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TXTVideo Direct Review – The Expert’s Guide to Make A Lot More Online Video Sales

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If You Want To Boost Your Profits By Turning Your Normal Videos Into Super Charged Engagement Tools And Conversion Magnets. Lets’ read my TXTVideo Direct to know more detail.


TXTVideo Direct Overview

Product Name: TXTVideo DirectButtonS

ButtonSCreator: Jamie Ohler

ButtonSOffice Page: TXTVideo Direct Review Homepage

ButtonSLaunch Date: 2019 – 02 – 14 at 11:00 AM EST

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What is TXTVideo Direct?

TXTVideo Direct is the Brand New system that integrates ALL of the VideoRemix technology inside the upgraded TXTVideo platform to bring to you and your customers the most unique cutting edge video creation tool on the market.

TXTVideo Direct has 1 Front End and 3 OTOs

Front End – TXTVideo Direct >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – TXTVideo Direct Next Level >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – TXTVideo Direct Cutting Edge >>> See Detail <<<

OTO3 – TXTVideo Direct Power Up >>> See Detail <<<

TXTVideo Direct Review

Why Should You Get TXTVideo Direct?

These are some reasons that make you should get TXTVideo Direct in 2019

TXTVideoDirect helps you create text-story videos in minutes… a proven way to capture your audience’s’ attention and engage them in a fun way AND then insert clickable Call-To-Action buttons right inside your videos to send your conversions through the roof.

With TXTVideoDirect you are guaranteed to:

  • Reach audience on 3 biggest social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat)
  • Engage your audience in an entertaining and fun way
  • Register a MASSIVE spike in conversions thanks to clickable CTAs
  • Skyrocket profits by pre-selling your audience with the video
  • Drive massive traffic to your offers
  • Make incredible returns on your investment

You also get the Commercial License to TXTVideoDirect WITHOUT upgrading. Sell highly-engaging and captivating text-story videos with clickable CTAs to local business and keep 100% of the money as pure profits.

How Does TXTVideo Direct Work?

JUST FOLLOW THESE 5 EASY STEPS Create Highly Engaging And Fully Customizable TXT Videos In Minutes… And Add Images, GIFs, Personalization, Custom Backgrounds, and Call-To-Action Buttons Right Inside The Video To Skyrocket Leads, Retention, And Conversion Rates!

Step 1 – Login To TXTVideo Direct
Just choose an image, change the name, decide on a time, and battery life to give it a “Real Chat” look

Step 2 – Create A Story
Create a chat (using text-lingo) between any 2 fictional characters like your prospective/existing customer and your customer support team member or even between 2 friends… one asking for recommendations from the other (that involves your product/service)…

Step 3 – Create a TXTVideo Direct
Click on the button to Create a Direct Video

Step 4 – Choose your Background, Text, Personalization & Call-to-Action
Cleverly insert your Call-To-Action Buttons, Custom Backgrounds, Personalized Text and Images!

Step 5 – Share With Your Audience And Connect With Them Instantly
Render your new video and share it instantly on Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat…and let your audience connect with you by clicking on your CTAs instantly.

What is the feature of TXTVideo Direct?

TXTVideo Direct has awesome these features:

Customized TXT Conversations
Customize by changing the text, the display pictures of the persons supposedly chatting, their names, the battery life signs, the time, etc.

Add Personalization
Cater each video to the person watching it with our personalization engine. When the video plays it shows their name and/or image.

Insert Call-to-Action Buttons
Plant your (clickable) Call-To-Action buttons right inside the flow of the video and connect with your audience to skyrocket conversions and sales.

1-Click Cloud Sharing
With just 1-Click you can share your videos on Facebook, LinkedIn, Email, Your Website and drive ALL the traffic straight to your offers.

Add Images and GIFs
Upload your favorite image and GIF to each of your TXTVideo Direct Projects to make it stand out even more.

Insert Custom Backgrounds
Take your TXTVideo project to a whole other level by adding a customer background for any niche or use the backgrounds we provide with your new account.

Login From Anywhere… Anytime
SaaS cloud based video creation allows you to create and access the videos that you’ve created from anywhere at any time. Nothing to download or install.

Multilingual Chats Supported
Create your videos in any language you want to target specific regions and audience.

Some Interesting Questions About TXTVideo Direct

Why should I use Text Story Videos in place of other types of videos to drive traffic?

Humans are by nature curious. And the power of words is much more than those of pictures. Text Story videos combine both these aspects and therefore, have a much higher chance of converting your audience into paying customers

If I need time to think about it… can I get it later?

You can get it later, but… at a much higher recurring monthly price (yet to be decided), WITHOUT the bonuses being offered as part of this special launch and WITHOUT The Commercial License that allows you to offer this as a service.

Besides… your small investment today in TXTVideo Direct is fully covered by our 30-day Money Back Guarantee. That much time is quite sufficient for you to actually try it out and then decide whether you’d like to keep it or return it.

What kind of Call-To-Action buttons can I insert?

Any type you want. You can insert a link to a website, a link to a landing page or an optin form, a link to make a voice call etc. The idea is that your audience can connect with you right then and there. During the course of the chat, they are being pre-sold without even knowing it. The CTA at the end would just help you skyrocket conversions.

Using such Text Story Videos, I can drive traffic from which social media platform?

You can download and share the videos you are going to create using TXTVideo Direct on Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram. These 3 alone offer you the chance to reach 3.5 billion people.

TXTVideo Direct Conclusion

TXTVideo Direct has become a rage and there are now thousands of videos being created around the world by TXTVideo Direct members.

With TXTVideo Direct, you can:

  • Reach audience on 3 biggest social networks (Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat)
  • Entertaining and fun way to engage your audience
  • Spike in conversions thanks to clickable CTAs
  • Skyrocket profits by pre-selling your audience with the video
  • Drive massive traffic to your offers
  • Make incredible returns on your investment

I hope you now know everything you needed to know before getting access to TXTVideo Direct. But don’t wait for more, the price will increase quickly.

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Thank for reading my TXTVideo Direct Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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