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Quillaio Review – Writes, Optimizes and Posts Profit-Producing Product Reviews From Any URL

Welcome to the article Quillaio Review

The MOST Advanced Platform That Writes, Optimizes and Posts Profit-Producing Product Reviews From Any URL (for FOUR of the MOST Profitable “keyword-types”) In 90 seconds or Less!

So You Can Get Page 1 Rankings And Earn Affiliate Commissions For The MOST Profitable (and easiest) Keywords Known To Marketers!

What is Quillaio?

Quillaio is the MOST advanced platform on JVZOO from Joshua Zamora. It can help Write, Optimize and Post Profit-Producing product reviews from Any URL in 90 seconds or less for the MOST PROFITABLE keywords known to marketers!

It’ll write:

  • Regular Reviews for any product or service
  • Comparison Reviews for competing products (“x VS y” keywords)
  • Write reviews from “How To” keywords
  • Write reviews from “for dummies” keywords
  • and much more!! (this thing is a BEAST)

Quillaio Review

Learn-More-Product Quillaio

Are there any OTO or Upsell?

Quillaio has 4 OTOs

In this article Quillaio review, I will show you all know the link of OTO to reference. I recommend you don’t buy any OTO without Front End. Because it will be issue for your purchasing.

OTO 1 – Quillaio Agency+ >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade #1 is going to be unlocking our UNLIMITED Sites License. This is going to be for EVERYONE who is (or is planning to) scale their business as quickly as possible. This upgrade is going to allow you to use our platform for an UNLIMITED number of sites, get an UNLIMITED amount of product reviews written for you, get an UNLIMITED amount of product reviews optimized for you AND get an UNLIMITED number of product reviews automatically posted for you as well!

OTO 2 – Quillaio Booster >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade #2 is going to be our Quillaio Booster Features. In this upgrade, you’ll be able to unlock not 1, not 2, but THREE additional writing sources to get even MORE high-quality reviews written for you. The first one will be the ability to turn ANY YouTube URL into profitable written product reviews so you NEVER have to manually write a single word EVER again! (Even Videos you DON’T own) . Yup, this is EASILY a feature we could have sold as it’s own upgrade!

The second feature is going to be our From-PDF review writer which will allow you to upload ANY PDF file and have Quillaio write a PERFECT review based on the information in that PDF. And lastly, you’ll be getting access to our Sales Video Script writer.

A perfect transition once you start making a ton of sales with your written reviews is to leverage video marketing as well. With our VSL writer, you’ll be able to quickly crank our VSL scripts in a matter of SECONDS! Talk about an AMAZING, 3-in-1 deal, right?

OTO 3 – SyndBuddy AI Exclusive >>> see Detail <<<

Upgrade #3 will be a special discount deal for SyndBuddy AI so you can tap into the BIGGEST army of fellow marketers that are ready and willing to share your product reviews ALL over their social media profiles so you can get FAST page 1 rankings!

This is the MOST whitehat and MOST powerful, peer-to-peer backlinking platform on JVZOO. And with our latest updates, everything is FULLY-automated so it’ll take you MINUTES to add a new Product review and start getting share IMMEDIATELY!

OTO 4 – Stoodaio Agency >>> See Detail <<<

Upgrade #4 is going to be a discount deal for our Stoodaio App. Stoodaio will allow you to instantly turn your product WRITTEN reviews into Product VIDEO reviews and have it ALL done FOR YOU in a matter of minutes.

With the Stoodaio platform, all you’ll have to do is simply copy/paste your written review into our system and it’ll automatically create an entire video for you. This will allow you to INSTANTLY double the amount of profit you can make from your reviews by targeting BOTH Google AND YouTube!

Quillaio Bundle Deal

Get Access Quillaio Bundle Deal

Quillaio Review – How Does It Work?

The Entire Process of Writing, Optimizing And Posting Review Content Into 3 Simple Steps:

Step 1 – Login To Our Web-Based App And Connect Your Site

This process will literally take you two seconds.

Simply login to our web-based app which works with ANY computer or browser. Connect your site to allow for automatic posting and that’s it!.

From here our app will be nearly ready to do ALL the work for you.

Step 2 – Create a new Campaign and Supply Our App With The Information of the Product or Service You’d Like For it To Write And Optimize A Review For

This step is where the magic happens. And this only takes you about 2-3 minutes to complete.

