ad spy tool that helps you find ads that are active and running on Facebook and Instagram.

With the massive database of active ads, you can profit from the most up to date ads ever.

Find Most Up To Date Profitable Ads For Any Niche Or Industry

AdScouter Feature

Secondly, you can Track And Reverse Engineer Your Competitors Most Profitable Ads with AdScouter

Yes, you can now find and track all of your competitor’s ads and profit in 4 easy steps:


Your competitors very best ads. Use profit score to identify the winners

Search With Laser-Focused Precision

Locate Extremely Profitable Ads Using Deep Learning and AI

Hack your competitor’s pages & funnels

Reverse engineer your customer’s funnels & product pages. Get a transparent look into exactly how they’re making money.

Replicate & Profit

You can use your competitor’s ads & campaigns for inspiration. Replicate their campaign with your logo and offer. Advertise and profit saving thousands of dollars.

Thirdly, you can use AdScouter easily to make profits

Yes, In 3 Steps Save Thousands On Advertising Campaigns AND Get Insider Access To Your Competitors Most Profitable Advertising Campaigns.


Filter by Competitor, Keyword, Domain Name, Ad Type, Profit Score, Language, Ad’s Current Status, Ad Network and many other filters.


Find your competitor’s most profitable campaigns in seconds. Reverse engineer them & access hidden data, Landing Pages, Sales Funnels & more.


Profit simply duplicating your competitor’s most profitable campaigns. Save thousands in testing. Amaze your clients and blow away your competition.

AdScouter Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article AdScouter review. Now, you can run profitable Ad Campaigns over Facebook, Instagram & Messenger ethically copying your competitor’s most profitable campaigns.

This software will only be available for a very short time at a one-time fee and once this launch closes they will be increasing the price of this system to a monthly or yearly fee.

You can benefit right now from all of the incredible features for a low cost. Simply click the buy button down below, lock in your discount and start running profitable ads campaigns with Facebook, Instagram, and Messenger.

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Thank you for reading AdScouter Bonus

Wish You Success and See You Again

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