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VoiceMatic Review – The World’s First Artificial Intelligence Voice Autoresponder

Maybe you have been too busy to pick up the phone? Each time our customers call, we all know they’ve items to ask or they need consultation! When we don’t free time grab the phone to fix their problems, we’ve to deal with a furious customer later. When we lose out the customer who needs consultation, we lose to be able to close the deal. This is the flat truth that many people handle every day.

This is exactly why prospects and customer management is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise for people who will help businesses manage and convert their prospects into paying customers and help keep existing customers happy. Consultants usually charge you a bundle for this service and lots of business owners out there are willing to pay for, despite a top price.

Would you want to discover how to automatically followup and turn your organization leads and contacts into paying customers using automated follow-up voice messages and voice funnels without having to dial any numbers automatically?

In this article Voicematic review, you will find out a powerful solution which gives you the all-new AI-based voice autoresponder and voice funnels creator that helps you automatically track, follow-up & manage your incoming, missed, or dropped calls, without the need to ever get the phone!

You can now close more deals & increase your profits by automatically following up all of your missed or incoming calls Quicker and Easier than ever before… even if you’re as busy as hell!

Voicematic Review – Overview

Product NameVoiceMatic
CreatorDr Ope Banwo and Guillermo Mata
Launch Date2019 – Aug – 05 at 11 PM EST
Office WebsiteVoicematic Sale Page
BonusAwesome Bonus Below
SkillAll Levels

Voicematic Review – What is it?

Voicematic is the World’s 1st AI-Powered Voice Responder and Voice Funnel Creation Software For Managing And Converting Your Contacts, Messages, and Leads With Automated Voice Calls Without Ever Picking Up The Phone! Voicematic enables ANYONE to automatically follow up on ANY incoming, missed or dropped calls (with no need to dial any numbers) via pre-configured drag and drop voice messages AND sequences.

It has 4 OTOs

OTO1 – 20 Done-For-You Voice Funnels + Monthly Voice Funnel Template Club >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Voicematic Reseller >>> See Detail <<<

OTO3 – Voicematic Consultant Kit >>> See Detail <<<

OTO4 – Voicematic Masterclass >>> See Detail <<<

Voicematic Review

Download Your Copy Voicematic

Voicematic Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, As Soon As You Get Started With VoiceMatic, You Will No More

Struggle With Following Up Prospects who call you while you’re attending to clients, or on another call with a prospect or simply unable to answer the phone. Voicematic acts as your receptionist and automatically takes care of business when you are unavailable

Worries About Your Lack Of Technical Skills to setup complicated Voice Mail or text-to-speech voice calls, or having to pay someone to do it for you. Everything in Voicematic is Drag-N-Drop. The Text to Speech creates your audio messages in a snap and it even allows you to upload your own audio messages in a matter of seconds!

Lost Prospects Due To time lags created when you’re busy and can’t take their calls immediately, causing them to call your competitor or refuse to deal with you. The AI Powered Voicematic takes care of all that for you while you just keep enjoying your life!

Losing Money you spent Getting Hot Prospects To Call You, but couldn’t make the sale because you have nothing to do the follow-up when you’re not available. Voicematic puts an end to all that and makes voice follows with your prospects a simple drag and drop affair.!

Secondly, an AI Voice Responder And Voice Funnels Creator to Engage Your Prospects, Generate More Deals For You, and Make YOU More Money Round-The-Clock

Now, with the Voicematic You Can:

Create Unlimited Text-Speech: Create an endless amount of text to speech messages for all seasons and different promotions.

Upload Unlimited Contacts: Push voice drops & auto responses to as many contacts as you want with a few clicks!

Resell a Unique Service No One is Offering: VoiceMatic is the World’s First AI Voice Autoresponder. There’s nothing Like It!

Sell Something Customers Want: Start Reselling something unique that local business owners need, want and will buy.

Maximize Your Contact List: Now you can start generating deals & sales from your already existing contact list, in a few clicks.

Broadcast Your Voice Messages Easily: Start creating unlimited text-to-speech voice messages in a snap without any tech skills

Get Better Results from Every Promotion: Send offers, discounts and more directly to your customer’s phones for higher close rates.

Increase Customer Engagement: Send preset automated & sequential voice messages with news, offers, tips & product updates to your list.

Good Sounding AI Bots: Unlike several text-to-speech bots, our AI bot sounds amazing and won’t turn of people.

Follow Up Leads Like a Ninja: Let VoiceMatic do the heavy lifting for you, so you close more deals without a lifting a finger.

