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FunnelsKit Review – Is this the ClickFunnels killer?

If you online for a long time, you have ever heard about the importance of using funnels in your marketing and many marketers use ClickFunnels to build their funnels. But the price is high for all most people, that why I am happy to introduce a new product that can replace clickfunnels for you. Welcome to my FunnelsKit review to know more detail.

FunnelsKit Review – Overview

Product NameFunnelsKit
CreatorPaul Okeeffe and Richard Fairbairn
Launch Date2019 – Aug – 13 at 11 AM EST
Office WebsiteFunnelsKit Sale Page
BonusAwesome Bonus Below
SkillAll Levels

FunnelsKit Review – What is it?

FunnelsKit is really a complete marketing system with everything you need in one single place that created by Paul Okeeffe and Richard Fairbairn. This system carries a Page Builder, Funnel Builder, Email System, Membership Creation & Training, enabling you to build Sales Funnels, Lead Funnels, Membership Sites, Email Lists and Mail It.

It has 3 Upsells

Upsell 1 – 10 DFY Sales Funnels $97 (option to pay $9.97 per month for extras)

These are not just templates but complete done for you sales funnels with sales page and product plus all upsells

You will receive 10 done for you sales funnels with the option to include 2 more funnels every month.

Upsell 2 – 50 DFY Lead Funnels $97 (option to pay $9.97 per month for extras)

These are not just templates but complete done for you lead funnels with lead page and all downloads included

You will receive fifty done for you lead funnels with the option to include ten more funnels every month.

Upsell 3 – 200 DFY Membership Content $47 (option to pay $4.97 per month for extras)

This is a complete done for you membership site

In the membership site, you will receive over two hundred videos that have been done by our inhouse staff with the option to receive 20 new videos each month to help with membership retention.

FunnelsKit Review

Grab Your Copy & Watch FunelsKit in Action

FunnelsKit Review – Why Should You Get It?

Well, the first reason is that there’s SMALL MONTHLY FEE. In order to put that money back into your business. But along with that, in another parts of this Funnels Kit Review, I’d like to supply you with the 20,000 ft. view of this product.

Here’s a snippet of what’s included:

  • The Funnels Kit Easy to Use Point and Click Funnel Builder that includes Sales Funnels, Lead Funnels, and Membership Funnels.
  • The Funnels Kit Easy To Use Robust Drag and Drop Page Builder
  • Tons of Completely Customizable Sales Page Templates, Lead Page Templates, and Thank You Page Templates
  • Email Templates To Help You Create Emails Fast!
  • Add Your Own Images or Use Pixabay
  • Export html, Export JSON, Import from JSON, Add Email forms on the fly, Countdown timers, Popup Form Builder
  • The Funnels Kit Membership Creator
  • Powerful Built In Autoresponder Mailer
  • Email Funnel System
  • Customize Your Checkout Pages With Stripe or Paypal
  • Advanced Training Sessions

And more!

If you’re serious about succeeding online, then you need to snag your copy of FunnelsKit right now

FunnelsKit Review – What is the Feature?

Here’s Just A Small Selection Of What Is Included In This Unique Software


This funnel builder is just a complete drag and drop system which helps you build sales and lead funnels in minutes. Additionally they offer you over 100 of different templates that you can use to get started on building your funnels.


It is simple to create sales, thank-you and lead pages with amazing elements. This page builder is really a drag and drop system that lets you build almost any page. It’s over 100 of templates to use. This includes:

  • Easy to use Sections, Rows & Elements that may be saved and found in your following pages to save plenty of time on each page build
  • Timers to incorporate scarcity to any page
  • Add a popup from our custom popup builder
  • Create image sliders to create your pages stand out
  • Create custom forms to link to the autoresponder
  • Custom buttons that you could integrate directly with payment processors such as for instance PayPal, Stripe etc. Buttons can be set as 2 step opt-ins or some other link you desire.
  • Create custom headers
  • Create alerts on the page
  • Add in images from our library, Pixabay or upload your own.
  • Import HTML from every other pages
  • And far more to generate stunning pages


This email system is built to the funnel software. You can collect and mail leads directly from inside the platform. This autoresponder enables you to create full campaigns inside Funnels Kit with follow-up automation series and stand-alone campaigns. It includes:

  • Multiple SMTP’s
  • Rotate via SMTP’s on multiple campaigns
  • Full autoresponder follow-ups
  • Template library included
  • Campaign tracking
  • Upload your personal list
  • Export to make use of with any autoresponder
  • No limits applied


With this specific section, you can build your own membership sites inside Funnels Kit and add membership sites in to the funnel. You can build your site from their membership templates or create your own pages. Amazingly, you can connect Stripe and PayPal to develop recurring membership income. It includes:

  • Protects all files
  • Membership templates included
  • Create your own membership templates
  • Simple setup in just a couple of steps no complicated setup or installation


You can track which campaigns will work best for you personally utilizing the integrated analytics & reporting module that is fully integrated


Both tutorials and training are put into the video library all tagged for easy searching. For working out, they will teach ways to get the best from the machine.

