Lifetime Chat Review – Lifetime.Chat – Recurring Service. Not Recurring Payment

If you are worried about wasting the hundreds per agent per month. You only can handle up to the limited customers? It’s different now because of Lifetime.Chat right here. Let’s see in my Lifetime Chat Review.


Chatting lively with your customers is a very important part of doing business because we all understand that we can only understand our clients need if we can communicate with them to get the feedback from our customers. Moreover, chatting lively can also help us to contact our clients directly, quickly and right on the time that they need us.Therefore, you should have a live chat.

However, I understand that you might try so many kinds of chatting program but they are not cheap. Of course they are. But the other hand, you have to pay per agent per month. It’s not only wasting your money, but it’s also complicated and prolix to any one of us who are have so much of thing have to care about while doing business.

That’s why Lifetime.Chat was created to make you change your normal process on contacting to your clients via your websites. My Lifetime.Chat Review will let you see how it can bring you by using Lifetime.Chat to your things. Let’s see!

Lifetime Chat Review – Overview

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Lifetime Chat Review – What is Lifetime.Chat?

Lifetime.Chat is a program which allows you to have real-time conversations with your website customers. Your customers can contact you instantly and communicate in realtime.

It also provides you the phone support; to handle up to 6 customers simultaneously per support agent. Moreover, you can see who is on your website, where they are from and what pages they have viewed. You can know if they are back to your pages. It provides you the detailed information of how often they have communicated with your team as well as transcripts of past discussions. And then, it let you reach out proactively to a customer that’s been on your page for x minutes and offer them help.

Lifetime Chat has 1 Front End and 4 OTOs

Front End – Lifetime.Chat >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – Lifetime.Chat Unlimited & Unbranded >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Lifetime Stock Video Bundle >>> See Detail <<<

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Lifetime Chat Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch Lifetime.Chat Demo

What is Lifetime.Chat for?

Lifetime.Chat was created for you to stop pay between $15 and $60 per agent per month for Live Chat. Therefore, it’s here to save your money.

You don’t have to pay for your joining clients or  just because a company can cost-justify expensive per chat, per agent fees because of the product value and ROI. You only have to pay for one time to connect to your clients for whole life.

Lifetime Chat Review – Features of Lifetime.Chat

Everything you need

Lifetime.Chat is as cheap as those other chat companies, it means you can get the same features and moreover, it includes agent transfer, visitor tracking, visitor location, canned messages, emoji and more.

Everything that you can expect in a live chat service and more. Except the price.

Your business information

Lifetime.Chat has some kind of reports which can help you run your business and learn where your clients want you to improve. From the moment a visitor lands on your website, you have access to his location, visitor trails, chat history and more.

And in 90-days chat history, it allows you to go back and see what are the questions, roadblocks and hurdles that every customer experienced to ensure your customers don’t have any issues this time and in the future.

Convenient Connectivity

Lifetime.Chat has an elegent web application with fantastic attention to detail, which lead to one of the most pleasant experience for you and your agents. Or else, they also offer a native MacOS application and a native Windows application for your PC. And for mobile, they provide a full featured Android app with notifications and that they expect to release our iOS app in the next 30-days.

Lightweight Virtualized Cages

Every account on our platform is provisioned in their own environment with partitioned server memory, CPU and connections as well as individual databases for security. Our platform infrastructure doesn’t put 10,000+ Live Chat client accounts in the same database like our competition does. This is more difficult and expensive for us, but it’s more secure for you and provide stronger protection of your customer data.

How Does Lifetime.Chat Work?

Lifetime.Chat works in 3 simple steps

  • Step#1: Take it to your niche
  • Step#2: Doing step by step as it’s told on your installing process.
  • Step#3: Now it’s time for you to enjoy your chatting with your clients with the best than ever you can feel.

Lifetime Chat Review – Conclusion

That’s all of my Lifetime.Chat Review. You can see how Lifetime.Chat earns a huge profit for your business than ever with my analyze of  Lifetime.Chat. I hope my review will help you to see clearly about a new program, new direction of chatting with clients on your websites. Thank you for your time spending on my review!

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Thank for reading my Lifetime Chat Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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