In this step, you’re literally just telling our app what you’d like for it to do FOR YOU!

You’ll be selecting which type of review article you want (i.e a “Regular” Review article, “X vs Y, comparison” review, “for Dummies” etc), select your language, how long you want your article to be (500-1,800 words), enter your primary and secondary keywords you want our app to optimize for, your affiliate links, and the URL’s you’d like our app to write your review about and much more!

Step 3 – Hit “Create Post” And Watch Our A.I Engine Write, Optimize and Post A Perfect Human-Like Product Review – 100% Automatically!

From here ALL you have to do is sit back and watch our A.I work its magic.

It will literally do EVERYTHING for you. It’s going to write 100% unique and PERFECTLY readable Product Reviews for the EXACT product (or service) you specified.

It will then optimize that content, format that content, and FINALLY it will post that content for you WITH your affiliate link added automatically.

It doesn’t get ANY BETTER than THAT, right?

Going Through All 3 Steps Above Will Take You NO MORE Than 5 Minutes To Complete!

Quillaio Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, Profiting From Product Reviews Is Still KING!

This is just as true today as it was 5 years ago, 10 years ago, 20 years ago – even 30 years ago!

Online marketers have been profiting from product reviews for DECADES now. And even TODAY it continues to be one of the MAIN strategies that ALL affiliate marketers use to:

  • Get TARGETED traffic in a matter of DAYS
  • Start to build up loyal subscribers
  • Generate affiliate commissions at RECORD speed
  • Get easier and FASTER rankings
  • Provide value
  • Build up trust
  • Build a BRAND
  • And much much more

In fact, being able to publish QUALITY product reviews is MORE profitable NOW than it has EVER been!

With everyone being able to quickly access ANY and ALL content today on demand, there will ALWAYS be people pulling out their phones to search for reviews on a product or service before buying.

However, Actually Creating Product Reviews Is A Huge Pain In The Ass, Right?!

Let’s be honest here… Most of us AVOID creating product reviews because it’s a HUGE pain in the ass. (even though we know how PROFITABLE they are)

Trust me, I know from FIRST-HAND EXPERIENCE!

And if you’ve been online for any amount of time, you’ve probably experienced some of this yourself…

You Know, Things Like:

  • Spending ENDLESS hours in front of the computer doing RESEARCH if you want to profit from a product or service you don’t know about… (Who really wants to do this?)
  • Paying HUNDREDS or even THOUSANDS of dollars to an article writer to write your reviews for you! (Who really has that kind of budget when starting out?)
  • Having a content writer DISAPPEAR on you AFTER you already paid them. (This one REALLY sucks and happens WAY too often)

That’s why, Quillaio is your solution today.

It will change the way you profit from Product Reviews FOREVER and made it EASIER for EVERYONE to get more Traffic, Rankings and Make More Profit!

I’m talking about a completely Artificially-Intelligent Content creation engine that will write 100% unique product reviews for you EVERY single time!

And you’ll be able to choose from FOUR of the MOST profitable types of “Review” Keywords!

I will show the details of FOUR of The Most profitable types of “Review” keywords below

Plus, there are few reasons that you need Quillaio

Reason #1

Studies have shown that between 80-90% of ALL consumers go online to look for reviews and information about a product or service before making a buying decision.

This means that there’s an EVER growing supply of people who will be searching for reviews because there will be an EVER growing supply of products and services hitting the market!

It is one of the MOST evergreen strategies that ANY marketer can focus on because it’ll NEVER get saturated!

Reason #2

The competition around “review keywords” is always MUCH less than trying to go after more general keywords like “weight loss” or “make money online” or any other more generalized keyword.

This is ESPECIALLY true if you’re targeting newer products and services that haven’t built-up an established level of competition yet as well.

This means that ANYONE can start a product review niche site and start getting results FASTER and EASIER (with a MUCH lower barrier of ENTRY) than just about EVERY other online strategy out there.

Reason #3

And The MOST Important of ALL, we have now SUPERCHARGED the ability for ANYONE to PROFIT with Product Reviews by having AI write ALL of your reviews FOR YOU!

