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AI AutoBots Pro Review – Revolutionizing Customer Engagement and Sales Growth

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AI AutoBots Pro by Karthik Ramani

Introducing AI AutoBots Pro

How would you like AI to work tirelessly, 24 x 7, cultivating leads and driving sales by seamlessly interacting with visitors on your website through brilliantly intelligent conversations? As a dedicated business owner, you undoubtedly yearn for those extra moments to focus on what truly demands your attention—the strategic aspects of your enterprise.

However, the all-too-familiar scenario unfolds: your valuable time gets consumed by tending to repetitive customer inquiries, attempting to maintain a constant online presence for live chats, or enduring lengthy training sessions to equip human agents for handling prospect queries.

But the winds of change are upon us.

Enter Karthik Ramani, a visionary product creator and marketer. With unwavering determination, he has pioneered a groundbreaking solution – a conduit for you to train AI with your business-specific information. This ingenious innovation empowers AI to deftly manage interactions with your prospects and patrons around the clock. Ladies and gentlemen, behold the inception of AI AutoBots!

Imagine possessing a ChatGPT-like AutoBot, meticulously trained to provide prompt, accurate responses to inquiries pertaining to your business. Its applications are boundless:

  • Seamlessly Address Customer Queries
  • Effortlessly Handle Sales and Marketing Inquiries
  • Elevate Sales Figures
  • Cultivate a Steady Stream of Leads
  • Amplify Customer Engagement
  • Enhance Overall Customer Satisfaction
  • Discern the Unique Needs of Your Customer Base
  • Mitigate Customer Support Costs
  • Provide Instant Gratification to Your Esteemed Customers

And the list goes on.

Yet, the marvels of AI AutoBots Pro don’t conclude there. In fact, it empowers you to create and offer these exceptional AutoBots to any business with astonishing swiftness. Harness this potential to deliver an indispensable agency service, catered to the very needs every business covets.

AI AutoBots Pro: Where cutting-edge technology converges with profound business acumen, resulting in an unparalleled solution to revolutionize customer engagement, foster sales growth, and amplify your entrepreneurial pursuits. Embrace the future today.

What is AI AutoBots Pro?

AI AutoBots Pro is an innovative and advanced software solution designed to transform the way businesses engage with their customers and drive sales. Imagine having a virtual assistant that works tirelessly around the clock, responding to customer queries, handling sales inquiries, and providing instant support – all without human intervention.

At its core, AI AutoBots Pro leverages the power of artificial intelligence to create intelligent chatbots that are trained with your business-specific information. These chatbots are capable of conducting meaningful and contextually relevant conversations with website visitors, replicating the experience of interacting with a knowledgeable human agent.

Unlike traditional customer support methods that require your constant presence or extensive training for human agents, AI AutoBots Pro takes the burden off your shoulders. It swiftly addresses customer inquiries, guides prospects through the sales process, and offers solutions to a wide array of queries. This means increased efficiency, enhanced customer satisfaction, and boosted sales opportunities – all while reducing operational costs.

Furthermore, AI AutoBots Pro isn’t limited to just your own business. It empowers you to create and distribute these AI-powered chatbots to other businesses, instantly transforming you into a service provider equipped to cater to the growing demand for automated customer engagement solutions. This opens up new avenues for revenue generation and positions you as a leader in the ever-evolving landscape of AI-driven customer interactions.

In essence, AI AutoBots Pro is a game-changer, revolutionizing customer engagement, sales growth, and operational efficiency for businesses of all sizes. It’s your gateway to harnessing the potential of AI to elevate your business to new heights, providing unmatched convenience and value to both you and your customers.

AI AutoBots Pro Review

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AI AutoBots Pro Review – What’s OTO or Upsell?

Special Offer – AI AutoBots Pro FastPass Bundle

After getting Front End – Ai AutoBots Pro, you want to get all the Upsell below. You can get through this link

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You can read more about all Upsell of AI Autobots Pro below

Upsell #1 – AI AutoBots Pro Advanced ($77) >>> See Detail <<<

The Upgrade 1 which is advanced opens up the ability to create unlimited workspace and unlimited campaigns and even lets you collect unlimited leads. It comes with advanced features such as ability to book appointments, ability to collect feedback, an Engagement Booster feature to boost engagement, ability to remove branding, ability to add custom bot image, widget icons and so much more

Upsell #2 – AI AutoBots Pro – Template Club ($37) >>> See Detail <<<

This upgrade unlocks 100 Templates in 20+ Popular Niches which can be readily used.

It will also open up 20+ New Templates every month for the next 12 months. (1 in each Niche per month) This upgrade makes working with multiple clients such a breeze.

Upsell #3 – AI AutoBots Pro – Business ($47) >>> See Detail <<<

This opens the possibility to manage unlimited clients, ability to add custom branding and even comes with a full marketing package to run an AI AutoBot Agency Business

Upsell #4 – AI AutoBots Pro – Reseller ($147) >>> See Detail <<<

This upgrade lets you resell AI AutoBots Pro to anyone. It comes with a separate Reseller Panel and the ability to create client accounts and also comes with a Reseller kit with all Marketing Materials to sell AI Auto Bots Pro.

