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MarketingBlocks Review – All-In-One Profit-Making Marketing Tool

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article MarketingBlocks Review. I hope you will have more useful information and be happy with my awesome free bonus plus coupon code from the vendor Ifiok Nkem. Wish you success!.

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In online marketing today, the most effective method of any lead generation campaign is to provide something of value to your prospects.

These things of value can something they can read, learn from or engage with.

These are called MARKETING ASSETS.

With marketing assets, your business can educate prospects and customers about and promote your products, services or brand.

These marketing assets include emails, sales letters, Ad copies, website content, videos, and graphics.

But then, you’ll have to spend a lot of money to get tools like ClickFunnels, Canva, Adobe Photoshop, Camtasia, and more of these tools or expensive freelancers & agencies to get these marketing assets out.

This is why MarketingBlocks is a timely piece of software you need to look into today… It helps you create anything & everything you need to start an online business in 60 seconds or less.

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Let’s continue to my MarketingBlocks Review to know more detail about features, benefits and check your bonus below.

MarketingBlocks Review – Overview

Product NameMarketingBlocks
CreatorIfiok Nkem
Launch Date2022 – Nov – 19 at 11 AM EST
Office WebsiteMarketingBlocks Salesage
BonusAwesome Free Bonus Below
SkillAll Levels
Coupon CodeVIP2

MarketingBlocks has just released a new version 2.0. Let’s check the detail below

What is MarketingBlocks?

MarketingBlocks is an all-in-one A.I.-Powered platform that was created by Ifiok Nkem. It helps you create LANDING PAGES, LOGOS, VIDEOS, BANNERS, ADS, MARKETING COPY, EMAILS, VOICEOVERS, and much more in minutes from just a keyword!

Using the most advanced technologies… This tool makes you the marketing success you’ve always wanted to be.

MarketingBlocks AI does not require you to have any technical or design skills and also saves you from paying outrageous fees for complicated tools or expensive freelancers and agencies.

MarketingBlocks Review

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MarketingBlocks AI – What’s New?

What’s New In MarketingBlocks 2.0:

1-Click AI Website Import

Import ANY landing page or website into MarketingBlocks AI website builder in 1-click. Get full customisation option to change or customise text, images, links, buttons, sections, etc.

Build eCommerce Store In 1-Click Using Our Improved AI-Powered Website Builder

Build a robust eCommerce website in 1-click to sell physical or digital products and get paid via over 6 payment methods; Paypal, Stripe, Paystack, etc.

SEO Content Brief

Let AI help you outline & write the perfect article that will rank on search engines & bring you FREE traffic.

AI Longform Content Writer

AI Writer Writes Full Blog Posts, Books, Business Plans, VSL Scripts, Courses & More In Minutes

Use AI To Write Books, Reports & Lead Magnets

MarketingBlocks AI Helps Write Books To Build Authority & Sell Your Products. There’s a well-trained Tool for every part of your book.

Use AI to brainstorm & generate:

  • Book ideas
  • Book titles
  • Book outline
  • Book chapters content
  • Book foreword
  • Book introductions
  • Book dedication
  • Author bio
  • And many more

AI Text To Image[ArtBlocks]

Turn Any Text Into Compelling Images & Arts In Seconds Using A.I. Instantly generate photorealistic arts you can use in your business or sell to clients.

Generate in seconds & use them to grab attention & drive more traffic & engagement.

Find the perfect image for your next video, social post, ad, blog, NFT, or website, using only a keyword.

AI Image Eraser

AI Erases any unwanted object, defect, people, watermark or text from your pictures in seconds.

Just upload any image, use the brush to paint any object you want to remove, and boom AI cleans it in 1 click.

AI Course Creator

AI Helps Create Full Blown Courses In Minutes

Use AI to brainstorm & generate:

  • Course ideas
  • Course titles
  • Course outlines
  • Course descriptions
  • Course content
  • Course marketing assets

AI Code Writer – Ethan can be your software engineer too

Using the Freestyle AI tool, MarketingBlocks can help you write code or even troubleshoot and fix a buggy code snippet in 1-click.

This tool is super amazing and it works conversationally just like ChatGPT. Just input what you want to achieve or the buggy code snippet, enter in your command and boooom…

Ethan does the rest of the job!

AI Business Model Canvas Generator

Use AI to generate content for your business module canvas in 1-click. This is a super useful tool, and it generates professional and on-point content covering all the standard elements of a professional business module canvas.

Grammarly Pro-Style AI Sentence Improver

Write faster and communicate better using the AI-powered sentence improver and simplify. Like Grammarly pro, this AI tool helps you get more done faster.

