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PursueApp Review – Unlock The Power of Cold Email Marketing For Your Business

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A well-executed and targeted cold-email campaign will turn leads who know nothing about you and your business into your best admirers.

Time after time, cold email has proven to be the best strategy that companies can employ to bring their offers to their target customers.

But cold-emailing is not easy. It only works if the customer actually thinks that the emails are written just for him. Treat it like mass email marketing and you will not make any sales.

Get it right and the rewards can be beyond your imagination. An automated sales machine that turns out a profit for every lead you feed into it.

Well, this new launch from my friend Cyril ‘Jeet’ Gupta will make you stay profitable in this age where the only marketing is an online marketing and you need to get cold-emailing right.

Let’s go in deep my PursueApp review to know more about OTO, feature, benefit and your bonus.

What is PursueApp?

PursueApp brings the most powerful cold-emailing systems and workflow to our market. With features that allow you to create highly personalized marketing campaigns without spending hours.

You can also create custom customer journeys based on specific responses and behaviors, and engage each customer in a 100% unique manner.

PursueApp Review

PursueApp Coupon Code

What is OTO or Upsell?

PursueApp has 5 OTOs

OTO1 – PursueApp Pro >>> See Detail <<<

Pro version of PursueApp unlocks unlimited email campaigns and unlimited email sends along with more powerful email templates and dozens of themes.

  • Unlimited campaigns
  • Unlimited email sends a month
  • Powerful email verification features
  • Unlimited Lists
  • More email templates
  • More email themes
  • Expanded Agency Rights
  • 2 years of free upgrades
  • Ready made sales page for service providers
  • And more.

OTO2 – PursueApp Agency >>> See Detail <<<

Agency license lets buyers sell PursueApp for profit. PursueApp is a highly maintained, evergreen SAAS product and our agency buyers trust us to create a constant income source for them and buy repeatedly.

OTO3 – PursueApp Email Sequence Templates >>> See Detail <<<

OTO4 – ListJanitor Pro >>> See Detail <<<

Powerful desktop-based email list cleaner. Removes invalid email addresses, role addresses, spam emails & verifies every email for authenticity.

OTO5 – CloudFunnels Pro >>> See Detail <<<

Powerful funnel builder that can be hosted on any hosting. Includes scores of templates and readymade plugins worth $100s a month.

PursueApp Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, Cold Email Marketing is the Strategy Your Business Needs the Most Today!

Turn ice-cold leads into warm customers

A well-executed and targeted cold-email campaign will turn leads who know nothing about you and your business into your best admirers.

Time after time, cold email has proven to be the best strategy that companies can employ to bring their offers to their target customers. This is a marketing system used by the top industry brands, service providers and marketers and many top brands have grown to leadership on the basis of cold emails.

It works because it’s targeted, personal and low-cost. Once you’ve got a lead, a sustained and well-designed cold email campaign is arguably the best way to connect.

Your leads deserve a good cold-email campaign, not an autoresponder

Are you making the fatal mistake of putting your leads into a regular autoresponder and firing off a blind sequence?

Don’t be surprised if your emails go unread and your response rate is dismal. You are not nurturing a relationship, you are just overwhelming your lead.

If you want real results, what you need is a well-designed cold-email campaign. Which detects exactly how your customer is reacting to your emails and then tailors the strategy based on what they like and dislike.

You need a campaign that feels like every email is hand-written and addressed exactly to the person who is receiving it.

Yes, automation to that degree is possible in a cold-email campaign using PursueApp.

Cold email marketing is highly effective for agencies, b2b and non-commodity products

Cold email marketing is extremely effective, but it works very well for some business groups.

Like agencies offering their services to businesses, business to business products and services, services offered by an individual to businesses, investments, real estate, and other similar niches where people expect or demand personal attention.

Cold Email Marketing Generates Hot Results For Marketers

Cold Email Marketing Automation Proof

This means if you are in any kind of service or agency business, then cold email marketing can be perfect for you.

If you are working in any of these or similar niches (Agencies, Real Estate Brokers, Designers, Financial & Insurance Marketers, Commission Agents, Service Providers, SEO Providers, Trainers & Coaches, Craftsmen, Architects, Solution Providers,…) and not using cold email marketing already, then you are giving your competition an opportunity to walk in and establish a rapport with your customer before you do.

Cold-email is the perfect way to connect with your customers and warm a lead into a customer.

So if you are putting your leads into a traditional autoresponder and ruining that relationship, it’s time to re-invent.

Here Are Some Alternatives To PursueApp That Will Make You Pay 9x Or More!

PursueApp vs Competitors

That’s why PursueApp is your solution today.

Secondly, Make Cold Emails Easy with PursueApp

Technology makes not just life simpler, it also makes business simpler if you use the right technology.

What you need is a conversion machine. A program that will make it easy for you to set up an effective cold email campaign, and then work reliably in the background, churning out buyers from the leads you feed into it.


Personalized cold email campaigns your leads will love

PursueApp helps you create highly personalized cold-email campaigns. Emails that are 100% organic and targeted and make your lead feel that they are written just for them. Create a warm relationship from the first mail.

Custom customer journeys

A cold email campaign aims to nurture a relationship and guide a cold lead into becoming a customer.

With PursueApp, you can create custom email journeys for your customers. Giving them exactly the right input to make that sale.

Powerful event and triggers system

PursueApp powerful events system watches how your lead reacts to the email and lets you automate the next step based on everything.

Did your lead open the mail? Did they read it? Did they click on any links? How many times did they open your email?

Use all of this information and more, to create emails that strike on target and compel your leads to convert.