Quillaio Review – Detail FOUR of The Most profitable types of “Review” keywords

Standard Product Reviews

This is your regular product reviews that are written, optimized and posted For ONE Particular Product and optimized for “Product Name Review” and “Product Name Reviews”

Comparison Product Reviews

This is where there are 2 or more competing products and the customer base needs some help to figure out which product to purchase. This style of product review is EXTREMELY profitable and has a TON of traffic potential. Some examples of this would be something like “Xbox VS Playstation” or “Apple Watch Vs Samsung Watch”

“The Best X For Y” Reviews

This is another one of the most popular types of keyword that attracts a TON of traffic and rankings. Plus there are SO many variations of this keyword that the traffic and profit possibilities are truly endless. Some examples of this would be something like “The Best Running Shoes For Men With Flat Feet” or “The Best Shoes for Nurses with plantar fasciitis”.. Talk about TARGETED and HUGE buyer intent, right?

“How To” Keywords

This is yet another VERY profitable and HUGE keyword that usually leads someone down the buying process. They’re looking for a solution to a problem and if you present them with a product or service that solves that problem, you’ve got a TON of commissions in your pocket.

“For Dummies” Review Keywords

This is a “stealth” type of keyword that not many people know about but has a ton of traffic potential as well. A perfect example of this would be someone who searches for “Forex Trading for dummies” or “Crypto Currency for dummies” or pretty much ANY subject that someone wants to learn more about and types in “for dummies” instead of “how to” keywords. They’re essentially looking for the same solution as “how to” keywords, just using a different type of keyword.

Quillaio is Done-For-You AI Content For FOUR of the MOST Profitable Keyword Types Used By ALL The Top Niche-Site Marketers!

Quillaio Review – Bonus

These are special bonuses from Joshua Zamora when you buy Quillaio today

Bonus 1 – Agency Rights To Use Quillaio On Your Clients Sites As Well ($197 Value)

This bonus alone allows you to REALLY skyrocket the profit potential with Quillaio. You’ll be able to provide product reviews as a service to others and charge a premium fee while AI does ALL the work FOR YOU!

We could have easily sold this as a separate upgrade and charged anywhere from $197 to $297 or more. Especially, when you consider that just ONE client will more than PAY for this cost. However for the next few days ONLY, you get it FOR FREE!

Bonus 2 – Unlock Our Comparison Review Writer ($297 Value)

This bonus is EASILY one of the MOST profitable features that we’ve built-in to Quillaio. It’s also one of our FAVORITE keyword types that we’ve been profiting with for YEARS!

Everyone ALWAYS wants to target “regular product review” keywords. One product, one review. And of course, we love those too, however; there’s a HUGE opportunity in writing reviews where you’re comparing 2 or more products. Especially in today’s world where it’s VERY rare to have a 100% unique product.

Just about EVERY product or service out there has a competitor, right? And CONSUMERS know that as well which makes their buying decision and research a little more cumbersome, right? But because of that, it opens up a WHOLE other world of keywords and traffic that you can target by writing comparison reviews!

And this bonus feature makes it SUPER easy to have comparison reviews written FOR YOU for ANY competing products or services on the market!

Bonus 3 – Unlock Our Automated Posting Engine ($97 Value)

We wanted to make sure we made profiting with product reviews as SIMPLE and as FAST as possible for you, so we didn’t JUST want to handle the WRITING aspect for you.

We wanted to ensure that our platform can not only write ALL of your product reviews FOR YOU, but we also built an ENTIRE content optimizing and POSTING engine into our app as well.

This means that if you’re using WordPress to run your sites, you’ll be able to connect your sites DIRECTLY to our app via our custom WP plugin that we’ve built.

Once our plugin extension is added to your site, that will allow our web app to communicate with YOUR WordPress sites to handle ALL your posting FOR YOU as well!

We have NOT cut any corners on this one!

BONUS 4 – Unlock Our Royalty-Free Image Library For Automated Image Insertion Before Posting ($97 Value)

Finding, optimzing and inserting images for your content is also a HUGE pain in the ass, right? Trust me, we know. So we wanted to make sure we automated this step for you as well. And considering how time-consuming (and expensive) it is to find the right images for your posts can be, we could have charged separately for this feature as well.

However, we always like going the EXTRA mile for our users and Quillaio is NOT different. You’ll also be getting our ENTIRE library of MILLIONS of built-in, royalty-free images that you’ll be able to use in your content!