FunnelsKit Review – How Does It Work?

FunnelsKit lets you build profitable funnels with only a few clicks.

You just:

Step#1 – Choose a page template you want to use and edit easily or start from scratch using the drag and drop page builder. (super easy)

Step#2 – Select the type of funnel you want to create and add your pages. (easily add upsells, ect.)

Step#3 – Use any SMTP service, connect it to the built in autoresponder, sit back, relax and watch the profits roll in!

There are hundreds of templates to choose from and you could literally get a profitable funnel setup in minutes with point and click action.

Who Exactly Is The Funnels Kit Platform For?

As I’m sure you already have learned, funnels work great for ANY type of business. Doesn’t matter whether it’s a brick and mortar or an online presence. Funnels will let you maximize your success without spending a ton of time in the process.

But if you’re still wondering whether or not a funnel is right for you, here’s how having access to Funnels Kit can help with any of the following.

If You’re:

Selling Information Products – You can use Funnels Kit for point of contact all the way through delivery of the product. Just set it up once and let the funnel do all the heavy lifting for you while you sit back and relax.

Running Your Own Agency – You can use Funnels Kit to help you get more clients by delivering special reports that connect with your audience. Once a potential downloads your special report, you can move them through the funnel all the way to signing up for your service.

A Coach – You already know how important it is to have a consistent amount of leads coming through the pipeline. By using the power of Funnels Kit, you keep the lead machine warm while you spend time helping your current clients get awesome results.

A Local Small Business – You can use Funnels Kit to not only get new business, but also use it to keep your current customer base’s attention. By adding your customers to your funnels and giving great content in your market, you’ll make yourself the go to solution the next time they are thinking or using the service you provide.

Not to mention it’s a great way to get referrals too!

Running An Ecommerce PlatformFunnels Kit can help you to boost revenue on your catalog of products. If someone purchases one item, why not add them to the funnel that follows up with multiple related items?

And this can all be done once in Funnels Kit while you reap the rewards forever.

Publish Your Own Blog – Use Funnels Kit to help you build your following and connect with your audience. From there, you can email the lists you’re building with multiple offers and even let them know when you have a new blog post or podcast available!

It’ll be like creating an instant payday anytime you want.

An Affiliate Marketer – I am sure you understand the importance of getting your prospect or subscriber to take action. Especially if you’re using paid traffic.

With Funnels Kit, you can drive that paid traffic to a lead page, get them on the list, and now follow up with multiple offers instead of losing the same traffic to only one offer.

This alone can give you 5X, 10X or even 20X return on your ad spend vs. most other affiliate marketing methods.

A Network Marketer – You can use Funnels Kit to drive prospects to signing up for your company or service.

Most people in network marketing absolutely hate talking to people and by using the power of funnels, you won’t have to!

It’s as simple creating a lead page and lead magnet with good content, and using that content to move the prospect along. By the time they connect with you, they’ll be ready to sign up under you in your company while you profit in the process.

And here’s a quick tip:

You could sell the same system to those you sign up since it works so well and make even more money!

Fill In The Blank – If we didn’t mention a category that you’re involved in and you’re wondering can you use funnels then answer this simple question:

Do you need customers and profits? If you answered yes, then you can use a funnel to help you get those results. And Funnels Kit can give you all the tools you need to make it happen!

FunnelsKit Review – Conclusion

By using the power of Funnels Kit, you can spend more time on tasks that make you money without all the busy work most other people focus on.

There’s a saying that I want you to remember. It’s one that you need to burn in your mind if you’re ever going to make life changing elite money online and it’s this:

You ALWAYS need to be working ON your business INSTEAD of IN your business.

There’s a difference.

In other words, you need to be focused on the tasks that bring you the most revenue and let the other stuff go. I’m talking about things like page design, funnel setup, paying for multiple services without keeping track, and a lot more.

It’s most likely what’s holding you and many other people back from living the life they truly deserve.

And that’s exactly why you need to get access to Funnels Kit today. Especially while the investment is EXTREMELY LOW.

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  • Second Step: Get FunnelsKit via any link on this article FunnelsKit Review or Click here
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Thank for reading my FunnelsKit Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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