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Klippyo Review – The Ultimate Video Creator

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Welcome To Klippyo Review

The Faster, Easiest & Smartest Way To Create Highly Engaging Videos!

Klippyo Review – What is Klippyo?

Klippyo is a new web-based that created by Viddyoze team. It works on any web browser on any portable device! That means you can shoot videos on the go, edit them, and publish to any social network all within minutes, without the need for expensive desktop software.

It has 1 Front End and 2 OTOs

Front End – Klippyo Studio >>> Download <<<

OTO1 – Klippyo Kreators >>> Download <<<

OTO2 – Klippyo Masterclass >>> Download <<<

Klippyo Review

Klippyo Review – How Does Klippyo Work?

Step#1 – Log In To Klippyo From Anywhere

Klippyo is 100% web-based, which means it can work on your mobile device, tablet, laptop or PC. You can work from anywhere.

Step#2 – Shoot your video

Upload your footage or import a pre-existing video into the Klippyo editor!


Step#3 – Make it awesome

The Klippyo editor makes creating the perfect video easy

Step#4 – Make it double awesome

Add professional intros, outros, and interactive captions to your videos to make them first class.


Step#3 – Publish your video

Choose your favorite social platform or publish to multiple platforms from right inside the app

Klippyo app

Get Ready To Create Professional, Engaging Videos Right From Your Mobile Device!

These are some awesome features of this ultimate video creator

Meme Your Video In Just 1 Tap!

Video memes aren’t just the trendy new thing to do… they are proven to increase clicks, conversions and engagement! With Klippyo, you can easily meme your video in seconds!

Add Emojis, Text, Quotes & More In Seconds!

Want to add a little extra zing to your videos? Easily and quickly add emojis, text, drawings or even popular quotes by simply tapping a few buttons. No complex software necessary, everything happens from the palm of your hand.

Add 1 Tap Animated Intros & Outros!

Klippyo allows users to add fully customizable intros & outros to your videos! Want a funky text call out at the beginning of your video? Need to show your social links at the end of your video? No problemo.

Viddyoze Integration: Connect to Klippyo on a web browser & import your videos directly to your Klippyo creations!

Need A Square Or Rectangular Video? You’ve Got It In Seconds.

Vertical & square videos have proven their weight in gold many times over when it comes to click performance & profitability! The problem is, doing this manually is problematic and time-consuming. Not anymore. Klippyo taps the problem away with just 1 prod of your finger.

Automatic Captions!

It’s been statistically proven that captioned videos have much higher engagement and retention rates. Thankfully, adding captions with Klippyo is just a case of tapping 1 button, and like magic, Klippyo can add captions to your video in minutes! Alternatively, you can upload your own caption files too.

Shoot, Edit & Tap To Publish!

Finished your video? Good. No need to render extensive video files. Simply hit “Publish” and post your video to any social network you desire… in any resolution or ratio you want!

Don’t Have Your Own Video? No Problem.

Klippyo is fully integrated with Viddyoze Stock, giving users access to thousands of stock video clips to create their videos from! No need to shoot anything! Simply pick a professional video from our massive stock library, customize and make it your own, then publish when you’re done!

And many more… You can check more here.

The Real Heroes Of Klippyo Are The Ordinary People Using It To Achieve Extraordinary Results

Apple Pryor said that:

Klippyo is a lot of fun to work with! It’s a powerful one-stop shop right here. Definitely a time-saving platform!

It gives you the creative space to focus on your video content and adapt the dimensions to specific social media projects in a flash.

Everything is laid out and available with a click of the mouse to make attention-getting, value-packed videos – quickly.

The only limitation is what you place on your creative imagination.

What you know about creating video content and what you have yet to experience in making creative, next level, video projects, Klippyo is the platform that advances your video possibilities and enables those possibilities to shine (Apple Pryor)

Rhonda Martin said that:

Klippyo is the easiest and fastest way I’ve used to create engaging videos for social media, across all platforms with just the click of a few buttons.

A great feature is a seamless integration with Shutterstock videos, images and audio. Click a button and you can search through a multitude of media and select one that gets added right into your timeline and its all part of Klippyo – no Shutterstock account required. Thousands saved in fees!

The same goes for YouTube, with no need to download, embed or copy the share code Just one click on the media you want and it’s in your timeline…

The one-click options to change the aspect ratio of the video for all main social media platforms which includes the optimum pixel size, landscape, square and vertical formats is such a huge timesaver.

Add to this the ability to create memes in seconds, add quotes, emojis, animated text and music to stock video and photos or upload your own and Klippyo is your go-to platform to create your social media videos. (Rhonda Martin)

Angel Nieves said that:

We have a Digital Advertising and Marketing Agency, we are always receptive to try and buy software that makes our lives simpler. They save us a lot of time and that they manage to impact our clients. When I had access to Klippyo and started creating my video versions, I just said to myself, this piece is going to give us a lot to talk about and more respect and admiration from our clients. It really is an investment that you can not question. I love this software. (Angel Nieves)

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