PursueApp Review – The Features & Benefits

Gets The Maximum RoI From Every Lead You Bring

Works with any lead source

PursueApp can be combined with any CRM, any website, any ad campaign, and even manual entry of leads.

No matter how you bring in your cold leads, PursueApp will convert them into warm leads and then convert them.

Automatically verifies leads

In email marketing, your reputation depends on the leads you target. Target bad or non-existing leads and your sender reputation goes down.

PursueApp lets you verify every lead that comes in and make sure it’s genuine. Increasing your response rate and keeping your sender score high.

Integrates with all mailing systems

PursueApp lets you send your emails with every mailing system including Google Workspaces, Gmail, Outlook, Microsoft Exchange, SMTPs, etc.

Send your mails with any identity and any mailing system.

Make Killer Cold-Email Campaigns Easily

Dozen of readymade email themes & templates

Make your emails stand out with PursueApp’s in-built email themes and templates that are suitable for every business niche and every occasion.

You can modify the template with our in-built powerful designer and customize it with your own graphics and content.

Readymade mail sequences

Worried about what e-mail content to write in your sequence?

Well, don’t! You get a ready-made powerful mail sequence that you can quickly plugin and adapt, making it super easy for you to get started with your own powerful cold email sequence.

Powerful A/B Testing

Make your campaigns better and better with A/B testing. Find out what works best for your leads and improve your cold email sequences to get you the best returns.

PursueApp gives you a side-by-side comparison between two emails.

Get Better Delivery & Inboxing With PursueApp

Go to the inbox every time

PursueApp lets you send marketing messages using GSuite and Gmail. Combined with the intelligent content system that makes each mail highly unique, you are assured of higher delivery and inboxing of every mail sequence.

Send with multiple IDs

PursueApp lets you use multiple IDs and senders in your mail campaigns. So you can find out which sender works well and then use it.

Tracks Conversions & Sales

PursueApp not only tracks how your leads warm-up but also tracks sales.

So if there is any sale from the cold email, you’ll know which lead bought at what level in the sequence. Conversion data will help you make your email sequence bullet-proof.

PursueApp Maximizes Your Sales & Profits With Better Leads Warmup

Complete control over your sequences

Cold email marketing only works when you have granular control over the emails sent to each lead. PursueApp gives you total control. You’ll know which mails each lead gets and how they respond to it.

You can also send custom emails to specific leads as well as pause or restart the campaigns to them.

Identify Leads That Are Getting Warm

PursueApp also separately identifies the leads who are responding to you and have been warmed up. You can then feed these leads into your other channels of marketing and get sales everywhere.

Intelligent reports and analytics

Without proper reporting and analytics, you will never know what is happening with your leads.

PursueApp’s analytics dashboard gives you complete information about your leads and the results you are getting.

With detailed reporting and analytics, you will find it easier to come up with fresh ideas for profits and create a better sales plan.

Pro Level Cold Email Marketing Features That No Autoresponder Will Give You

Multi-Trigger Sequences

Select different emails to send based on intelligent triggers like a number of opens, clicks, and combinations. With these triggers you can craft 100% unique pathways for your customer, showing them exactly the message they need at every stage.

Analyze individual leads

Analyze individual leads and see how they are responding to your messages. Make your communication as individualized as you want, including creating a custom message for each lead.

Powerful Leadscore systems

Ready to bring your leads to other marketing channels like phone calls?

With PursueApp’s lead-score system, you will know how warm each lead is, and you can craft the next level of your marketing better, getting a superior response rate and conversions.

Unlock Recurring Earnings By Building Cold Email Campaigns For Other Businesses

Get PursueApp in the special sale today and we will add a Commercial license to your purchase.

PursueApp commercial license authorizes you to run cold-email campaigns for other businesses and charge a one-time or recurring fee from them.

You get everything you need to set up amazing campaigns for local or online businesses and charge them for it.

This can be your biggest business this year. Just think about the size of the potential market and the popularity of email marketing. You are going to land premium paying clients month after month!

Like on Fiverr

Make Money on Fiverr

Or on Freelancer

Make Money on Freelancer

Email Marketing is a high-paying niche and people are charging 100s of dollars for just one campaign. With PursueApp helping you build affordable campaigns, you can dominate this market and rake in clients by the dozen.

These are 6 Powerful Ways To Get Sales With PursueApp Commercial Rights

  • Run cold email campaigns for businesses at a per lead cost
  • Book calls and appointments with warmed up leads for others and charge per call
  • Warm-up leads in a niche and sell the leads to businesses in that niche
  • Pick a product and promote it to leads using cold email and earn a commission
  • Create ready cold-email campaigns for a niche and sell it to multiple businesses
  • Charge a monthly retainer to manage cold email campaigns for a business

PursueApp Review – How Does It Work?

Set & Forget Your Profit Cold Email Campaigns With Pursueapp

Step#1 – Set It Up!

Create your campaign in PursueApp

Step#2 – Turn it on!

Switch on the campaign and let the emails go out.

Step#3 – Watch It Rain!

Watch the cold leads warm-up and embrace your business.

Now, let’s go in deep the dashboard area to see it’s so easy you’ll have your first campaigns

PursueApp Review – Conclusion

Thank you for reading my article PursueApp review until now. I hope you have a full information about this product. I highly recommend it to you asap. Because, when you buy PursueApp at this time, you will get more:

  • The powerful video course that Cyril Gupta has created to help marketers like you grab the maximum sales and profits from cold email marketing.
  • A ready-made campaign that you can use as a starter. Just replace the email and the pitch with your niche and you will have a powerful cold email campaign set up in no time. This readymade campaign can save you 100s of dollars in copywriting and days in brainstorming.

Really perfect!. Don’t wait more time…

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