Bonus 5 – Unlock Our Fully-Automated Monetization Plugin ($97 Value)

With this bonus, you have free access to our Adtivate Plugin. This powerful plugin allows you to set your monetization on hands-free mode as well!

Here you’ll be able to get Our 3-Step WP Plugin That Turns ALL Your Sites Into Profit-Pulling Machines By Quickly And Easily Deploying High-Converting Offers in Under 60 Seconds…

We’ve also created The Best, Fastest And EASIEST Way To Monetize Your Sites Using The Power of Automated Banner Ads. And in this bonus, you’ll be able to get it as a FREE bonus with your purchase TODAY!

Get Access Quillaio Early Bird Discount Now

Get Access Quillaio Early Bird Price Discount Now

These are Quillaio Bonuses When You Buy It On My Review Today

Cash Flow Confidential

Pin Point Traffic

Make $100,000 Online In A Year or Less


Bonus#1 – The Cold Email Academy (Value $499)

The sales system I used generated $1.2m in 18 months.

  • The four core principles to build a sales machine.
  • Quick hack for composing emails.
  • Subject lines that get opened.
  • Sending emails with a plan.
  • Scale winning sources with outsourcers

Bonus#2 – Become Instant Guru System (Value $97)

Methods you can use to quickly and easily become the recognized authority in your field… starting in as little as 90 days.

  • Establish yourself as the guru.
  • Have potential customers and clients come to you.
  • Generate five times as many leads as you could ever hope to handle.
  • Eliminate cold calling, sales presentations, or the need to do any personal selling.
  • Double, triple, even quadruple your income and earn as much as a million dollars a year or more.

Bonus#3 – Google News Sites 4-Profit (Value $297)

Learn how to build and monetize a Google news website.

You’ll Learn:

  • What Google news sites are.
  • How to make money from them, including the fastest way I know to turn a $9 domain into $150.
  • How to use different site-building tools for Google News, such as WordPress.
  • What Google looks for to approve your website.
  • Ideas and strategies to help you make money with your new site(s).

Bonus#4: Building The Perfect Sales Funnel

Find out the flaws in your system that are leading to the loss of potential customers by reading this groundbreaking and very analytical eBook

  • Building the Perfect Sales Funnel
  • An introduction to the ever-changing nature of eCommerce and business and an explanation of why it is crucial to accept changes quickly, get over any personal objections and losses and revamp your website as soon as possible

Bonus#5: 25 Youtube Outro Clips

  • Build Your YouTube Channel Fast and Easy to Thousands of Subscribers with These Custom Video Outros!
  • Inside this product is a package of outro templates that you can use for your own project and to your clients or even sell it.

Bonus#6: Lead Generation Mastery

A lead is very important to an online marketer who wants to promote a new product. It helps to pre‐sell the product to the subscribers. It is a way to connect with a targeted audience who would want to know more about your products.

A high number of leads would result in a higher chance of conversion from prospects to buyers. Therefore, it is a vital part of internet marketing. Learn more inside!

Plus Extra Bonus for Quillaio

Bonus Package 1

Bonus Package #1

Bonus Package 2

Bonus Package #2

This is Quillaio OTO Bonus When You Buy OTO/Upsell

Choose 10 Custom Special Bonus for Quillai OTO

Special Bonuses

♨️ Important Update For Getting My Bonuses ♨️

You need to choose Tony Dong (253075) as your Referrer.

If you see Tony Dong as Your “New Referrer” then Click On The Green “Approve Change” button or if you see Tony Dong as your “Previous Referrer” then click on the Gray “Deny Change” button. It’s very important.

Right Affiliate Id


Please follow all the Important Steps Below to Claim All These Bonuses


  • Step#1: Press (Ctrl+Shift+Delete) or Clean/Delete Your Cookies and cache of your web browser. (Please Clear It Before clicking on the Buy Button on the Sale page)
  • Step#2: Get Quillaio via any link on this article Quillai Review or Click here
  • Step#3: After completing the transaction, Send Me Your Purchase Details, Including Name, Email, ID order, etc for Verification Through My Support Email Only at [email protected] and [email protected]
  • Step#4: Use the subject line “PRODUCT NAME BONUS” in your email and wait

You will receive these Bonuses within the NEXT 20 hours.

Thank you for reading my Quillaio Review

Wish You Success and See You Again

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