  • Sentence Improver
  • Simplify Sentence

AI Story Telling & Story Selling

Use AI To Write Creative Stories That Catches Attention & Evokes The Right Emotions In your Readers, all done in one click.

Additional Marketing Copy Category

  • Case Study Intro
  • Freelance Listing
  • Testimonial Rewriter
  • Press Release Title & Intro
  • Growth Ideas
  • Persuasive Bullets
  • Product Launch Ideas
  • Easy Pitch

AI Tools For Social & Content Marketing

  • Add Emoji To List
  • Carousel Post
  • Crazy Youtube Ideas
  • Hashtag Generator
  • Hook Generator
  • Instagram Captions
  • Instagram Product Showcase
  • TikTok Brainstorm Topics
  • Random Tips
  • Poll Questions & Multiple Choice Answers
  • Engaging Questions
  • Nuggets To Social

And Many More!

  • Expand Sentence
  • Name Generator
  • Startup Ideas
  • Viral Ideas
  • Next Product
  • Resume Bullet Points
  • Story
  • Tshirt Swag

What is MarketingBlocks OTO?

Upsell 1: MarketingBlocks Unlimited »»»See Detail«««

With this upgrade, you will get access to create unlimited projects and unlimited assets. You also get access to turn any text into a spokesperson video. AI writes the script and turns it into a video, add color to a black-and-white image, removal of the ‘powered by’ branding, and more…

  • Create UNLIMITED Campaigns
  • Create UNLIMITED Landing Pages
  • Create UNLIMITED Ads
  • Create UNLIMITED Marketing Copy
  • Create UNLIMITED Promo Videos
  • Create UNLIMITED Email Swipes
  • Create UNLIMITED Voiceovers
  • Create UNLIMITED Graphics
  • Host UNLIMITED Pages
  • Enjoy UNLIMITED Bandwidth
  • Make UNLIMITED Offers
  • Use for UNLIMITED Clients
  • Earn UNLIMITED Profits
  • *1 million words for the long-form writer
  • Unlimited words for short-form writer

Upsell 2: MarketingBlocks Consultancy »»»See Detail«««

With MarketingBlocks Consultancy, you will get everything you need to start a widely successful digital agency business using MarketingBlocks AI:

  • Stunning ready-made Agency website
  • Irresistible Proposal (MS Word & Powerpoint)
  • Highly optimized cold call Email Sequence
  • Pimped-to-sell Telemarketing scripts for videos
  • Print-ready commercial Graphics templates for video services (business card, letterhead, invoice, trifold brochure)
  • 4 DFY Facebook ad creatives
  • DFY web banners & google ads
  • DFY legal contract vetted by an attorney

Upsell 3 – MarketingBlocks ArtBlocks »»»See Detail«««

This AI App Turns Any Text Into Compelling, High Quality & Photorealistic Images & Art You Can Use In Your Business Or Sell To Clients.

Can’t tell the difference between AI-generated images and picasso-level art done by humans.

Upsell 4 – AI Traffic SEO Content Briefs & Long Form AI Writer »»»See Detail«««

Let AI help you outline & write the perfect article that will rank high on search engines bringing you FREE traffic.

Outline and research content that will rank above your competitors in minutes, not hours or days.
Use the top results for any target search query to curate SEO-optimized briefs in minutes.

Analyse the top 20 results of a given keyword and see all their titles & headers and summarisations of their content.

Pull in any related forum questions from Reddit, Quora, and People Also Asked boxes and use AI to generate additional questions your readers may have.

Upsell 5: MarketingBlocks Authority Builder »»»See Detail«««

Dominate Quora, Facebook Groups & Others Like A PRO With AI.

More than 300 million unique users visit Quora each month.
With this Upgrade, MarketingBlocks AI will help you answer tough questions on quora with great simplicity.

Just type any trending quora question, enter a few points to include and the AI will write out intelligent, detailed and helpful answers that will help you establish authority => trust ==> traffic, leads & sales.

MarketingBlocks AI writes detailed, helpful answers to top questions in ANY industry to provide value and DOMINATE on Quora and social media groups (Facebook groups).

A Hands-on Quora Marketing MasterClass

Upsell 5: MarketingBlocks Reseller »»»See Detail«««

RESELL MarketingBlocks as your own and KEEP 100% of the profit. Easy way to make money selling software products

If you want to get the MarketingBlocks Front End and all the above Upsells (Unlimited, Consultancy, Authority Builder, Review Profits, Reseller). I recommend you get this MarketingBlocks Bundle package at special deal here.