Upsell #5 – AI AutoBots Pro – Prompt Engine Pro Special ($47) >>> See Detail <<<

This upgrade gives access to a Chrome Plugin that runs inside Chat GPT. It comes with various categories and subcategories and the ability to access 10,000+ tried and tested Prompts along with the ability to refine prompts. It also comes with a backend with workspaces that will store your ChatGPT conversational History.

It covers various categories such as Email Marketing, Copywriting, Online Funnel, Affiliate Marketing, Website, e-commerce, Facebook Marketing, YouTube Marketing, Customer Support, SMS Marketing, Podcast Marketing, SEO and so on…

This also comes with the ability to record videos using a built-in Teleprompter for both desktop and mobile devices to help one create videos from the content ChatGPT Generates. You can also create client accounts which lets clients install the plugin and access their workspaces alone.

Upsell #6 – AI AutoBots Pro – JusTap Special ($47) >>> See Detail <<<

This Upgrade gives access to a first-to-market NFC Tech Agency app that lets you create contactless Digital Business Cards, generate leads, collect payments, get followers, collect reviews and so much more in just a Tap…

AI AutoBots Pro Bundle Package

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AI AutoBots Pro Review – What’s The Feature?

Take a look at all the features inside this must-have AI App!

Organize your AutoBot Campaigns under Workspaces: Create separate workspaces for different Businesses and manage Multiple AutoBot Campaigns under each Workspace. You can campaign for Lead Generation & sales, customer support, employee onboarding and so on.

Train the AI using URL: Just add a URL that has the info about your product and Train the AI to answer questions about your Business or products or policies.

Ability to Fetch Data from all sub-URLs: The AI crawls and familiarizes with all the data and information in the Sub URLs under the main URL.

Ability to Train the AutoBot using Multiple URLs: You can also Train the AutoBot for Multiple URLs by editing the source and adding more URLs

Train the AI using Text: Copy and paste Text and AI will fully learn the content and answer any questions.

Train the AI using a File: Drop a Text file for the AI to learn your Business in seconds.

Ability to Train using Multiple Files: Use Multiple files to Train the AI by editing the source.

Train the AI using a list of Q & A’s: AI can also be trained with a set of Question and Answers that come up frequently.

Use a combination of Sources to Train the AI: You can use a combination of URL Text, File & Q&A to Train the AutoBot to learn your Business.

Embed the AutoBot on ANY Page or even multiple pages: You can embed the AutoBot in any page and it will appear within the page wherever you have added. You can even embed it on multiple pages.

Add the AutoBot as a widget on ANY Page or even multiple pages: You can add the AutoBot as a widget that will be on the corner of your page. You can choose to add it to multiple pages too.

Ability to Restrict the Domains on which the AutoBot will work: The AutoBots can even be set to work on specific domains. You can set up the domains on which it can work.

Customize the AutoBot: Customize the AutoBot with your custom logo, color and even AutoBot Name.

Set Welcome Message on Bot: Set a default welcome message on your AutoBots to greet your page visitors.

Collect Leads: You can add Opt ins to grow your leads through AutoBots.

AutoResponder Integration: Get the leads added to your AutoResponder and start nurturing the leads and turn them into paying customers.

Set Email Notifications: You can even set up email notifications and send a welcome message to people who opt-in. You can also receive email notifications when someone new signs up to your list.

Set up Pre-filled Questions: You can set up pre-filled questions on the AutoBot and the user can easily choose a commonly asked question from the list and get their doubts cleared.

Ability to handle multiple conversations: Autobots can work tirelessly 24 x 7 and can handle multiple clients at the same time without any trouble.

Ability to Train Bots in ANY Language of Your Choice: You can train the AutoBots in any Language of your Choice.

Ability to Train the same Bot in Multiple Languages: If you have clients speaking different languages, you can even train the bot with content in different languages and get them to answer depending on the language the questions come in

Store Response History: The entire conversation by the AutoBot. will be stored to help you understand the kind of questions coming in the Chats. You can use these conversations to update the AI and optimize the results.

Ability to Update the AI anytime: You can update the knowledge of the AI anytime you want. Whenever you change a policy, pricing or you have new information on your website, you can choose to update the AI and it will be up to speed with your new content in literally seconds.

Time-based Chat Initiation: Chat can be initiated on the page after the visitor crossed a certain amount of time on the page.

Complete Visitor Analytics: AI AutoBots Pro provides complete Visitor Analytics. It will show you the number of leads generated, Clicks on the conversation, Questions, response and so much more.

DFY AutoBot Templates: Pick and choose a DFY AutoBot Template for your AutoBot from a collection of hand-crafted Templates.

Personalized Conversations: Conversations if needed can be personalized after collecting the visitor information in opt-in.