No Need To Start From Scratch: Instantly Create High Converting Text-to-Speech Voice Messages From Our Ready-To-Go Templates.

User Friendly Dashboard: Allows you to create, manage, broadcast and watch the performance of your text-to-speech messages

Redirect Prospects: You can configure redirects to route prospects to another phone line while you’re busy or attending to something else and can’t take their calls

Easy Step by Step Training: Full step by step training on how to use the AI software for best results. VoiceMatic is also idiot proof to use. Absolutely no tech skills needed!

Generate More Sales: Increase profits by closing more hot prospects using hyper effective, automated and follow-up with Voicematic

Close Deals Like Never Before: Never fail to close pre-motivated & pre-interested prospects who call you ever again because of poor follow-up.

Thirdly, Voicematic has awesome these features

World’s First Artificial Intelligence Voice Autoresponder, Call Tracker & VoiceMail Broadcaster. (Zero Tech Skills Needed)

For the first time ever, you can create text-to-speech Voice Messages with Call to Actions to automatically go out to any Prospect that calls your business line when you or your team are unavailable Powerful right?

Instantly Schedule Your Voice Messages

Schedule Your Text-to-Speech Messages to go out to any incoming callers based on specific time and date in a few simple Clicks

Create Text-to-Speech Follow-up Sequences (Autoresponder Style)

Now you can configure sequential voice messages and voicemails to be dispatched in a sequence – weekly, monthly or yearly, or on specific dates in a few easy clicks.

Preview Your Text-To-Speech Messages

Preview the Text-To-Speech Voice Messages generated for you and hear how they will sound before sending them out or scheduling them

Upload your Contact List in CSV

Upload CSV files with your already existing customer list or contacts from your business cards that have been laying around idle in your office and start attracting new business.

Drag and Drop to Calendar to Schedule

Drag and drop your text-to-speech messages to the specific dates on the calendar that you want them to be broadcasted to your prospects.

Deep Tracking & Analytics

Track all inbound and outbound calls per day, week, month, year and all time. Know if your voice messages connected or failed and if your voicemails dropped.

Choose From Male or Female Voices

You can select from a range of voice types, whether male or female to read your text as voice.

How Does Voicematic Work?

Voicematic  works in 4 steps

Step 1

Easily Create follow-up voice messages using one of the 3 very simple ways – Either by using our AI-Powered Text To Speech Creator OR by uploading your own pre-done audio files OR by using any of our included premade Done-for-you autoresponder voice messages

Step 2

Arrange the message sequence, time and dates you would like the Voice Messages delivered to your prospects and customers using our inbuilt calendar feature that works and operates like any normal autoresponder set up.

You can also use the Immediate broadcast feature or preset future delivery times.

Step 3

Make your voice funnel live and our AI Voice Responder AI takes over from there and ensures your voice calls are sent out, and delivered per your scheduled calendar, without you ever having to touch the phone again.

Step 4

The amazing Voicematic keeps track of analytics on all calls made to you by prospects/customers, and calls made by you on Voicematic. It also tracks answered calls, dropped calls and voice messages.

Full Commercial Rights Included – Make Money Creating and broadcasting Highly Converting Marketing Voice responder messages and Voice Funnels for 3rd Parties.

Voicematic Review – Who Should Use It?

There are MANY applications for this powerful artificial intelligence software, and it will be especially helpful for:

Mobile App Consultants and Freelancers

Everyone knows prospects and customer management is a multi-billion-dollar enterprise for those who can help businesses manage and convert their prospects into paying customers and help keep existing customers happy. Now, you too can start raking in serious money by creating voice responder messages and voice funnels like a pro for unlimited clients all over the world…. even if you have zero technical skills, the AI-enabled Voicematic Voice Responder and Voice Funnels Builder has you covered!

Business People and Corporate Executives

Now you or ANY of your staff can effortlessly create auto Voice Responders and Voice Funnels in a matter of minutes, simply by just by completing a simple the Q&A on the AI-Enabled Dashboard… (No complicated technical skills required) and then instantly explode your closing ration and customer engagement as your voice messages and voice funnels go to work for you on auto-pilot and close your hot leads 24/7 every week, every month and every year.

eCommerce Marketers

Voicematic is a dream come true for eCom marketers – in a market where every buyer is looking for easy of purchase and interaction with sell, your progressive app with its easy accessibility even when your customers are offline, sending specific campaign messaging to your existing buyers or new buyers to drive them to other offers on our website – the bottom line is to maximize profits you need to showcase your stores and offers MORE using a medium where your clients are already engaged.