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MarketingBlocks Review – What is the Feature?

Bulk Generate: Generate as many copies as you want with just one click. This software works with fantastic accuracy. It’s the new-age way of doing things professionally and fast.

Inbuilt Translator: With this tool, you can generate marketing assets in more than 100 languages. This feature is specifically designed to take out all the grunt work from language translations. It involves translating the content to appeal to local audiences in order to increase worldwide conversions.

Resizing Wizard: Auto-generate and resize your designs for Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok, etc in seconds. Change the shape to vertical, horizontal, or square as you find the best fit to adapt to the requirement. You can do all this while still maintaining good clarity, depth, and sharpness in the elements.

Advanced A.I. Software: This AI has been trained to be a solution to all your problems. No need to spend thousands of dollars and waste time on untrustworthy freelancers such as graphic editors, video editors, copywriters, voice-over artists, etc. This all-in-one tool does everything for you, plus you have 100% control over it as well.

Drag & Drop Editor: Why spend hours explaining your vision to a designer when you can do it yourself! Within seconds, you can drag and drop elements of your choice across the canvas for an instant upload. These elements could be image assets (PNG, JPG, SVG) or any audio/video file (MP4, MP3, etc.)

Other features include:

  • Shapes and icons
  • Drop shadows
  • Instant Resizing
  • Photo Cropping
  • Image Background Removal
  • Mask Media into any shape
  • Swap out Alternate Backgrounds
  • Photo Filters
  • Zoom Controls
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
  • Objects Aligning
  • Color Picker
  • Undo and Re-do

MarketingBlocks Review – How Does It Work?

Create Stunning & Guaranteed-To-Convert Online Business Assets In 3 Easy Steps!

Step#1 – Enter Product Name & Description

MarketingBlocks Step1

Step#2 – Select The Type Of Online Business Asset

Step#3 – A.I. Generates 100% Original Online Business Asset

MarketingBlocks Step3

Ready-To-Use In Your Business Or Sell To Your Clients For BIG Profits

Pros & Cons


  • Falling in love with this software was really not difficult for a number of reasons. To be clear and concise, I’ll give them via a list:
  • Solves a pressing and expensive problem in the online business.
  • Easy to use and works seamlessly
  • It’s freaking cheap, going for a one-time deal. Though the one-time offer is only valid during the launch special period.


  • By now, you should know I am totally in love with MarketingBlocks.
  • But if I am to point out any con right now, it’ll be calling out on the number of upsells although, this isn’t much of a con as the software still works perfectly without any of the upgrades.
  • The upgrades simply give you more power and that’s all.

MarketingBlocks Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, these are some reasons that you will love MarketingBlocks

It’ll make them SERIOUS MONEY!

Beta MarketingBlocks Customers used it to massively boost their profits.

It’s FAST!

You will experience ultra-fast designs and 100% Uptime.

It costs only the price of a couple of donuts and coffee

The amount of money MarketingBlocks is going to save you in recurring payments (that you would have had to pay otherwise) added to the early bird discounted one-time price makes this a steal.


It appeals to absolutely everybody: MarketingBlocks can be used to increase sales and profits by EVERYBODY in EVERY NICHE.


There is NOTHING else that exists like MarketingBlocks. The nearest closest competitors cost thousands per month, so you are getting a GENUINE deal.

Secondly, Everything You Create Is Fully Editable, As It Comes With 8 AI powered tools

MarketingBlocks Feature

A.I. Graphics Editor – Create stunning, professional, and high-converting designs on-demand

A.I. Landing Page Builder – The Intelligent AI also creates landing pages for you pre-loaded with relevant text and images that fits your business.

A.I. Video Creator – Create and edit sales, explainer & promotional videos.

Text-To-Speech Editor – With 30+ high-quality natural-sounding voiceovers artists to choose from

A.I. Copywriter

Our impressive AI writes all the marketing copy you need for your online business. Say goodbye to writer’s block, with this tool, you can generate attention-grabbing copy for ads, website, ecommerce, blogs, etc.

AI Background Remover

Instead of spending hours manually erasing pixels in photoshop, you can just edit the background out of an image with just one click.

A.I. Email Writer

This trained AI-powered tool writes hyper-personalized emails that never fails to attract prospects and compels a response almost 90% of the time.

AI Stock Hunter

MarketingBlocks AI goes to work and finds the best-suited stock images for your project from our huge library of all sorts of Visual Content.

MarketingBlocks Review – Conclusion

Before I give my final thought, which I think is already obvious by now, I’ll like to say one or two things about the product creator and product vendor.

