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DealCount Review – The #1 Way to Increase Sales with Less Effort

DealCount Review – The #1 Way to Increase Sales with Less Effort
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Hello all my friends, welcome to my article DealCount Review. I hope you will happy with my information, special free bonus and coupon discount on the DealCount  review. Wish you success with DealCount.

DealCount  Review – Overview

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DealCount Review – What is DealCount?

Basically, DealCount is a feature-packed application which helps subscribers take advantage of the power of pure scarcity in their businesses within a few simple clicks. As scarcity has long been known for its ability to create high virtual demand for your offers, visitors will be pushed to make their purchases due to the rush feelings.

In addition, DealCount lets users limit the number of copies they want to sell, and renew that number on complete automation at the right timing.

DealCount Review

DealCount Review – Why Should You Get It?

My DealCount Review has already stated that you can get rid of all the manual work involved because this system integrates with multiple major payment platforms. What’s more, this application is also synchronized with a lot of notification services such as Zaxaa, Paykickstart, W+, to name but a few. Hence, you will find it much easier to keep track of your setups.

Besides, since DealCount is created to accelerate demand for your offers, you can prevent your potential customers from closing your deals when they appear. Not to mention that you are able to choose the campaigns that are updated on autopilot as soon as a client is about to close your site in order to captivate their attention.

I think the most impressive part of DealCount is that it can detect customers’ locations in order to display their native language on my site. This, in turn, elevates an excelling shopping experience for visitors. To be specific, there is a total of 64 different languages are embedded within the system.

Moreover, DealCount offers users a chance to gain access to a huge bundle of over 46 overlay animations. These animated contents are able to help you sharply increase sales and revenues. The countdown timer generated with DealCount can also be covered or hidden according to what you want.

DealCount is LOADED with beautiful templates!


DealCount Review – What Are the Features of DealCount?

Here is a summary of what DealCount has to offer:

Implement Scarcity in Real Time

DealCount has the ability to update the remaining units with real-time live texts, along with the audio update whenever a purchase is made. Additionally, the available unit countdown feature is put on complete autopilot, so there is no need for you to keep track of it all the time. DealCount is also a good choice for affiliate marketers as it enables them to limit their bonuses efficiently.

Generate Online Profits

DealCount allows you to display your overlays anywhere on the Internet without restrictions, even sites which are not yours. As a result, DealCount can be utilized to boost revenue and online sales dramatically. What’s more, by using DealCount, you are capable of positioning your deal wherever you want on your site with the application’s pixel-perfect positioning technology.

Extreme Alignment

DealCount permits users to edit the custom design regarding colors, backgrounds, texts, sizes, and so on in alignment with your objectives within a few simple clicks. Furthermore, DealCount consists of a collection of more than 100 royalty-free backgrounds for you to insert in your design.

Automation Platform

Instead of having to customize the text and counter manually, all the relevant setups can be managed on autopilot. Particularly, when it reaches the limit, the displayed overlay will be disabled right away, and you can redirect the visitor to another site.

Another big plus for DealCount is that it is equipped with custom sound notifications upon page load or when purchases are made. Nevertheless, this response is not delayed at all, they all take place in real time, not to mention that they are all customizable for you to edit in whatever way you want.

How Does DealCount Work?

My DealCount Review has stated that the process of setting up this software has been simplified to the most considerable extent. Also, my personal experience with this platform indicates that I could get used to its interface only after a few clicks. On the other hand, if you want to have a closer look at the demo video to see how it works.

You don’t need to be a tech wonderkid or a hardcore programmer to use DealCount. We made it so it has the perfect balance between ease of use and flexibility

To use DealCount in “scarcity/deal” mode, all you need to do is:

  • Setup your product to sell or select a product you want to promote as an affiliate
  • Setup your campaign inside DealCount and customize your overlay and decide what content to display to visitors
  • If you have your own sales page then use the campaigns embed code and add it to your site. If someone else hosts the site, just add the URL to your campaign settings and let it be hosted by the app
  • Every visitor of your site will see the overlay and be forced to jump on your offer as they see that it’s expiring

DealCount Review – Conclusion

Unlike a lot of other software, Deal Count has built in a ton of features that makes your visitors want to buy your products and fast!

Deal Count does all this for you and more while making you look like a pro as well

  • Choosing to overlay your message or offer over any site ANYWHERE online
  • Being able to update your visitors on the number of units left for your product IN REAL TIME
  • Adding a personalized message to your sales offer
  • Using sound notifications to get more engagement from your visitors
  • Having a ton of templates to choose from to craft the perfect overlay for your product or service
  • Creating your offer in 64 different languages
  • Updating your sales and scarcity effect in REAL TIME – no more fake scarcity
  • Having a library chock full of 100’s of backgrounds to spice up your offers.
  • Being able to boost conversions on autopilot

If you sell anything online or plan to in the future, make sure you grab access to the #1 sales boosting conversion app on the market today. But I do need to mention that Deal Count is only available at a low price for the next 3 days.

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    Thank for reading my DealCount Review

    Wish You Success and See You Again

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