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Viral Video Jackpot PLR Review – 10 Deliciously-Viral Videos and Supplement Content

Welcome to my Viral Video Jackpot PLR Review! Today, you will find out the “Food and Video” killer Combination for viral buyers’ Traffic. You will discover the method you desire.

Viral Video Jackpot PLR Review – Introduction

A video is a powerful tool to get viral traffic. However, everyone knows that, so every marketer uses that tool. In the competitive market, how we can make difference to be the winner. We need professional, beautiful, and attractive videos. If we can create the videos about the popular aspect of life, we can get more viewers and traffic. What do you think about cooking? Food and cooking is an attractive niche for all viewers. If you can build videos about this field, you have more chance to get traffic.

What if you don’t know about cooking? Luckily, you have a digital tool with a library of pre-made cooking videos for you to get traffic. You don’t have to worry about buying the ingredients, setting up the studio in your kitchen, and finding someone knows how to cook. It will save you much time and money. It is Viral Video jackpot. Keep your eyes moving on my next parts to understand more details about this product!

What Is Viral Video Jackpot?

Viral Video Jackpot is the unique package of 10 delicious cooking videos and supplemental content. They are designed to maximize your reach, drive more traffic, and build a giant list of responsive customers. It contains simple Asian cooking videos with recipe books and shopping list. The viewers will get easy to follow, so they will engage your videos.

Viral Video Jackpot PLR Review


What Is Viral Video Jackpot PLR for?

The videos teach you the way to cook Asian meals. Of courses, it is useful if you want to know how to cook. However, what I want to tell you is that you can get massive profit from videos.

  • You can use these videos for local business clients such as farm stores, restaurants, and local food delivery, etc.
  • Developing YouTube channels
  • Showing them in social network, and any sites you want to get traffic
  • Creating portfolio of videos and sell them to local business owners

Features of Viral Video Jackpot PLR

10 Sizzling Hot and Viral Cooking Videos

There is a collection of 10 mouth-watering Asian recipes demonstrated from Start to Finish. All of them are professionally edited, sub-titled, and even have royalty free music from YouTube audio library.

10 step-by-step recipes transcribed from cooking videos

The author spent much time to transcribe all 10 mouthwatering cooking videos into step by step recipes for you to follow to replicate the dish in your kitchen. You can use them to drive traffic from social media back your blogs or websites. If you post the video, you can link the words “Find full recipe here”. This tactic will drive massive viral traffic back to your money site. Or you can use them as free gifts for leads magnets, SEO blog content, and FB posts.

Simple Asian Cooking Recipe Book with 45 recipes

You will find here flavorsome, delicious recipes for common Asian food. It is simple to prepare with fresh ingredients. You also get the recipe book that is divided into four sections: Soups and salads, Appetizers and Snacks, Entrée, and Desserts.

Exclusive and Economical Shopping List

There is a list of common food ingredients that you can find at an Asian grocery rather than local grocery. If you don’t live in the eastern part of the world, you can seek out them in.

How Does It Work?

Everything is done for you, so you do not need to do anything. All you have to do is choosing the video to use as you want. There are many videos in the sale pages as demos and you want to watch before deciding to buy.

The Choices You Have

It does not stop in providing the videos for cooking. You get more than that. You have three options and they are Personal Use Rights, Options Resell Rights, and Private Label Rights.

If you just want to use these videos just for yourself such as learn the way to cook Asian foods, you can buy it. If you want to resell this product to keep 100% profit, you can choose the second option. However, it does not allow you to modify or rebrand it. So, I highly recommend you the third one. You can rebrand it and repurpose it to grow your business. Even more, you can edit the content, modify and pull-in tons of profits. It includes six modules:

  • Module#1: Professional Written sale page copy
  • Module#2: Professionally designed graphics
  • Module#3: Top-converting mini-sites
  • Module#4: Conversions boosting email swipes
  • Module#5: Eye-catching animated banners
  • Module#6: Legal pages

With the price less than $20, you can own the option you want.

Viral Video Jackpot PLR Review – Conclusion

I want to say thank you for your reading. I hope you find something useful to support you in decision making. Although you have many choices for your business I suggest that may be the best one. I have experienced it, so I am confident to advise you to select it. Moreover, with the launch event, you have the discounted price and also many bonuses followed. The 30-day money back guarantee is given to ensure that you are satisfied when you pay money. So, I hope you have the wise decision instead of hesitating too long. Good luck to you!

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Thank for reading my Viral Video Jackpot PLR Review

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