Right to Left (RTL) Text: Ability to train the AutoBot in RTL Text and even get responses in RTL format.

Localize the AutoBots: The AutoBots can be Localized by adding the Default text in ANY language

Commercial Rights: Ability to create and sell AutoBots to other Businesses for profits.

Ability to add client accounts and agency Rights: Create and manage Client Accounts and give them access to AI AutoBots Pro to create their own campaigns or to review the campaigns you have created for them.

AI AutoBots Pro Review – Why Should You Get It?

Firstly, let me give you my Top 5 Reasons to not miss this massive opportunity

Reason #1

Having AI AutoBots on your pages and websites is a sure fire way to increase your revenue. All you need to do is add the widget or embed code to your website and the AI takes care of the rest. Without doing anything complex you can increase sales, leads and profits.

Reason #2

Big Brands are dependent on AI Bots to automate their Marketing, sales, lead generation and so much more. It is not that they cannot afford more people, but the AI makes the process simpler and easier and they are investing heavily in the tech to build custom AI Bots. With AI AutoBots Pro, you can build and set up your Bot in the next 5 minutes.

Reason #3

Businesses just like you need AI AutoBots. You can be the one providing these services to these businesses and profit big time. You can charge anywhere between $250-$500 or even more and even take a monthly maintenance fee to do content updates to the AI.

Reason #4

AI is at its peak and the AI Chatbots is a growing market. You will have to adapt to this tech either now or in the future when it becomes too crowded. You can get the first mover advantage in your Niche if you act NOW.

Reason #5

There are a bunch of apps that claim to let you create these AutoBots. But the fact is none of it has features close enough to AI AutoBots Pro and they all come with a heavy monthly fee. You can take advantage of the low one-time fee and catapult your path to success.

Secondly, Let’s see this about Regular ChatBots and AI-Powered Autobots

AI Powered AutoBots are the Newest in Tech and I am sure you want to know why it is better than Regular ChatBots…

AI AutoBots Pro Comparision with other toolds

Thirdly, take a look at what people are charging for creating AI Chatbots which you can create using AI AutoBots Pro in under 60 seconds

AI AutoBots Pro Opportunity

AI AutoBots Pro Opportunities

AI AutoBots Pro Review – How Does It Work?

Train your own AI AutoBot in 3 Simple Steps

Step#1: Create your campaign and select your Data Source (URL, Text, File)

AI AutoBots Pro Step 1

Step#2: Customize your AI AutoBot

AI AutoBots Pro Step 2

Step#3: Embed anywhere you want & start profiting

AI AutoBots Pro Step 3

Watch AI AutoBots Pro Demo Video

AI AutoBots Pro Review – Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Technology behind this app?

This App uses ChatGPT API to train your AutoBots for your content.

How does the credit system work and how many free credits do I get?

You get 1000 free credits with the commercial version. When a customer lands on your page and initiates a conversation with your AutoBot and gets a response, it will be counted as 1 credit. To be more specific (1 Prompt (Question) + 1 Answer = 1 Credit)

Can you explain in simple terms what this app does?

AI AutoBots Pro helps you create AutoBots that can be placed on your websites and pages to answer questions from clients, customers, employees or any other stakeholders. Unlike Traditional ChatBots, AutoBots are intelligent Bots that learn details about your Business in seconds when you provide it with a URL, Text or file. It familiarizes with the content and uses Natural Language Processing capabilities to answer questions just like how humans would do or even better!

I do not have any pages or websites. How can I benefit from using this app?

No problem. You can use this app to help other Businesses create AutoBots and charge them a premium. You can even charge recurring fees for maintenance and updates.

Do you have Tutorials?

Yes! We do have Tutorials and a fully searchable knowledge base that will hand hold you to create your first campaign

Do I need the paid version of ChatGPT for this to work?

No. The basic free version is sufficient for this to work and get you great results. Also, the app comes with included credits.

What happens when the credits get over?

You can connect your own ChatGPT by putting in your API keys. ChatGPT gives you $18 worth of credits that will be valid for 3 months. If you exhaust that you will be charged by ChatGPT as per your usage. The charges are very minimal. You will be charged approximately 70 cents for about 300,000 words. That is a lot!

What Can I use this App for?

If you or your clients have a website then you can use this app to be available for your prospects/customers 24 x 7. You can guide them, help them select your products and services and answer any questions they may have. You can also use this to give instant responses to your customers instead of making them wait for hours to get answers.

Is there a Monthly fee?

You are in luck. We are running a limited-time only founding member’s launch and during this period, if you get AI AutoBots Pro, you will be able to secure it for the lowest possible one-time-only price.

Do you have a money-back Guarantee?

Yes! We do have a 30-day no no-questions-asked money-back guarantee. If you are not satisfied for some reason, you can claim a full refund within this period.

I have never used Chat GPT or any AI tools before. Will this work for me?

You do not need any prior experience to use the app. It is 100% newbie-friendly.

I have specific questions. How can I get them answered?

Sure. Please write to us at

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