First, Ifiok NKem is the CEO SnapiLABs Inc., a fast-rising software company responsible for a number of bestseller software platforms and solutions to real-life problems (just like MarketingBlocks)

SnapiLABs has a full-time team of developers and support personnel, hence their unmatched reputation in customer support and software maintenance.

Ifiok was vetted by Forbes & accepted into their prestigious Business Council in recognition of his track record of successfully impacting entrepreneurs & small businesses, industry leadership as well as personal and professional achievements.

Some of the software platforms by this serial creator are CopyBlocks, Socicake, DesignBundle, Uduala, VideoTours360, and a host of others.

Hence, on this note, I’ll say; MarketingBlocks is a timely solution and I highly recommend it.

Without any doubt, I can give it a five-star review, anything other than that will be “BIAS!”

You can go ahead and secure your access, your investment is SAFE & WISE, cheers!

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MarketingBlocks Bonus

Exclusive Bonus #5 – 1.2 million local businesses Database

This is a very premium and congruent bonus to the Marketing Blocks offer!

When you combine this database with your Marketing Blocks prospecting kit, you’ll simply be unstoppable and light years ahead of your competition.

Just imagine this… With Marketing Blocks, your target clients are local business owners and now you’re getting a robust database containing all the relevant data about over 1.2 million local businesses across the US.

Exclusive Bonus #6 – Exclusive access to our Drop service assets

When you get access to Marketing Blocks today – as a special bonus – you also get exclusive access to our Drop service assets.

Yes, we will give you unrestricted access to our database of 10 million local businesses in the USA. These are businesses desperately looking for service providers to help them sell online.

Not only that… You will also get access to our ‘tested and trusted’ list of service providers that will deliver quality service for whatever niche and market you need.


The Plug n Play GIF Creator is a one of its kind attention-grabbing marketing tool . . .

It allows you to create stunning GIF videos that convey different emotions, gestures and reactions perfectly without saying a single word

It comes with a detailed user manual and installation videos to ensure you set up hitch free and hit the ground running.

Remember the saying; “a picture is worth a thousand words?” then a GIF is worth ten thousand!

Pick up Marketing Blocks today to UNLOCK your FREE access to this cutting edge tool.

Exclusive Bonus #8 – How To Get Testimonials & 5-Star Reviews As a Newbie(Video Training)

This is a premium video course that will show you how to practically generate 5-star reviews and awesome testimonials for your offers, even as a beginner…

The bare knuckle truth is that selling online especially as a beginner, requires you to have some level of social proof to solidify your credibility…

Nobody brings out his/her credit card if they don’t trust you, and for them to trust you, at the very least, you should have testimonials from other people saying good stuff about you, your service or your offer.

This is where this video course comes in very useful, it’ll show you how to generate great reviews and testimonials that you can use for your marketing.

Get Access MarketingBlocks Bonus


Bonus #1: DFY Viral Machine (365+ Ready to Post “viral quote images”)

Schedule your entire social media with DFY viral quote images for a year.

Bonus #2: 100 Hiqh Quality Green Screen Background Videos (55 + 45-extra)

Collection of 100 high quality background videos that are perfect for a green screen!

Bonus #3: Local Whiteboard Videos (Dentist + Handyman + Locksmith + plumber)

Collection of DFY white board videos that cover dentist, handyman, locksmith and plumber niche.

Bonus #4: Whiteboard Animation Commercials (Chiropractor + Computer Repair + Hair Salon + SkinCare)

Collection of whiteboard animation style commercial videos covering chiropractor, computer repair, hair salon and skincare niche.

Bonus #5: 50 Royalty Free High Quality Music Loops

Bundle of 50 royalty free music loops, these music tracks are loopable making them very handy for various applications.

Bonus #6: White Label Rights Graphics Wizard

Graphics Wizard is a collection of high quality graphics you can use in various applications.

Bonus #7: Access + Giveaway Rights to Content Marketing Rookie

We uncover the common content marketing mistakes most online marketers make and give you tips on how to avoid them

Bonus #8: Graphics Tornado

Graphics Tornado is a bundle of graphics that you can use for various applications!

Bonus#9 – Dominate any niche with Video Marketing

Bonus#10 – Steal your competitors audience with video ads

Plus Extra Bonus for Marketing Blocks

Bonus Package 1

Bonus Package #1

Bonus Package 2

Bonus Package #2

MarketingBlocks OTO Bonus When You Buy More Any OTO/Upsell

MarketingBlocks Special Bonus

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Special Bonuses

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Right Affiliate Id


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You will receive these Bonuses within the NEXT 20 hours.

Thank you for reading MarketingBlocks Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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