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Simple Video Management System Review – Must have video tool to build a 7 figure business

Hello all my friends, welcome to my article Simple Video Management System Review. I hope you will happy with my information, special free bonus and coupon discount for my review. Wish you success with Simple Video Management System.

Simple Video Management System Review – Overview

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What is Simple Video Management System?

Simple Video Management System (SVMS) is a lastest WordPress plugin you can install on the site or sites of your choice (depending on which license you grab). It takes away all the work involved with managing your videos by corralling them like cattle into one intuitive manager. Then you add the enhancements you want and post the video on your website.

SVMS has 1 Front End and 2 OTO

Front End – Simple Video Management System Plugin >>> See Detail <<<

OTO1 – Developer License For SVMS 2018 AND Simple AutoWebinar System >>> See Detail <<<

Downsell – Simple AutoWebinar System >>> See Detail <<<

OTO2 – Marketing Bundle Developer + MRR Video/Graphics/Images >>> See Detail <<<

Simple Video Management System Review

Simple Video Management System Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, do you think it not easy to manage hundreds of videos of our business?

Do any of these sound familiar?

  • Your video looks AWESOME on your monitor… but slides halfway off the screen on your phone.
  • You need to use 3 different videos on a single page… but one video is on YouTube, one video is self-hosted, and the third is on Vimeo… and all 3 players look and work differently.
  • You finally get a good video player plugin on your WordPress site… but then you need to move it to ClickFunnels or HTML.
  • You need one specific video from the 100s (or 1000s) you have everywhere… and waste an hour searching.
  • You want people to see part of your video for free and opt-in to see the rest… but the solution is a tech headache.
  • Your autoplay videos that used to produce opt-ins and/or sales for you… are now neutered by Chrome’s autoplay death ban.
  • You’re just plain sick and tired of monkeying around with confusing embed codes, cobbled together multi-plugin solutions that aren’t portable from site to site, and unreliable spaghetti piles of custom tech code.

It’s Enough To Give You A Migraine And Indigestion At The Same Time. That’s why Simple Video Management System plugin was born to help us resolve these problems.

Secondly, the SVMS has awesome these features

The SVMS Embed Code Works On Any Website Not Just WordPress Websites!

You can use shortcodes to quickly post the videos to your WordPress sites, or you can store videos specific to your various websites under one install. This plugin has everything you need to make videos work for you and your business!

If the site isn’t a WordPress site, no problem! Use either the raw HTML code or the iframe code. It’s as simple as that.

Works In All Browsers, All The Time

Your videos are guaranteed to work on WordPress, HTML, and platforms like ClickFunnels, OptimizePress, LeadPages, and more!

Works Seamlessly With YouTube, Vimeo, Amazon S3, And Self-Hosted Videos

YouTube is king. All you need to do is load a YouTube URL (no embed code needed) in the player and it works smoothly. And because we’ve mastered the YouTube experience in our system, you have a free host without the Youtube branding distractions.

But that’s not all. Do you host your videos on Vimeo? Amazon S3 (or any cloud storage, in fact)? Maybe on your own server?

It doesn’t matter where you host your videos, Simple Video Management System 2018’s responsive video play will work, smoothly and easily

Organize All Your Videos In One Spot, No Matter Where They’re Hosted Or Posted

With the high-priced video plug-ins, we mentioned earlier, it was nearly impossible to find videos once they were loaded in the system. But, The Simple Video Management System database will be the single biggest time saver for online video you’ve ever encountered.

Customize Everything About Your Videos With Simple One-Click Settings

Video Size: From the backend of the plugin you can adjust the video size to any size you want. This allows for greater flexibility on where you have videos displayed on your website.

Video Alignment: Aligning videos to the center, left or right on the page can be really frustrating if you don’t know HTML or CSS. You simply select the alignment in a dropdown box, and your video will align exactly how you want it on your final page!

Hide Video Controls: Sometimes, you’ll want to use a video sales letter which means hiding the controls so users can’t stop, start or pause the video before your message is delivered. This functionality used to take fancy code and JavaScript to work correctly. Now you just check one little box, and you can choose whether you have video controls or not.

AutoPlay: With video sales letters, autoplay is a key function. This tool allows you to simply toggle that off and on without having to insert complicated coding. It is point and clicks simply so you can focus on other aspects of running your business.