Social Media Marketers

Now you can get more results for your social media quizzes, contests and viral campaigns with more inclusive follow-up voice funnels, to immediate push your leads to relevant offers that will give you a bang for your bucks. Remember, once a lead gives you their phone number, the key is how soon you can engage them when they are still hot with the right interaction and get them to take action immediately. Now you can put your lead-engagement on autopilot, whil you focus on running your campaigns.

Bloggers / Content Marketers

Now you can setup voice autoresponders for anyone who calls your mobile line from your blog or your promtional content. You no longer have to worry about loosing leads that are trying to get a hold from you from your blog. With Voicematic You are fully covered.

Advertising Agencies

As an agency you owner, you know the value of mobile follow-up more than the average person, you know that the key is your ability tor respond quickly once a lead engages with an ad, now you have a solution to make your agency a ton of money and help your clients bank big.

Voicematic Review – Conclusion

Now anyone can create different types of voice funnels in literally minutes. Voicematic is a must-have for anyone serious about managing, following up and converting contacts and leads into customers without having to pick up the phone.

This also saves you time and hard work to follow up with your prospect too…

You have already seen how VoiceMatic is going to enable you to create unlimited text-to-speech voice autoresponders and voicemail drops, faster and easier than ever before, all from one AI Powered Dashboard. And all with NO MONTHLY FEE!

So check out how well Voicematic stands up to the competition with Unlimited Contacts Upload, Unlimited Text-to-Speech Campaigns and Limitless Profitability with your included Commercial Licence. But be sure to grab your copy today, as this is your ONLY CHANCE to grab it for an one-time fee, before it goes to monthly pricing.

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Thank for reading my Voicematic Review

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Frequently Asked Questions

What Makes VoiceMatic Better Than Other similar softwares?

The New Voicematic IS NOT JUST A Voice Follow Up Manager. It combines the ability to automatically follow up on contacts and leads with the ability to create sequential messages in a funnel that will be delivered to your clients per schedule without you having to ever pick up the phone. It also allows you to turn text to speech with the click of a button and use the resulting MP3 as audio message followup to your prospects and customers.

Will This Work On My Windows/Mac Computer?

YES! Voicematic is a 100% cloud-based solution, meaning it’ll work on any operating system. All you need is an internet connection to use the app. Nothing to install and it works perfectly right from your login.

You Say “Unlimited Text-to-Speech Creation”… What’s The Catch?

There is no catch! You can use Voicematic to create as many follow up messages and voice funnels as you want, as often as you want, in as many niches as you want. NO limits.

Can I Upload My Own Contacts, Into VoiceMatic?

YES – uploading your custom audio messages is as easy as ABC Plus you have the option of simply turning your text into audio files to be used in your followup messages. No technical skills or experience required.

Do I Need To Pay Extra to Make Money Selling VoiceMatic Autoresponders to Clients?

Nope! We’re including commercial rights, so you can create and sell audio follow up messages and voice funnels to clients as often as you want…and keep 100% of the profits.

Do you offer any training?

Yes, you’ll have over 10 + training videos showing you exactly how to set up, use and monetize our platform. We also provide an in-depth PDF guide you can use to help as well. On top of that the minute you enter the platform you’ll also receive a guided tour via our A.I system.

Do I Need To Pay Extra to Make Money Selling VoiceMatic Autoresponders to Clients?

Nope! We’re including commercial rights, so you can create and sell audio follow up messages and voice funnels to clients as often as you want…and keep 100% of the profits.

How easy is the set-up?

Takes 2-3 minutes MAX! yep it’s that easy. ZERO technical work. Set-up twilio for the purposes of setting up a number and that’s it you are all set and READY to start using Voicematic

So I can create follow-ups with my incoming callers?

Yes indeed! that means whenever someone calls you (you don’t have to pick up if you don’t want too!) during those busy hours. Instead, our system will drop each call into a sequenced follow up (you fully control.) For example You can follow up on that good Friday or that relaxed Saturday morning via text to speech or MP3. You can even import your current numbers as well (we provide more details in the training.)

How long can I follow up with callers?

As long as you’d like! for example, We can streamline for up to a year. So this means you NEVER have to follow up again. You can also go by the hour, day, week and as mentioned year. You’ll be surprised what our A.I can do (we’ll even try to leave them a voicemail if the provider allows the correct way.)

Can I manage multiple sites?

Yep! we wanted you to make the most out of our platform. You can add multiple accounts rite in your primary and track them all individually. Works great if you have clients or just run multiple businesses. Remember depending on the quality of the number you’ll almost always get a 99.9% answered call rate. When compared to many other channels this is a NO-BRAINER

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