But Didn’t The Chrome Browser Kill Auto Play Videos? We Have That Solved

The Chrome browser killing off auto play video has taken away a major method of grabbing attention. And more browsers will be following. Simple Video Management System 2018 helps you slap back at Chrome by adding any attention-getting animated GIF to your video, like the one you see here that our partner made. You can put this (or animated text, or a still image) at the front AND the back of your video, perfect for calls-to-action.

Reveal “Magic” Buy Buttons, Opt-In Forms, Or Any HTML, At Any Point In The Video

In a recent blog post, Ryan Deiss said that making the buy button appear magically on the site at the right time increased conversions by 67 percent.

With Simple Video Management System, you can quickly and easily add HTML code for buy now buttons, optin forms, affiliate banners, and more. You choose when you want them to display and appear automatically below your video. That stats are in that this feature helps!

Instead of messing with JavaScript and clunky code, how about just copy/pasting your code and clicking your mouse one time to get this powerful feature to work for you!

Complete Analytics Helps You Separate Winning Videos From The Losers

If I asked you which of your videos are “winners” and which are “losers,” could you tell me? Do you know when people STOP watching your video? Because your videos are NOT getting watched 100% of the way through by 100% of your viewers.

Knowing exactly WHEN they stop watching can help you pinpoint what needs to change in your videos, to lower their dropoff rates and improve their results.

Simple Video Management System 2018 can show you that for every single one of your videos, and so much more. You’ll know exactly where your traffic is coming from. You’ll know what devices they’re watching on. You’ll be able to see when your traffic spikes up… and when it drops down. All vital information for growing, testing, and expanding your business.

Opt-In Gate Captures Leads Right From Your Video

Suppose you want your viewer to get a preview of an important video, and they have to opt-in to your list to view the full video. You used to have to split your video in two chunks, set up an opt-in page, show them the preview video, and hope they’d opt in.

Now, you can have the opt-in as PART of your video! Just set the time and opt-in details… and you’re done in seconds.

Easily Integrate With Autoresponder And CRM Tagging

Over 15 top AutoResponders and Customer Relationship Management platforms (Aweber, GetResponse, MailChimp, Sendlane, ActiveCampaign, InfusionSoft, many more) are directly integrated into SVMS. That means you can turn tagging on and organize your opt-ins based on the video(s) they view. This is super beneficial for targeting promotions to specific niches for higher conversion rates… which equals more money for you.

Redirect The Viewer To Any Link You Want After The Video Ends

Suppose you promote affiliate products. Imagine creating a good affiliate review video or prelaunch video. When the video ends, you automatically redirect them to your affiliate link. You can create affiliate “bridge” pages for linking to from social media in seconds this way!

Any links work here. These can be affiliate links your own links or send them to another video. You can do all kinds of cool marketing sequences to stand out from the crowd. Don’t underestimate the power of this feature!

Instantly Know Every Page And Post Each Video Appears On

If you’re using WordPress, you may have the same video on multiple pages. Knowing which pages will be affected by a video change is essential.

So we designed Simple Video Management System 2018 to show you every single page or post where your video is being used.

Add Existing Videos On The Fly

If you’re in the WordPress editor and you want to add a video quickly, being able to do that from the editor itself is important. There’s no bigger time waster than having to shut down your page, go add the video content, and then re-open the page to add the video. This plug-in makes that process easy and intuitive.

Change Live Videos Without Breaking

This may seem small, but it’s important. Your current video code must always point to working videos and adapt to editing changes on the fly. I remember breaking many of my sales pages in the past because I made a tweak to the editor. Talk about hours of frustration and lost productivity! Say goodbye to this problem! Make a change, and have the peace of mind that your pages will still work!

Create Pro Pages Effortlessly With YouTube Style Grids & Lightboxes

Easily create pro-quality pages with video grids and videos appearing in popup lightboxes, right from within SVMS 2018… No coding necessary!

Get The Look You Want With Custom Video Player Skins And Frames

Give your videos a unique “look and feel” with custom skins and frames. More skins and frames coming all the time!

Simple Video Management System Review – Conclusion

No other video player or Video Manager does what simple video management system 2018 can do

Take action now, and stop paying high video software subscription prices. Stop fighting with hard to understand tech that doesn’t always work. And start getting real results from your videos.

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